Lisa Gawlas – Zero Point, Divine Counterparts, Kundaline And The Magic Of Now!! – 27 September 2012

It seems these last several days within readings as well as my own meditation, spirit seemed to be baking us a cake (we being the ingredients needed) and yesterday, it felt like the icing on the cake with understanding.  The synchronicitic  back to back flow of information unfolding is like nothing I can remember experiencing before.  There seems to be an adamancy thru each of our own higher selves, and life itself, for us to really understand not only this profound moment in time/shift we are in, but how to utilize the change in fullness!  Of course, just typing that sentence out really says, we already know (from the soul mind) now all we have to do is remember that we know!

I am going to do my very best to take all the information that has been given to us over the last couple months and with the topping of understanding yesterday, I think we have a full story now.

From the very beginning of this year, higher and higher energies have been released to earth.  Each time, we have been guided to release more and more of our past story and fill with the new, to stay centered on the new and expand there.  We were guided to use these new higher energies in ways we never have before, even letting go of the skill set (more or less) that has gotten us to here so beautifully.  The more applied that, the more natural the energy was within us.  The internal assimilation was grounding in the new higher energies into our biology and the biology of earth.  We were given consistent opportunities to move from humans becoming to humans arrived.  Many are still in the mode of becoming and that is the beauty of this game on earth, it’s happening in waves, in the end, no soul will ever be left behind.  Imagine it is a doorway… the Shift and souls are lined up as far as the eye can see, each one arriving thru the door on (their) schedule perfectly. The good news and kinda the not so good news, is the lines movement has sped up.  So the assimilation process has quickened too.  The slow gentle stroll towards the doorway of the Shift is now rapid, be sure to keep up!!

Concentrated Energy vs Expanded Energy:

If we can think of the big bang theory here.  The universe started out by being a tiny little condensed ball of energy the size of a pea and then exploded into expansion, move out further and further into the multi-verses, constantly creating along the way.  The further away it move from its original source, the more time and space mattered.  Everything that was created in the far reaches of expanded energy had long long periods of time to play and experience “that.”

If we can look just at our karmic return, it used to be several lifetimes wide.  Then it was a lifetime wise, now (depending on where you are in the timelines of your consciousness) it is becoming instant.  This is because everything has reversed direction… hence… The Shift.

Instead of energy expanding outwards, it is now returning to its source.  It is becoming a concentrated version of itself.  If you can think of laundry detergent, not to long ago we needed to use a full cup and a half to do a load of laundry, over the years, they found a way to concentrate it and now we use a quarter cup to achieve the same results.  This too has happened within the field of energy, of us!

But, like the air in our lungs, there must be a release, a shift in direction.  So for eons of time we have been taking in one large inhale.  Moving energy into us, assimilating, using the higher octaves of frequency and grounding it into the Life.   Letting go of all the emotional ties to any aspect of the past and finding neutral with any aspect of the future which would put you in zero point.

Zero Point

The place where all the energy has returned to source.  In this version of the game however, source is no longer a single space in the multi-verses, it is within Life itself.  Each human on earth must find their own zero point within, for You are the source in which the expansion will return.

All energy is a series of sound frequencies.  If there is sound, there are waves being emitted from the frequency itself.  The slower the frequency, the deeper the sound… like a deep deep bass sound.  The faster it moves, the higher the pitch of the frequency.

So many of us have been dealing with ringing in the ears for a very long time.  Mine started with the birth of my last child in 1990 and has never ceased since then.  The range of ringing in my ears have varied over the decades, on occasion becoming a super high-pitched frequency, little did I ever understand it was the sound of evolution within and around me/us.  It is where rapid expansion started within my own biology and I have been hearing it ever since (as many of us have!!)

Whats funny, is after a year of constant ringing in my ears, I went to an ears, nose and throat doctor and they ran a series of tests on me and told me I was perfectly fine, there was no reason for me to be hearing the constant ringing.  Wanna bet???

So this year, 2012, has served as a massive gateway for all of humanity (yes those on other planets too, but I wanna stick to our story.)  A choice of moving from the elongated expansion of karma and time to fully clearing your internal and external Self and hitting that place of zero point so that the full on concentration of energy can become.  This full on process started in earnest with the Solar Eclipse of May 20th, 2012.  No matter what choice you made or didn’t make, everything accelerated on earth.  Those still dealing (and not freeing) their stuff, it is becoming so intense it could almost feel deafening!

These last couple weeks is where the shift really started to become real.  No longer are we (those have done the work) taking in the energy, instead, we are the source of releasing the energy.  Super concentrated energy that comes from within us.  Each and every day, we are creating our own real life version of the big bang theory.  You have an emotional thought, whomp there it is in your created reality.  Your life stage is the multi-verse of creation.

