Sophia Love – Outsourcing Love – 27 September 2012


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Love is a truth.  You can throw things at it, yell at it, call it names, hide it, cover it, refuse to acknowledge it, deny it or ignore it; it will remain.

Love is the foundation of each interaction, every relationship and all of life.  None of this would be here if not for love.  We exist in a world of form; birthed from Agape.  You are the outsourcing of God’s love.

The acceptance of oneness is a gradual process.  As you look into your own eyes and find your inner light, you simultaneously discover the light in each other.  We are ever seeking beings, pushing forward always for more.  Expansion and growth are the methods of our evolution.  As you begin to love truly the One that is you, you naturally notice the love that is me.  Love is not an end, it is the beginning.  There is no end to Agape, for the One that you are is infinite.

Love yourself and set free the bonds of ownership and duty that bind your relationships.  Love cannot be owned and it is not exclusive.  It is a force.

Love is a fierce knowing of truth; an acceptance of every dark and wonderful, passionate and violent, hideous and exquisite facet of life.

To experience Agape is a fearless act.  There is nothing that cannot be said or done or looked at.  It is acceptance without judgment.  You are here because you are a fellow Master.  If there is anyone who can pull off Agape in this controlled, violent, angry and divisive world – it is you.  You were chosen to do this.  You have all that is required.

This Quest is not for the feint of heart.  This is the Ultimate Quest.  Fearlessly look into the eyes of all life that is before you and love.  Whatever it takes to unconditionally honor – give it willingly.

There is no loss in love.  You have enough for me and the rest of us as well.  Contrary to what you’ve been told, love multiplies as it is shared, exponentially.

If we just practice acceptance, open our eyes and see the love that surrounds us, we would be astounded.  We think that it will take so much effort, when in fact our reward will be beyond description.

Agape is freedom; our gift to the world comes from our very own heart.  See the One that we are and love yourself without reservation.  It is a simple, yet revolutionary act.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for being here. We meet tomorrow, for the conclusion of this Quest.

With so much love,


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