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Bloomberg – Dakin Campbell – Spanish Banks Need More Capital Than Tests Find, Moody’s Says – 2 October 2012

Spain’s banks face a capital shortfall that could climb to 105 billion euros ($135 billion), almost double the estimate the government provided last week, according to Moody’s Investors Service. Continue reading

Royal Inquiry To Restore Canada To A Fair Democracy – 2 October 2012

Royal Inquiry to restore Canada to a fair democracy

Attention Canadian readers:

Letter to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, requesting a Royal Inquiry to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy
August 30, 2012

ZeroHedge – Religious Leaders Slam Bankers – 2 October 2012

Clipboard02 Religious Leaders Slam BankersAnthony Freda/Daniel Zollinger

Church of England: Bankers Should Repent

We’ve extensively documented that Jesus, his apostles, and ancient Jewish leaders would all be furious with modern bankers.

We’ve also noted that the first Christians and Jews insisted on debt forgiveness as one of their core tenants. Indeed, the founders of all of the great religions taught that forgiveness of debt is the core of spirituality. Continue reading

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Unspeakable New Reality – 2 October 2012

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

Watch on YouTube (recommended)

Dearest friends!

Portals for ascension are already open now. I feel their strong vortex, their suction. If things arrive, which we have created in the past, we might perhaps not be there anymore.  Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Bernanke Says Don’t Worry, “It’s Only Temporary” – 2 October 2012

Earlier today, in Bernanke Begs Congress to Address “Fiscal Cliff”, Pledges to Hold Interest Rates Near Zero Through Mid-2015 Even If Economy Picks Up I commented on the Bernanke’s self-serving responses to his own questions.

In this post I want to focus on another disingenuous part of his speech that I did not comment on previously. Specifically … Continue reading

Northern Lights Over Northern U.S, Subsiding Geomagnetic Storm – 2 October 2012

SUBSIDING STORM: A strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm sparked by a CME impact on Sept. 30th is subsiding now. At maximum, during the early hours of Oct. 1st, Northern Lights descended as far south in the United States as Michigan,MarylandPennsylvaniaWisconsinOhioMontana,

MinnesotaWashingtonIdaho,Illinois and South Dakota. Subscribers to Space Weather Phone (textvoice) did receive alerts about this event as it was happening.

Frank Olsen photographed a bright green curtain shining through moonlit clouds over Sortland, Norway:

“Despite glaring full moonlight and heavy clouds, I managed to get some nice shots tonight,” says Olsen. “As soon as the clouds cracked up, the auroras were there.”

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery

ISS COMPANION: Europe’s massive ATV-3 cargo carrier undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) on Sept. 28th. Now the spacecraft, as large as a double-decker bus, is leading the ISS in orbit around Earth. Monika Landy-Gyebnar saw it this morning flying over Veszprem, Hungary:

“I went outside to see the ISS,” says Landy-Gyebnar. “About a minute before the space station appeared, I saw a relatively bright object flying overheads almost where the ISS was to fly. Then I remembered that the ATV-3 undocked from ISS on Friday–and there it was! Just as ATV-3 has faded, the ISS emerged from the clouds and followed the small cargo vehicle towards the east.”

The ATV-3 will reenter Earth’s atmosphere on or about October 3rd, disintegrating in a spectacular fireball over the Pacific Ocean. Until then, sky watchers should be alert for the cargo vessel leading the ISS across the night sky. ATV-3 and ISS flyby predictions may be found on the web or on your smartphone.

http://www.ascendingstarseeds.wordpress.com link to original article

Political Vel Craft – Volubrjotr – Pope Benedict XVI Rebukes Obama : Bishop Letters Read To Every Diocese In The United States! – 2 October 2012

The Catholic Church is fighting mad with the Obama Administration, and nearly every Catholic sitting in a pew this weekend heard the reasons why.

While addressing a group of U.S. bishops this week, Pope Benedict XVI noted that Obama administration policies have contributed to a national environment that has become “increasingly hostile to Christianity.” Women Of Grace Continue reading

Geoffrey West – Hester’s Other RBS Debt Strategy : Dump It On The Taxpayers – 2 October 2012

Slog ‘systemic’ scam allegation confirmed by RBS customers, NatWest smoke & mirrors fuel fears of impending doom.

Hester….always a warm welcome at the Treasury

Following yesterday’s piece about RBS (a) dumping the loan risk somewhere it can become an asset and then (b) scamming the customers involved for good measure, Sloggers wrote to me in droves about (c) RBS making sure the taxpayer gets lumbered with anything risky – aka, every mortgage everywhere once interest rates start to climb. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Abby Zimet – Replanting The Orchard : The Long-Shot Vision Of Bankers As Good-Guys –

In the wake of British banking misdeeds that sound dismally familiar – rate-fixing scandals, questionable bailouts, massive undeserved bonuses – the Church of England offers an intriguing critique of a banking culture it says must repent for its sins and reinvent “a culture of the virtues.” Bravely using “morality” and “banking” in the same context, the Church’s  public comments to the Parlia­mentary Commission on Banking Standards charge “the culture of banking has lost touch with matters of virtue” and show a “blindness to the common good” and suggest there is in fact such a thing as “a good banker.” Continue reading

CommonDreams – Eurozone ‘Austerity Measures’ Could Lead To ‘Economic And Social Disaster’ – 2 October 2012

Economist Dean Baker: Austerity ‘Ruining Millions of Lives’

– Common Dreams staff

A spokesman for the European Union warned Monday that “austerity measures” by more financially stable countries in the 17-nation Eurozone—measures that include cutting jobs, salaries and pensions— have contributed to record unemployment in the more struggling members, and could result in “an economic and social disaster,” Reuters reported. Continue reading