Lucas – Whirlwinds Of Change – The Month Of Change – 4 October 2012

I completely can not get why people do not see all the changes happening in the now. We see timelines implode, people jumping from one timeline to an other just by making different choices and having an other focus, we see the opposites played out hard and all that is not of the new paradigm will be exposed and revealed.  It is all happening now.

I see myself the changes in my country happening. Just  a few news items that make clear what happens now.  Banks fight amongst each other over fighting banking taxes and one reduces the contribution to the lobby group that should massage the parliament and politics into their favour. I see energy companies complaining we use too much green energy and they have an overcapacity in gas and coal produced energy plants and lose out on money. Therefore a tax on energy to let the customer pay for their lack of income should be introduced. A  study of a university on this call for a new energy tax is smashed as unfounded and ridiculous. Still they proceed. We see a hasty partial – agreement in budget talks  by the two parties winning the elections in forming a possible new government. They still go on with austerity and do only scrap a few cuts to cut somewhere else for the same amount. The essence of changing all or thinking of  stopping to pay debt is never come up. We see also more militarization of the police here. Now all agents will get probably a taser even after all the confirmed deaths of people the weapon is used on. We see also changes in people really moving from being the followers and the ignorant ones  to people getting in action. Getting things addressed, getting new projects for change on the rails.  New projects in community building and community services, renewable energy and energy appliances, new ways of clean producing, new exchange systems.  This is just a short overview on things I see happening today.

All is happening now  and our brothers and sisters in the matrix  are still wandering towards their doom scenario created by themselves. It is just a click away to awaken and to see by shifting focus and being a  heart centered being. Doing and thinking from the heart will bring the new co-creating world that needs no governance by anybody anymore forward. We can manage all with unconditional love and create from our abundance from the source what ever is needed. Become also that creator and co-creator for  the better of all human kind not just a group, individuals or interests from any kind.

Jump on the  bandwagon with us and be helped and supported in being and sharing. Whatever you do and choose, you are loved.  All happening now is part of the whirlwind of changes this month will bring us. It is really the month our focus will shift if we see it. We will get away from duality and see there is only sharing and supporting and seeking the best for all as a solution. So we will find a new equilibrium this month and see a first basic structure manifest of our new paradigm that will be manifesting soon in all.

Love and Light,


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