Lisa Gawlas – The Sound Of Sexual Energy… What Tunes Are You Playing?? – 28 September 2012

Something struck me yesterday, so profoundly, so deeply that emotionally, it dropped me to my knees on so many levels.  Here we are, in the Light of the greatest shift the earth has ever experienced, getting blow-by-blow details in real-time.  We had been given the instruction set all year-long and are being set up for the instruction set of the next phase of our lives and what it means to all of us.  But what is truly exciting and absolutely humbling… WE DID IT!!  We put in the work in both our inner and outer fields to assure the shift happened for every living thing on earth.  This profound moment in time could not have happened without each ounce of work we did collectively and individually.  Take a big moment and just feel with that.  Give yourself a big hug and pat on the back, because without YOU, WE would not be Here.

One could say nothing profound came out of yesterdays connections, simply because all of humanity were in a place I lovingly refer to as “the snow channel.”  For those of us old of enough to remember… back when TV was still in its infancy and we had a whopping three channels to watch, everything night they went off the air usually around 2am and what would be broadcast until its next programming day (usually at 6am) was “the snow channel:”

Of course, when TV first started broadcasting it was in black and white, as technology progressed eventually color TV came about and the snow channel went from being black and white dots to full color dots of show.

This is exactly what I had seen yesterday in every connection… with an amazing and unexpected twist.  My first lady lived here in the USA and was on East Coast time, so it was 10:30am in her world.  I could feel the energy of the V and the high wire energy line connecting us to October as I have been seeing this last week, but I could not see it yesterday, it was just a familiar feeling and placement.  What I did see kinda surprised me.  Behind (deeper west field) where that imagery should have been was filled with tiny (about pea sized) multi colored dots as far above and wide as my vision would go.  Instantly I remembered the snow channel time of last year, if memory serves me correctly (no longer sure ANY memories serve me correctly!!) I believe we made that transition about November of last year and it was to get us on point for the timeline we are now in… 2012.  But last year, everyone was tuned to the black and white dots of the old snow channel.  Not now!!  She was in vibrant colored dots.  However, she did ask a question that both surprised me and gave us a deeper relevance to all that is happening.  She asked about her husband.  He should up instantly, far to the left of her field of energy and in complete black and white energy dots… snow.  I instantly knew that ever form of life, no matter where they are within themselves, are also waking today in a brand new programming energy.

But to kick matters up into my own broad smile of OMG we are seeing this in real-time… my very next appointment 30 minutes later in my world, but at the time line of 11:30pm in her world…. what I seen shocked me.  She was equally emitting the snow channel of energy, only her dots were like the size of baseballs!!  I could see the depth and thickness of energy inside of each dot.  Each one alive and pulsing.   I had to ask, why the size difference.  The big ah-ha moment came when I realized she was almost done with her day, OMG the dots grew larger and larger thru the day in energy, in-depth, and as she sleeps will have exploded to create her new field of life even before she wakes.

My last reading for the day, noon-ish in my world, 7pm ish in her world… she too was in the energetic snow channel, but her dots were medium-sized, maybe like the size of a plum.  Last year, in our snow channel transition to the training ground of 2012, we were in that space for three full days.  Yesterday showed us how rapidly we have accelerated not only our growth and transition, but time itself.  One day, one-third of the time it took last year.  No wonder why so many people are waking up and getting up to speed so quickly.  If we can look at yesterdays example… a year used to be 12 months long (in time) now it is equal to four months and will only accelerate faster from here.  Phew baby!!

Even with talking with each of these precious lady’s, my whole heart expanded with awe.  Maybe it I can relate the feeling inside of me of witnessing the birth of a baby for the first time ever.  I don’t know, but the feeling filled me and to this morning stays with me in awe and humbleness.

As I was just sitting and feeling with the enormity of what we achieved, suddenly it felt like all the realms of spirit were in my left side of my vision field (physical life aspect) and clapping so loudly and so joyfully that we ALL got a standing ovation.

