Ruth Ryden – And The Masters Of Light – The Law Of Return – 30 September 2012


“All through the world at every moment, thoughts, desires, motions and movement are being created by every man, woman and child alive.  The movement of even the most minute particle of energy produced by humanity shoots out into and past the atmosphere of your planet, past the ethers and into time and space.  The first thing to remember is that no movement of energy is ever lost; that thoughts created by the means of both spiritual beings and incarnated beings continue to travel through time; this is part of the concept that you have conceived of as the “Akashic Records”.  The second thing to remember is that when these movements of energy reach the upper dimensions, time ceases to be. Movements of energy from all sources, from the past, present and future, are also recorded in this manner.

It has been understood from the source of your racial beginnings, in one way or another, that cause produces effect.  The sounds and words that one utters become powerful energies that cause responses from those who hear them.  It is the same with every thought that oou put together in your minds; they become energetic, creative forms that are the forerunners of actual events or decisions.  People sometimes think that because no one knows what they are thinking, they can get away with spiteful or angry thoughts about themselves or others, while putting on masks which belie their thoughts.  Wrong.  Hateful thoughts create hateful circumstances, even if some time passes before this is realized.  Thoughts are creative energy, no matter in what way they are fashioned.

Now, as creative energy, thoughts also draw to them responses from other energy.  As one continues to create negative images in day dreams, for example, the images begin to take form in real life.  If a person holds hatred in his/her heart for another and imagines terrible things happening to someone else, BEWARE!  That person is drawing to him/herself the very sorrow wished upon the other person!  Remember, those thoughts are busy creating.  Those who practice what has been called “The Black Arts” put their powers of creative thought together to perform spells which send negative effects to others.  Yes, this can be done, but the Law of Return does not allow such to happen without the same negative effects returning to their source!
The Wheel of Life that is known in the East, is a symbol for this Law of Return.  That is, what goes around, comes around again.  What you send out that is harmful to yourselves or others is going to come back around and bite you in the back!  On the other hand, if the thoughts you create and send out to others are of unconditional love, compassion, and strength, what comes back to you eventually will sometimes be surprisingly wonderful and beautiful.  This law is also known as the Law of Karma, which is also an Eastern concept.  Sometimes, however, this concept reflects itself as a very rigid return of energies.
Let us widen this idea to help you realize that just as the future, as you conceive of it – has, is, and always will be, a most changeable pathway due to the many events that precede what you might expect to happen, so is the pathway of the Law of Return.
For example:  A young man commits the crime of robbery and hurts someone during the event.  He gets away with it and thinks no one will ever know.  Unknowingly, however, he has set into motion the Law of Return that will produce another event that will teach him a hard lesson, perhaps.   In the meantime, someone comes into his life that is able to show him his error and teaches him what honesty truly is and how valuable it is to him in his life.  The young man’s thinking processes are completely changed.  Now, what happens to that negative event that he had already set into motion?  It is also changing, becoming something that will remind him of his actions and prod him to make amends in the best way he can.  The Law of Return is God’s Law throughout all universes, all time and space.  It is not a rigid eye-for-an-eye law, but a loving reminder and a lesson learned when the Ten Commandments are broken intentionally.  Yes, there are many other laws in effect in your space, which are ingrained deeply into your inner consciousness.  You know when you are breaking them; you know hate is wrong, anger is self-defeating, and jealousy feeds on the ego.  When they are indulged in by people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts, the Law of Return is there to teach them a lesson.  Sometimes, when misfortune seems to keep coming at you constantly, why are you being singled out when others you know are doing just fine?   God is trying to teach you something – listen!  You are going the wrong way, doing something inappropriate for your life; your thinking has become mired in self-pity or, worse, in resentments and hurt feelings.  Stop and look deeply into every part of your life and your thoughts; you will find that God is trying to get your attention, and guide you into a different and more beneficial path.
There are those people who try to live their lives in the Light of the Truth, attending church, helping each other and raising their children in the way God’s Word has instructed, but still seem to find all kinds of obstructions in their way.   Why?
 Even the most well-intentioned people get lost sometimes in their concepts of what is right or wrong.  Do you realize how much these ideas differ throughout your world?  In one society, the man of the family offers his wife for the night to a male visitor as a matter of courtesy; in another society, this would be unthinkable.  Consider all of the different customs in the world that differ from yours.  What you consider “right” for you or your loved ones.  It might not be from the standpoint of your own special needs and pathways in life.  There are times when society places such restrictions on the thoughts and actions of those who operate within a certain culture, that it becomes confusing as to what is right and what is not.  If obstructions seem to be popping up in your lives that you feel are inappropriate, consider carefully if your options are being dealt with in a realistic way.  Perhaps you are going in a direction that will lead you to a dead end, or a sudden drop-off.  If so, your loving spiritual guidance is trying to tell you something!

The Law of Return can thus be considered in many different ways, but always for your own benefit – such is the way of your Loving Creator.

Let us turn to another facet of this Law:
Conscience is that part of your being that is your High Spiritual Self letting you know that you have done something wrong, are getting ready to do or think something wrong, warning you of impending danger, or bringing to your senses a wonderful feeling of light and love when you have let your inner voice become part of your entire being, sharing and giving love to others.  You know
how heavy your chest feels when you hurt someone you did not mean to hurt; how your stomach churns when you dread being found out about committing an act you know is wrong.  This is the immediate Law of Return indeed.  You cannot escape it; you cannot change it until you yourselves make it right somehow or admit to what happened.  There are many people in this world who spend their entire lives under this terrible cloud of inner guilt who never admit to their crimes, spending the precious years of their lifetimes in this dimension hiding and running from the Law of Return.  This is just as sad to us, as it is to you.
Conscience also acts as a definitive guidance system for your life.  When there is a decision to be made or a direction to be found, ask that inner wise “counselor” for the best answer.  The answers will come in the way of feelings, both mental and physical.   A “yes” will be a real urge to follow a certain direction, with no negative its, ands, or buts tacked onto it.   A “no” will be a feeling of dread, even fear, that tells you to veer away from any thoughts of such actions.  The psychic lines today are making millions of dollars from people who simply are not willing to trust their own inner wisdom, afraid to take a step in any direction without asking someone else.  This is unfortunate – and expensive.  There are times that a long talk with a good friend will make difficult situations become clearer to settle, but again, listen to that inner wisdom and make sure that the decisions are right for you, and not just for your friend.  Sometimes there is a wide difference because of  different backgrounds and experiences in life.  Inner wisdom will never fail you.
Bring into your life that sense of thinking and acting with conscious responsibility.  When your ego tries to put you into situations where you want to try to be better than someone else, perhaps by putting them down or even making their lives difficult, push these thoughts away.  If you do not, you will be walking the road to your own downfall.  But, you say, what about the dictators and world leaders who live their lives that way and never seem to be disciplined because of it?  Remember, you are living in a very small piece of “time” in this world. In the eternal measure of time as you know it, the Law of Return constructs lessons for such people.  Future lifetimes will not be so self-serving.  Even their actions, as selfish and evil as they may be, are part of the Law of Return for someone else.  Spend some time reflecting upon how the Law of Oneness of Everything brings all thoughts and actions together to help God’s Children find their way back to the Highest Frequencies within the Mind of God.”

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