Lucas – Let Go. There Is Only You In The NOW ! – 2 October 2012

It is so often as things are let go of  and  things are just left as it is in the moment that you will  be  seeing now that things suddenly just ARE.   It is experiencing You in the moment of NOW in the field of Oneness. 

It is so special but so mind-blowing simple. If you see that leaving things you always we’re attached to in matter, in ego, in energy  is what brings you forward. This non-attachement, the being without expectation and need to address, judge, say, do or think anything and just be will give you all that you ever dreamed of wanting to be  attached to but without  being attached. It is all there and in the flow of things that are in constant change. Better said, constant creation and co-creation in which you will find your way without obstacles as all is and was always there and given to you in the first place.

It is like being a water molecule that constant changes form or is part of another form or creation or is just being part of the flow or the river, sea, pond, vapor, breath, rain, cloud, etc. The infinite possibilities of your abundance and being oneness and your power to create are becoming part of your heart’s insights. You feel the connection to the source, being part of it and being One with it all. This is the gift of you being now without any strings attached to it.

NOW let go. Part from your pains, suffering, material possessions and emotional attachment, see that all just is energy and part of creation and there is plenty of where that came from.  So why are you still having  it, keeping  it and needing it, as all is available from source for everyone anytime. Also we can share our part of the abundance and still no one or none will have any lack of something in any way.

NOW let go. Part with the fears, the emotions, the what if’s and the past en future as an excuse for not being NOW. In being grateful in the now for all that you are, you have now, for being alive, healthy, or even having a wonderful day, there is always something that is in the  NOW you can be grateful for. Your  grace will bring you back to  One  in your heart.

It is NOW. You need to let go of time. The greatest illusion of all. No more when, where, dates, appointments, clocks, and all that dictates the flow of your live in the NOW stretching it in a linear time scale. Past en future are just NOW.  Letting go of thinking and feeling time will bring you instantly there where you always have been, the NOW.

NOW know you have the power and strength to change your perception to see there is more to gain in letting go than you ever in your live could lose. Just live your life now and BE. I am confident you will embrace you Being YOU in the moment of NOW.

Love and Light,


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