Now let me just back wayyy up in this sharing to before I did my first reading (well, attempt at a reading.)  My day was filled with outside (can we say dentist) activities so I had to take a bath (must be kind to others…smile.)  I had about an hour between finishing my blog and my first appointment, I hopped in!!  A good friend of mine gave me a purple candle for my birthday, which I use to get higher realms of information.  So I lit my candle and got into the water.  When I take a bath, I never put the light on.  I am not a big fan of false light nor do I have any windows in my bathroom… so usually it is pretty dark in there.  The light from this candle seeemed to be blinding me yesterday.  Very much like the intensity of the light being emitted was wayyyy to light for my eyes.  I thought about blowing it out, then nix-ayed that idea, it is obviously a representation of the new Light.

So, my mind was simply still processing all the information that came thru me in yesterdays sharing.  Let me tell you, much of what I share is news to me too!!  i was thinking about the kundalini energy, the notes emitted from our field of energy, obviously in my sharing yesterday, I was focused on understanding two elements that are obviously important to my personal journey.  Sex (sacral chakra) and Passion (heart chakra.)  As I remembered the information in the sharing with the puzzled question within my mind of…. how to hit two notes within our core energy for release at the same time and not hitting any other notes in-between during the explosion of energy (orgasm.)  Even tho my own journey of integrating and learning how to control and utilize the energy of kundalini outwards into creation happened in 2001, in my memory it might as well have been yesterday.  I can still hit each individual note without effort, but two at once separated by another center (solar plexus)… thats seems a bit tricky to me!!

Spirit gave me a visual, but there was not enough energy in me to even come close to trying, so i just took notes for now!

I seen my biological body filled with the flow of kundalini energy.  What was so unique about this view… it filled and moved thru the whole width of my body not just the core energy area.  Let me tell you, this year alone, my body has added some serious width to it (sigh.)  However, I could see the possibility of expending the energy of an orgasm thru two fully charged (notes in perfect harmony with each other) but I have a feeling, the “how” is going to have to be understood in real time.

But something strangely profound is making sense here.  In spirit, when we are not housed in a physical body, we are truly energy.  A series of light and sound emanating and creating instantly whatever is in our field of desire to create.  We are not just a blob of energy going about whatever, we vibrate all our desires into our energetic experience and release the energy back to creation when we have finished with that (whatever that is.)  In spirit, without biology, we ramp up various parts of our energetic sound waves and create.  So it makes sense that we must remember how to do that here in created matter, using our biology as the instrument of creation as it affects all of the Light Body as well as all of created matter too!!

Keep in mind again, I have zero musical understanding at all.  However, yesterday as I kept expanding with this musical information and our sexual energy and maybe the body being now like flute or piccolo (smile) there seemed to be this importance with the heart note.  I kept thinking of it like middle C (why I have no idea, like I said, I am musically illiterate!!)  So what to my wondering eyes should appear this morning?  An amazing response on the comments section to yesterdays blog.  A person name Matheus posted about their understanding of the music and the colors… and there is something important there… I have no idea what it is, but I know what I feel!!

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to be learning this next phase of our evolution… together with you!!  Just learning how to hit each individual note from the flow of energy thru the core out each and every chakra with ease was a freakin challenge that took me months, or consistent and unwavering work,  to master.   Fortunately we are now in a time where it has all sped up, so months should equal weeks (smile) and there are soooo many teachers upon the playing field to learn from!!  Thank God… Thank YOU!!!

So in my intense state of processing yesterday I fully realized something so wonderful… we were given the instruction book on this next phase of life.  One of the biggest complaints I had to spirit when I started this crazy ass path was why the hell didn’t we come with instructions at birth?  It would have saved us humans a whole lot of heartache and work!!  (Yeah, I know, needed for our journey… but still!!)

So here we arrive in the space of a V: above and below connecting at the earth plane, a coming together of all our energy and wisdom to create the new form of US.  And now we are Creators creating instead of Creators re-membering.

Really pay attention to that profound shift in energy.  Creators creating!!  As I was processing and integrating the enormity of what has been given to us, thru us this last week, I suddenly thought about my own biology and that it hasn’t been sick in a long while.  Usually when the shifts are this profound, my biology gets what we now lovingly call an “energy flu.”  Dammit for remembering that.  I was up all night last night hacking up a lung, blowing my nose, this morning I have a low grade fever… chills and sweats, body aches…

Careful what runs thru your mind… it will be running thru your reality at lightening speed!!

To the musical masters of life (all of us)… WE ROCK!!!!  Thank you for playing your tune in life and out loud.


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