Even the energy system of the human has evolved.  I have been seeing this over the last 7 years, but until today, didn’t fully realize what it had meant to us.  For many people, the chakra system still looks and feels like the old chakra system I was accustomed to seeing.  For those who have done their inner work, raised their biological frequency, the energy system looks nothing like it once did… at all.  Here is one of the best pictures I can find that shows how I see us:

Inner field and outer field.  Just think about it really.  If all of life has been evolving into unity, wouldn’t our energy systems concentrate as well into one massive energy system (ok two…smile.)  This unified energy within us is what allows us to go from 0 to 100 in a nano-second.  Or, we can continue to climb up the ladder of the chakras to hit top speed.  It’s always up to us.  We can choose to evolve or stay in the old familiar.  Life is totally unbiased in every way.  If you look at the image above, you can see that both the inner field and outer field of energy runs straight thru the core of the body.

In this Shift, even how we are using the energy changed directions.  We have taken in so much energy from our crown to assimilate and enhance every aspect of us.  Once our body is fully integrated and “ready” to start the next story of life, we are actually harnessing the earth energy thru the high frequency spiritual vessel that is us and creating from the instant and constant flow.

What still remains in play is the association of energy within the body.  Many of us are dealing with some serious lower back pain these days.  That area of the body. the root chakra and the sacral chakra, represented our connection to physical life and our sense of self within it.  We removed our connection to the old story (still playing out for so many) and are emerging ourselves in the new.  Biologically, there is a process happening within our cells that we feel.  So the defined area has not changed, just the flow of energy.

All of this information really came into Light yesterday, again from a facebook conversation, that I would have never understood had that conversation not been started.  After I posted my sharing yesterday with the various chords/notes associated with the chakra centers, she had made a beautiful statement on my facebook page saying that everyone was telling me that the harp and chords were associated with our charka’s.  I have to agree and disagree at the same time, especially as the words flew out of my fingers in reply:     But in the greater scheme of its info… its not…its about aligning with the higher octaves of vibration… that 2013 timeline. If we were to take it and apply only to the chakras where (individually) they may be… it would do nothing. Even if applying it to my own biologically placed chakras, it would do nothing… using it for the desire related to each chakra… now that has some meat to it!!

This was news to my consciousness let me tell you!!  I wasn’t even sure I understood what it meant really… but like our beloved universe does, my three clients of the day gave us absolute clarity of what we are really doing now and how.

In this phase of creation, we are the creators.  So that would have to go with the outflow of energy and octaves from us.  To take anything into us, we are still assimilating to that octave vibration of creation.  And many are!!  Remember, all of this is happening in waves, over time.  If all of earth hit this high frequency all at once, it would disintegrate from the intensity.  Everything is a process and everyone in the exact and right time for all of earth!

My first client of the day showed up at the top of her V (which is where we are in transition, out of the old story, putting on the clothes for the new story) with the high energy chord at about 10 feet above earth (walking into October, the new full-on version of earth. )  But something was amiss.  I could see this black cloud of energy next to hear head and shoulders, I could see it was not her stuff, but stuff others in her close world are dealing with.  In it, it created this little miss of connection… where the top of the V connected to the energy wire.  I could see her foot on the top of the V and this little (very little) gap of space where the top of the energy wire started.  All I could feel was that she was missing something that needed to be put into place here and that she would find it within the black cloud of energy (issues) those around her are dealing with.  Very much like me realizing I let go of a deep heart desire of my soul when I released “gentle feather”  the attraction of my divine counterpart.  It had me drowning in October’s energy, and my first client of the day showed me what I needed to do to change my outcome of October.

There was something really interesting about her foot, and let me tell you, spirit used a zoom lens to get this visual across.  Her foot was pulsating white light in waves out from it.  That was new and sort of baffled me to get the full understanding of what it meant.  But my next reading of the day… clarity in fullness!  Her whole body was in my visual and emitting these light waves out from her in pulsations.

This too, is part of the shift.  We are now emitting that frequency into creation (as opposed to taking it in from outside.)  I have never seen the human field like this before and once I understood how profound this visual is, I had a party inside!!

But let me not get too ahead of this amazing story.  Back to the first client of the day.  I was able to move her from her V/high vibration energy wire to the edge of September to have a full look at what was in store for her.  The view just took my breath away… again!!  A massive apple was there in her October.  It filled every crevice of the energy field save about a foot in circumference around the outer edges of October.    The whole month was going to be an acceleration of her spiritual attributes.  I was able to move into a part of the apple to see what was in store.  I was on the right side (spiritual wisdom) of the apple and I could see an image that so reminded me of Halloween . all souls day.  She was in the traditional witch attire, pointy hat and all with a vat of witches brew she was stirring up.

Both Halloween and witches have gotten a really bad rap over time.  For her, it was a coming together of all the soul wisdom/incarnations/mastery of bringing and using the elements of creation for the greater good and her own personal needs and desires.  Very much in alignment with the Merlin aspect.  Here is the defining difference, the witch is associated with the earth elements, Merlin (in my interpretation here) the unseen elements.  Above and below.  Imagine what could and will happen with Merlin and the witch join teams (can we say divine counterpart energy here!!) and unify their mastery as one!!

