Fran Zepeda – Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven – Love is Your True Test of Reality – 3 October 2012

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:

Hello, Dear Ones, our brave Lightworkers that you are. We come before you today to speak of Faith. Faith is an elusive term at times and at best.

We beseech you not to waiver in your faith, your faith in what is to come, of what is happening in your lives right now. For, dear ones, it all depends upon your Faith.

Faith for some right now is being put to the test, for what appears to be reality is not always what you had hoped for. We are here to tell you that now is the time to look beyond what is seemingly your reality, beyond what you are hearing and seeing and experiencing with your five senses.

Dear Ones, we are trying here to tell you that you have gone beyond that. Step out of that reality that you are seeing and hearing and experiencing with your five senses and venture into that arena of Faith where you don’t need proof in the old sense, with what you can prove with the old “scientific method”.

The real proof instead is what you feel and know in your heart of hearts. There is where you really live, and where your Reality lies. You know this. But how much faith do you have in it? How much are you willing to go the mile with it?

We of the Company of Heaven see you struggling with this at times. So much is being “thrown” at you right now. So many changes, so many shifts in perspective. It can be dizzying at times, we know, but we implore you to hold fast to only the perspective that feels true in your heart. That is where you will be well served to dwell from now on.

Many times you may have asked yourselves: Where am I going with all this?  Where will I end up? Well, dear hearts, you are already there in so many ways. Each time you go deeper into meditation, each time you allow your hearts to expand just a little more with Unconditional Love for all, each time you allow yourself to accept yourself as a Divine Being, capable of so many things, well you are there.

You are wondrous Beings, so full of promise and Light. You have made it very far on your journey. Don’t give up your faith now. Feed it with the innocence and purity of what you once experienced when you first embarked on this experiment of duality many, many eons ago.

You are coming back to that innocence and purity. It is there and never really left. Uncover it. With that is renewed your faith in yourselves as beloved and powerful Beings of Love, of the Divine, of so many facets of a magnificent Jewel of the Divine.

Your task now is to discover and polish those facets to perfection and complete illumination. Look at your soul, look at your heart and turn it and survey it to reveal the many glowing facets of who you really are. Discover yourself more and more each day. Spend more and more time marveling at the beauty and strength of who you are. You are magnificent.

So, Dear Ones,  it all comes back to how you see yourselves, how you accept yourselves, how you view the diamond that is you, how you hold it up to the light and view it, how you view even what seems to be blemishes; for you just have to hold it in a different light, and that too will shine.

That different light is of course your full glory of the Divine Light that you are waking up within you, to that knowing that there is nothing that you cannot view from the perspective of your Creator, of Source, of All-That-Is, of the Divine. You are coming back to that in full capacity dear ones. Have faith in that.

Your Love will never fail you in this journey. Use it as your jeweler’s glass, as your true test of reality, as your true interpreter of what everything really means, of what it all truly is. As far as your heart of Unconditional Love is allowed to go is how far your journey takes you. You can have faith in that.

We are with you always,

I AM Archangel Michael with the Company of Heaven

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(4  October 2012 ,  Hello everyone!

A warm thank you to Dan for pointing out a typo in the last message from Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven entitled “Love is Your True Test of Reality“. In the middle of paragraph 6, the word should have been “implore”, not “deplore” and so the sentence should read instead: “It can be dizzying at times, we know, but we implore you to hold fast to only the perspective that feels true in your heart.” I have changed it in the post to read correctly.

Much love and many blessings to you,



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