Lisa Gawlas – The Acceleration Point And Your Music Notes! – Part 2 – More Details! – 4 October 2012

This sharing is going to be a quickie (am I really capable of that??) I just got out of my first reading of the day and sooooo much information was filled in about, well, my first sharing today.  Let me just capsulate it here:

The sun-dial:

We have walked to here going in the same direction of the sun (consider time here… straight forward) and that is no longer the case.  We have moved out of time, out of a singularly perceived direction of time.  All directions are now not only possible, but equally in ability to move.  The gyroscope maintains balance in all area’s… even if we appear to be walking against time itself, or out of the natural flow of time.

The music box cylinder:

The human form you wear is just a facade created by the magic of the brain.  You are actually a cylinder of energy emitting sounds thru every moment of life.  You can look at these sounds as the tabs of the cylinder in a music box.  They change places according to your emotional field.  The less pleasant the emotion, the more retracted the tab sticking out of the cylinder is.  The more joyous and expressive, the more elongated the tab becomes.

The direction change:

Up until this month, we have been rotating (think cylinder) with the cycle of the sun… we shifted and are now actually rotating counter-clockwise.  Since we are going against the flow of time, we have stepped into no-time, which equally means there is no lag of time showing our sound of music in creation.

The acceleration point of energy:

This is equal to our new high frequency landscape.  The nooks and crannies I see are the purposely placed areas of energy (earth) to facilitate perfectly the tabs of your cylinder of energy (emotional body.)  If you choose to retract something you have been putting out in desire (think of me and tossing my gentle feather to the curb) it changes every single note in your forth-coming landscape of creation.  Changing absolutely everything.  Keep that emotional frequency in alignment with heart desire, it will be there in a nanosecond, when all chords of the creation of life meet as one symphony.

We have time to change our tune:

Thank god we gave ourselves a grace period in this new intense world we now live in.  Many of us have hit this acceleration point now, but we have time to change and enhance our tunes that we are potting out until October 10th.  This is when the acceleration will be global and thru the rest of this year, unchangeable in our landscapes of reality.

The reason being, so many others affect our life stage and all of earth is still creating the next combined sound waves of experience.  This is one major reason I cannot see beyond this acceleration point right now… the symphony of life expression is still changing (emotionally) and for those of us in this new reality, releasing the emotional charges of discordance within us (lets just call that any aspect of fear or worry.)

I so hope I have made this update clear, I am in between appointments but didn’t want to leave it all hanging til tomorrow.

I want to leave you with a song that I just LOVE.  I actually took and clipped the drum solo (my favor ever) and made it my ring tone on my phone yesterday… and today, with all this understanding, it seems more intensely wonderful than it did yesterday.

I so love YOU ALL so much and the symphony you play within my heart.  Thank you for the deLightful sound of wisdom you emit!!

Lisa Gawlas

Radar Love by Golden Earring:

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