Volcanic Activity World Wide – 29 September 2012

Kilauea volcano sat by (C) NASAKilauea volcano sat by (C) NASA
Fuego volcano has further increased its activity. In its latest report, INSIVUMEH counted 18 eruptions during 27-28 Sep, out of which 10 were moderately sized and produced ash plume up to 1 km height, and fountains of incandescent material of up to 200 m height, which generated avalanches on the upper crater flanks.

Fine ash fall was received in Panimaché, Morelia and Santa Sofia, and shock waves fro the explosions were felt in up to 12 km distance.

At the same time, heavy rains have triggered a first major hot lahar from the pyroclastic-flow deposits filled Ash Canyon, carrying large tree fragments and meter-sized boulders and cutting a local road between San Andrés Osuna and Siquinalá.

Popocatépetl is seen glowing at night and produced 10 emissions during the past 24 hours. Satellite data show a strong SO2 plume.

Activity remains stable at Kilauea volcano on Hawai’i. At the Pu’u ‘O’o vent, the lava lake that occupies the east pit crater is still active and was accompanied by a second pit crater lake in the south. Active lava flows are still progressing through the Royal Gardens at an an estimated speed of 100m per day.

Sakurajima volcano has had a surprisingly active day yesterday, with no less than 6 explosions reported by VAAC Tokyo. Ash plume heights reached 6-9,000 ft (1.8-2.7 km) altitude.

Seismic activity at Little Sitkin volcano remains elevated. The level of activity varies from day to day, though this week it has been at levels lower than seen earlier in the current period of unrest, which started in late August, AVO wrote in its latest update.

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