Lisa Gawlas – Bye, Bye Old Worn Out Clothes – Hello New, Speed Enhanced Clothes That Would Make NASCAR Drivers Smile!! – 29 September 2012

I sat in my own stillness yesterday, mostly cuz my body hurt like flipping hell!!  Yet, I celebrated each and every ache and pain with joy and gratitude.  Man oh man, have we arrived!!  OK, at least for me, very much like sliding into home plate… but I’ll take scraped knee’s and bloody hands any day of the week over being at bat and having no idea how to calculate the balls speed and curve and my swing of the bat!!  Or worse yet… not even realizing we are playing a game!!  Your soul is the pitcher, the potential is the ball and your biology is the batter and all of life is the crowd in the seats cheering you on!!

I do believe I hit one out of the ball park yesterday… I felt the repercussions in my biology all day long.  When I woke up the ache was simply across my hips/lower back.  As the day progressed so did the ache in my back… up my lumbar, a little later, up my waist, to my chest, shoulders, neck… the head itself had a dull headache most of the day anyway.  It felt like all of a sudden I was wearing a super tight girdle that was squishing my biology.  What is interesting, it wasn’t till later in the day did the legs themselves put their own girdle on.

While my body was squeezing itself into the new field of energy, I was grateful that the internal clearing… the sinus and lung release was at rest.  Of course, it was the first onset of the infusion during my attempt at sleep the night prior.  Like a massive energy hose was turned on and I was blowing and coughing all the old debris out and as I awoke with a slight fever, what I didn’t hack out, I burned off.

Thank God we are in a super accelerated process!!  Today, I am golden!  Phew!!

However, no moment is wasted in my constant world of processing and understanding.  I suddenly realized, my biology, my soul and my own mind are in harmony.  Let me explain.  The day after I arrived back home from my wonderful adventures with my family, I had to go grocery shopping.  I kept feeling the need to fix chicken soup, so I was sure to get all the fixings for it… and wondered why.  It is not yet soup season here yet, tho getting close.  I do not get sick, so I wasn’t looking at the wellness benefit of it, but I got it all anyway.  I stuck the chicken in the freezer and hoped all the veggies would last until that desire of creating chicken soup ran thru me.  Little did I know….

The moment I got home, I knew we hit a huge energetic expansion while I was busy loving my family.  Each reading amplified it all with understanding and detail.  It wasn’t until yesterday did I realize I had so much to catch up on (consciously speaking) that I didn’t have time to go thru the biological change until we hit the snow channel.  In that moment, all aspects of myself said (by remembering the energy flu) today is the day!

I want to be perfectly clear on what this process is… for ALL of us.  It is an acceleration process, NOT a healing process.  I think easier understood… we stripped off all the clothes we had been wearing to get to here and we squeezed into our (yet) tight-fitting new clothes.  Please don’t take the time to wash any of the old clothes.  They have wonderful stains, rips, wear and tear that says to all of creation “I was active.”   But it’s now done!!  Let them just lay on the ground behind you, spirit will do whatever is needed with the old clothes, let your only focus be on your new clothes.  We have some stretching to do!!  Like breaking in a new pair of jeans or a new pair of shoes.  That’s actually funny… talk about having concentrated energy in the biology (hence the girdle feeling!!)

I also came to a full on remembrance yesterday.  Somethings are so easy to forget as we traipse about in our created life.  You and I, we talk in slang, in our own symbolism’s and metaphors in most of our communications.  Of course, so does spirit, so it seems quite natural that we reflect that in which we really are anywayz.  But the creative energy of life itself… very very literal!!  My own example:  For the last week I have been saying, quite joyfully, that everything that is happening, that I am seeing and understanding both in readings and within myself, takes my breath away!  I should not have been surprised when I spent an entire night gasping for breath in my own transition.  My words placed that into my transition, into my experience!!  The same with remembering I hadn’t been sick… and somewhere inside of me, realizing… it was time.

But there is also something else I had been noticing too.  This understanding is soooo important to where we are now.  I have already talked about what I felt when I arrived back Home here to Jemez Pueblo, NM.  Everything that creates the energy here, in this very place that I live, was here too, including my landlady.  I love her, there is no doubt we spent lifetimes as sisters.  A few days after I came back, she left.  She went to California to care for a sister who went thru a massive energy change.  Without her presence here, I kept feeling like something was missing.  I really didn’t get it until yesterday really.  Even when she is here, I don’t see her very much unless she has mail for me or I created something yummy and made enough for her.  Yet, I suddenly understand that her energy field is very much a part of the accelerated, expanded energy that is here.  Without her presence, and I pray, my own presence… this landscape would still be a potential of what it could be.  Like keys in an ignition, our presence and activity is what turns potential into the REAL.

Funny how ya don’t notice things… until ya notice things.  But it is also why living in a place that is in harmony to your own vibratory state really is.  Because without it, you are missing a lot of important keys to fully accelerate the energy of your own biology and landscape of life.  Think of a car.  There are so many moving parts that make up a car, let one break down, the whole car breaks down and cannot do its job.  Same with us too!!  Sometimes, ya just have to replace a part in the car…. or not.

it seems the pure gas of our lives… the energy released from the sun, hit us coming and going.  On the 27th there was a massive CME released on the dark side of the sun, yesterday a massive CME was released nascar style at 2.2 million mph  (no, I don’t watch nascar, but it is a good analogy I think!) to earth as well.

Today is the Harvest Full moon… use this brilliant Light to see where you are going from here.  No doubt this new track has many exciting and unexpected twists and turns.  For those still navigating the old ways and old tracks… it will serve to help you see your way ahead, unless you keep looking to the past.  Ohhh the unbiased choices of Life!

Of course, not everyone wants to be a race car driver.  Some just really want to be a passenger thru the ride.  All is absolutely perfect.  Me personally, I was born to be a race car driver (hence the many speeding tickets I have endured.)  Where I now live is the greatest Nascar track ever built.  I am realizing what slows me down and what speeds me up (vibrationally speaking of course)… and becoming ever mindful of it all.  I am now fully realizing the addition of that gentle feather (whom ever he is) will be like high-octane fuel that will put us as speeds only dreamed about.  Good thing we have higher vision that lets you see what so many others miss in the old car.

In several of the conversations I had yesterday we talked about this acceleration time.  When everything speeds up it always looks like things are standing still.  So many people feel they have stalled out or came to a standstill in their life.  Quite the opposite has happened really.  So many people are now in their own race car and the scenery of life looks like it is standing still… its not!!  At all!!  My only question to you would be: Does the track of your life allow for full speed ahead??  No road bumps or faulty engines allowed because it will surely slow you down. (progress wise)

We are manifesting at super speeds now, don’t allow any junk in your trunk.  I know that may sound callous and uncaring, but really, it is quite the opposite.

In my agony of biology yesterday, I had the most amazing gifts come to me…. literally.  In the mail I received 4 wonderful chocolate bars, a pelican feather and as I actually took the time to read the papers that came with my new Galaxy III phone, I found it included a $150 rebate!!  Holy Heaven on all levels batman!!  Thank you soooooo much to my gift bearers!!!

Thank you all for loving me so very much and picking me up when my ass is dragging the ground… intentional or not, all is in Divine Time!!

Welcome Home Family of Light… it’s time to rev up those engines!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of joy, chocolate, feathers, and speedy abundance to All!!  I love you so much!!

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