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Lisa Gawlas – The Alchemist And The Liquid Energy Of Creation Taking Form – 4 October 2012

I was watching a show the other day, Fringe, and there is an eccentric scientist on the show and he said something that slammed into my heart so hard tears fell from my eyes with recognition.  As he was working on some experiment to help solve a case, with so much passion and excitement he said “This is what I was born to do.”  Continue reading

Globalpost.com – Former Credit Suisse Banker Kareem Serageldin Has Been Arrested In London. He’s Wanted In U.S. On Fraud Charges – 4 October 2012

(Lucas: Although the event took place several days ago still a newsworthdy story.)

An ex-Credit Suisse banker wanted in the United States on fraud charges has been arrested in London, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Kareem Serageldin, the former head of the Swiss bank’s Structured Credit Trading business, has been accused of manipulating the value of certain mortgage securities during the global financial crisis to boost his bonus, according to the Financial Times.

To read the rest of this story, visit GlobalPost.com.

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Reuters – Exclusive : Euro Zone Considering Bond Insurance For Spain – Sources – 4 October 2012

(Lucas: Every last scam or scheme that is not yet sold to us is tried out before the inevitable will happen. Pull the plug.)

By Julien Toyer and Paul Taylor

MADRID/PARIS | Thu Oct 4, 2012 9:40am EDT

(Reuters) – The euro zone is considering aiding Spain by providing insurance for investors who buy government bonds in a move designed to maintain Spanish access to capital markets and minimize the cost to European taxpayers, European sources said.

One senior European source said the plan could cost about 50 billion euros ($64.5 billion) for a year. It would enable Spain to cover its full funding needs and trigger potentially unlimited European Central bank buying of short-term Spanish bonds in the secondary market. Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – IMF Ready To Plunder Spain; IMF’s Latest Trojan Horse Offer; English-To-English Translations – 4 October 2012

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says IMF ready to help Spain.

The International Monetary Fund stands ready to help Spain in multiple ways if Madrid seeks its aid, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday.

“If Spain wants it, we could help in diverse ways, for example by simply auditing and monitoring reforms negotiated with its European partners without the IMF participating in financing,” Lagarde told French daily Le Figaro. Continue reading

Sacred Geometry DNA Changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness – 4 October 2012

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2 Minutes News – 4 October 2012

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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Europe-Wide Ban On Monsanto GM Corn Imminent In Wake Of French Study Linking It To Cancer – 4 October 2012

(NaturalNews) Pending affirmation by its national health agency, France is expected to call for an official ban on Monsanto’s genetically-modified (GM) corn very soon “at a European level,” according to the French news source RFI. Following the recent release of a University of Caen study that found a link between the “Frankencorn” and the development of severe tumors in rats, French officials have been urging a Europe-wide ban on both the cultivation and import of the GM corn, which was never proven safe in the first place prior to its commercial release. Continue reading