Visionkeeper – Change Approaches… – 27 September 2012


We are heading into a new season now, the days are growing shorter and the light is fading quicker at the end of the day. Fall is upon us and winter is not far off.  The approaching date in December is quickly approaching as well.

I am sure it is on everybody’s mind as the days tick by. I know many are tired and frustrated that we seem to linger in 3D and so little seems to change, to the visible eye anyway. Changes are happening however, many we are not aware of, some in the works, some still on hold until a certain time frame, but change is taking place. It is slow and we still seem quick to judge, but could not things be actually going along at the correct speed in Creators plan allowing us the necessary time to adjust slowly rather than being thrown into a new way of being unprepared?

I am a firm believer in timing and everything unfolding when the timing is right. This is what we need to hold on to right now to help us through these long arduous months of waiting. Questioning how everything is unfolding before us or doubting it  is not our  right. All is as it should be. When I look around me at the many people still deep in slumber it is apparent we have a long way to go yet. Lots of denial still going on, lots of people oblivious to the truth. All we can do is keep plugging away and make the supreme effort to go out of our way to wake up those people willing to listen to a new perspective. We cannot force those who do not want to listen. That is their choice and they have their own mission here on earth to fulfill.

I think we need to prepare ourselves for anything that may come about, including the off- chance nothing happens by December 21, 2012…The crash and let down will be severe if we don’t allow ourselves to consider this possibility as well. I choose to see us in the new world, free and happy and able to live the lives we choose at long last, but I also allow in the sad possibility nothing may happen. None of know for certain what will take place and I would hate to witness an entire community of light workers crashing into depression after such a long time hoping and trying to manifest this dream. That could well be a reality that unfolds, but do not dwell on that thought. Just allow it to be in your consciousness at the same time you are staying in your hearts and thinking positive and willing the new world into existence.

It has been a long hot summer and we have been yanked about in all directions all the while standing strong in our beliefs, working hard at building the foundation to build our new world upon. I think many would like to have thought we would be further along at this point and yes, we still have a great ahead of us! The economy will crash, it simply can not sustain itself as is and this will most likely cause major freaking out on all levels world-wide. This will be our toughest stretch of the journey ahead. Standing strong amidst chaos and confusion. It is the light workers who will be called upon to guide people through the rough seas to the safety of the shoreline. We know what we must do, we are ready, we will be the mighty oak standing secure in the raging storm. Let us gather our energies for what comes.

One could argue how can you think like this? Our thoughts create our reality, you will create chaos! Yes our thoughts do create our reality, but there is also a reality unfolding right now that cannot be avoided no matter how many prayers you say or good thoughts you think. The dark ones have created a situation where there is no place left for our economy to go except under. It must crash in order for the new to arise from the ashes. I also believe there is already an alternative economy being created  to take over and so the period of chaos will be far shorter than if they had not been working on this. You can never have total change without some pain and upheaval. The two go hand in hand, but the impact I believe will be greatly lessened due to prior planning on behalf of the enlightened ones. We will pull through this and the light of the new world will shine upon us all once we come out the other side. Hang tight, have faith, be prepared and stay in your hearts!

Blessings to you all,

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