Visionkeeper – Keep A Reminder…Short Thoughts – 1 October 2012

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This picture made me think how easy it would be for people to create one of these little jars, a wonderful reminder to us all, especially those new to the journey, to stay in our hearts always. We can be easily  swayed by all of the chaos going on in the world, to be pulled away into our old ways of being and forget to stay anchored in our hearts. If we do that, those are the times fear finds a space to wiggle in and twist our lives into knots.

If we stay in our hearts and feel only love for the world around us, we cannot feel fear as well. The choice is ours which one we will invite into our homes to dine at our tables and share our company. A good way of remembering to make the right choices is to ask yourself, ‘will this choice I am about to make bring about happiness and peace in my life and to those around me?’ If not then realize you are choosing fear and make a conscious decision to choose love. It is just a matter of staying connected to ourselves and paying attention to what we are thinking and doing. That one act can change your life forever. Blessings to all….VK link to original article

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