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Sophia Love – Free Will – 3 October 2012

Free Will

Free will is an interesting idea.  We can choose.  There is no cosmic decider making our decisions for our own good.  It comes always to us.
As a child when I heard about free will I thought “How free is it really? When, if you make the wrong choice, this thunderbolt God will strike you down.”  I was 8 years old; the beginnings of my questioning. Continue reading

Lucas – Let Go. There Is Only You In The NOW ! – 2 October 2012

It is so often as things are let go of  and  things are just left as it is in the moment that you will  be  seeing now that things suddenly just ARE.   It is experiencing You in the moment of NOW in the field of Oneness.  Continue reading

Helane Lipson – Interviews Patrica Cota-Robles (27 September 2012) – 2 October 2012

Excerpt taken from EMBRACING WHAT IS REAL 9/27/2012 Interview with Patricia Cota Robles. (Host Helane Lipson)
Full Interview–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4kpe1qqfnA
Patricia Cota Robles- http://www.eraofpeace.0rg
Helane Lipson-www.insightsbyhelane.com (Thanks Andrea!)

Bill Balard – My Response To Channels Are Being Manipulated By Radio Waves Or HAARP – 2 October 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – The Inner Workings Of Our New Life! Beware : Acceleration Ahead! – 2 October 2012

Boy, just when I think I understand a fraction of where we are, I stand corrected!!  Of course, when something is only three days old (to my view) it has a tendency to expand and more details fill in as my eyes and consciousness adjusts.

I am seeing something that I so wish I could paint for you, but alas, all I have are my words and the simplicity of my use of paint.  So at least let me give you a very simply visual and I will fill in the details of  what I see and what it means (again, always subject to change as we move deeper and more fully into this new created space.) Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 2 October 2012

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John Ward – Thorium-Powered Nuclear : The Destructive Force Of American Protectionism – 2 October 2012

As we have seen with the TPP, facing as it does an inevitable economic decline, the US could rather protect than compete. Now the game has spread to Thorium  (left) – the cleaner, safer, cheaper and more abundant alternative to Uranium…Thorium’s only downside being that you can’t make bombs out of it. Continue reading

Mooji – The Silence Of Being – 2 October 2012

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The Movie – Choice Point – Align Your Purpose – 2 October 2012

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Spirit Science – DNA Activation – 2 October 2012

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