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John Ward – It’s Time For J P Morganopolopoulos To Reach Out To Greece – 1 October 2012

In 2010, President Obama (before his corruption was complete)  signed The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The bill catered for $4.5 billion to child-nutrition programmes until 2020, and put in place nutrition standards in American schools. As the Daily Beast puts it, ‘It received bipartisan support, and was hailed as a compassionate victory for America’s poorest children.’ Continue reading


Sophia Love – Make Your Stand – 1 October 2012


Love is a force.  Your heart is the most powerful organ in your body.  If you weren’t sure about what resource you’d use to get you through any difficult times, doubt no more.  With the power of your very essence you’ll emerge on the other end of whatever it is you are facing right now – and shine. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Keep A Reminder…Short Thoughts – 1 October 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

This picture made me think how easy it would be for people to create one of these little jars, a wonderful reminder to us all, especially those new to the journey, to stay in our hearts always. We can be easily  swayed by all of the chaos going on in the world, to be pulled away into our old ways of being and forget to stay anchored in our hearts. If we do that, those are the times fear finds a space to wiggle in and twist our lives into knots. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Creating Across The Timelines Into Our New Reality – Our New Dimension Of Life!! – 1 October 2012

Holy flipping cow batwomen!!  If I didn’t know with all of my heart and experience that what we are now witnessing and understanding via the readings were true, I would have to say we have all lost our minds.  But I can’t nor will I either (smile.)

When spirit said it was going to take 7 days coming and 7 days going to fulling integrate what we call the Equinox energies, there was no exaggeration there!  To the degree it took all the way to September 29th to be able to land in what I now call October energies and explore them from the ground instead of a platform above the ground to see the potential. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Ascended Collective: Our Multi-Faceted Energies – 1 October 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest beautiful ascending souls making your ways back to the pure realms of Source.

We are the Ascended Collective, and we are an infinite structure of beings making our way to you now through the higher astral planes in which we are using to connect with our scribe. Many of you are finding openings which are taking you to similar higher astral planes within yourselves, and we have been looking upon you with supreme Love in our hearts for all that you dear souls have went through [for the Light] during your lower dimensional Earthly experience. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – United States Of America Corporation Looting Individual Bank Accounts To Postpone Bankruptcy – 1 October 2012

The United States of America Corporation, a subsidiary of the bloodline family owned Federal Reserve Board, has resorted to stealing private funds, and blaming it on “Iranian cyber-attacks,” in order to stave off bankruptcy, according to CIA and other sources. This desperate stalling maneuver comes as the members of the old pentagram of power, David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth, Evelyn de Rothschild and the Pope all argue amongst each other over what to do next. Continue reading

CommonDreams – 50 People And Their 50 Ideas To Save The World In 50 Months – 1October 2012

If you were told you had 50 months to save the planet from catastrophe, what steps would you take?

Recognizing that the world’s most pressing problem—rapid systemic climate change induced by human-caused global warming—has taken a  back seat to more narrowly conceived political and economic concerns, scientists, experts, activists and concerned citizens across the globe are doing everything they can to elevate the message that a rise in global temperatures above 2C in the coming decades will be, as NASA’s James Hansen has said, “Game over for the planet.” Continue reading

NBC Miami – Reginald Hardwick, Mark Schnyder And Ray Villeda – One Earthquake Late Sunday Night, Two Earthquakes On Saturday Night – 1 October 2012

Thousands felt ground shake for 20 seconds southeast of DFW International Airport. Another earthquake at Loop 12 near I-30.Ray Villeda, NBC 5 News

Thousands felt ground shake for 20 seconds southeast of DFW International Airport. Another earthquake at Loop 12 near I-30. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Don’t Be The Next Commodity in The Assembly Line – What Has Normal Turned Us Into…Live Free! – 1 October 2012

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2 Minutes News – 7.4 Quake & Strong(G3) Magnetic Storm – 1 October 2012

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