Mooji – The Silence Of Being – 2 October 2012

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Just paying attention to this moment, which is not merely a moment of time, but of presence. It doesn’t matter if some thoughts activity arises, it’s ok. Don’t put any energy to control, to either push away or to invite. Leave everything as it is. You are simply here. Thoughts such as coming and going are only that, thoughts. You’re not in need of them, you’re simply here. There’s no need to try at anything. There’s no such thing as trying to be aware, because even the attempt is itself appearing in awareness. You’re this. There’s nothing to change, to fix, to heal, to carry, to hold on to. Notice this. There is no need to evaluate or summarize how you feel, it’s irrelevant, you’re simply here. And this sense of here-ness is not a geographical placement. Here-ness can only be presence, undivided, effortless. You’re not imagining that, not creating, simply observing. There is nothing to capture. Whatever thoughts may suggests, it is not for you, not now. No preferences, no posture. You’re here, but you’re not waiting, there is no next to expect. Thoughts such as feeling well or not well are not part of you now, not here. Be only in your unnassociated being, there’s no effort to make. Simply I Am. Feel, experience the wholeness, the natural sense of wholeness, of completeness that is here by itself, it belongs to no one. There is not a you living life, you are life, and, the awareness of life. You do not need to be prepared to be, you are. There is only awareness here. And the body is present in the awareness also, and awareness is present in the body also. There are no starts and no finishes, no beginnings and endings significantly, just a movement at play in consciousness. Nothing troubles you. Notice the effortlessness of your own being. There’s no need to try to be. Such thoughts are far, far away from you. You did not arrived, nore can you leave, you’re simply here. Your attention may come out and come back, but not you. This is your natural silence. There is no effort to be silent, there’s no one to be silent, there’s only the silence of being. You are not imagining nore creating, therefore there’s no effort. What practice, what religion, do you need to be, as you are now ? This itself is your own blessed-ness. You’re beyond force. Intention, expectations, don’t exist for you. Now you will notice, that when you open your eyes, inwardly it will make no difference. Be aware of this. You’re not creating or imagining, you’re at one with your own natural being, natural joy, space, stillness. Don’t allow your mind to suggest any effort about this, because you’re in the direct experience and the taste of your own being. Nothing more is needed. The mind cannot help you here. It is you who will help the mind, to be quiet. Not by effort, by remaining one with your being, undistractedly. Then mind may also enjoy this peace.

Note : this comes from a guided meditation given by Mooji in satsang in New-York, in September 2009. The bansouri flute is performed by Suryaneel. Thanks to him for the recordings.

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