And then she asked that question, the question that is on soooo many hearts right now.  Does she have a divine counterpart… answer, of course.  Question, how will I meet him.  Well the answer from spirit was so wonderful and I so got it!!  Let me give you the full understanding.  Keep in mind, this is about attracting your divine counterpart as I defined it a few blogs ago… NOT simply attracting a relationship, which is a very different energy and reason to be together.

For two divine counterparts to embark on this next journey, both must be living and emitting that high octave F note (from yesterdays harp blog) from the inside out.  Keep in mind, you may be at the frequency but he or she is still assimilating (patience here) and vise versa.  But for this sharings sake, lets say you are both in the ready.

Your kundalini energy is vitally important now more than ever.  By this time in your evolution you should have an ease of pulling your kundalini from the base of your body and with purpose accessing each chakra point on the way up thru your core to your heart center.

Let me be equally clear here, your divine counterpart, is all about the frequency of sexual energy combined within each other.  Kind of like becoming Merlin the witch!

So, from your perfected master-ba-tion (smile) techniques.  Think about the fullness of that word, altho I changed the u to an e to bring the Master into the action.  I found a website that gives meaning to the word ba: The ancient Egyptians believed that there were a number of different components that made up an individual, such as the ka, which we interpret as meaning “life force”, the shadow, and even a persons name, among others. The ba was another one, a major component we believe to have a meaning somewhat similar to our western concept of the soul, though not altogether the same…

Just think kundalini energy, soul energy… BA!!

Now to bring into this wonderful masturbation event the notes of your biology from yesterday:

Crown Chakra: Note B
Third eye Chakra: Note A
Throat Chakra: Note G
Heart Chakra: Note F
Solar Plexus Chakra: Note E
Sacral Chakra: Note D
Root Chakra: Note C

Divine counterpart energy needs to blend together two octaves as one emitted sound.  The D of the sacral chakra, since this is the sound of your sexual organs and the sound of the F, your heart desire.

Man oh man, for years now I had talked about the body like playing a piano, I didn’t realize how literal that actually was!!  Well, now we are playing harp (smile.)  Ya know tho, even that makes sense really.  The piano strings are stretched outwards where the harp is stretched up and down.  Pulling our above and below sounds together as one harmonious flow!!  I love it!!

So in my ladies request of attracting a divine counterpart (and for her, both are vibrationally ready to meet) she needs to pull her kundalini energy up and thru her, setting the sound of D and F together as one blended note and send it outwards to her counterpart.  He is already energetically aligned and is pulled towards the octaves of life to where he needs to go.  Like a magnet she will pull him to her and no doubt, her to him.  For many, this desire is at peak radiance in our atmosphere of light and sound.

If you are still working on the whole integrating and having full control over your kundalini flow and outcome of release, I have a very simple and actually enjoyable exercise on my website here, just click this link.  Keep in mind, altho kundalini energy always has a sexual feel to it, not all sexual energy is kundalini energy.  Well thats not a true statement, it is… but to a teeny, tiny degree.  To fully use your kundalini energy it must be at full flow and there is no mistaking that!!

There is also an unmistakable explosion in the body and thru the energy field when you hit the octave and frequency needed for manifesting and creating.  You are so not in this alone, your biology is aware, your soul is aware and all will get you to where you need to go!! (smile)  Just trust those inner promptings and explosions!!

However, in our state of high frequency Being now, we are consistently emitting a field of vibrational energy that is bringing to us every emotionally charged thought.  Let me give you a small example of my own crazy (but wonderful) reality.

When I was in Virginia my son upgraded his phone to the new Samsung Galaxy III.  My lord I was in phone envy.  Granted, I have had the original Galaxy S for close to two years now and LOVE IT, but when I had seen all the improvements on his phone… I started wishing… making it my intention to get one next year sometime.  Well, my heart, energy and current phone must have completely missed the timeline I was looking at, because once I got back home my phone started to degrade.  The audio became increasingly tinny, like hearing people in a tin can that echoed.  It was consuming battery life faster than ever… fortunately I three batteries for my phone and always have a fully charged one on hand.  Well, last night my battery charger died, my phone died and the Galaxy III swept thru my heart and mind.  Not only did I have phone envy, I really wanted an upgraded camera, which his phone has.  The picture quality on his phone makes my own pictures blush!!

I didn’t even have time to panic (since my entire business depends on my fully functional phone) before I had a moment to think to myself, I can’t afford a new phone, I was on the phone with T=Mobile ordering my new phone a down payment that took up the last of my expendable money (hey, but I had it to use… that is a super blessing and attracting what you need before you need it so it is there the moment you need it) and easy, no interest payments over the next 20 months… I was a happy happy camper.  I shall have my new communication device today!!

Careful what ya power up within yourself.  The universe could care less about your (perceived) timeline of desire… it is bringing it (in whatever way it has to) to your front door right now!!

Enjoy the magic that is You.  Enjoy setting the new sound of life as you simply move thru it, changing all in your path.  You are the Master Creator and every day is a new big bang story unfolding and coming back to you!!

Big big Creator (((((HUGZ))))) to All!!

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