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Lisa Gawlas – The Acceleration Point And Your Music Notes! – Part 2 – More Details! – 4 October 2012

This sharing is going to be a quickie (am I really capable of that??) I just got out of my first reading of the day and sooooo much information was filled in about, well, my first sharing today.  Let me just capsulate it here: Continue reading


Center For Food Safety – Guidelines For Buying Non-GMO Foods In Your Local Stores – Download PDF Guide – 4 October 2012

The True Food Network is the [CFS] Center For Food Safety’s grassroots action network where concerned citizens can voice their opinions about critical food safety issues, and advocate for a socially just, democratic and sustainable food system.

Here is a pdf that provides guidelines for buying non-GMO foods in your local stores.

SPECIAL NOTE [from CFS]: This guide was compiled based on company statements, not genetic testing. Any product labeled as Non- GMO indicates that its manufacturing process is designed to avoid GMOs, but consumers should be aware that GM contamination is possible due to natural pollen movement, weather events, seed contamination, or human error. Hence there is no guarantee such products are 100% free of GMOs.

You can download the guide here.

http://www.shiftfrequency.com link to article/ http://www.truefoodnow.org

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Knowing Your Worth – 4 October 2012

We anchor another layer of Galactic Free Space, our holographic universal nature of Being.  From the July purge came the August surge of personal responsibility and manifestation.  As we released pain, fear, separation, etc., and as we integrated the potent Light infusions, we came to a new level of potential.  The month of nine completed the reunion, and in this month of 10 we fully integrate the new level of Being.  Continue reading

John Ward – Syrian ‘Attack On Turkey’ : Am I The Only One Who’s Suspicious About This? – 4 October 2012

(*Lucas:  John, your not alone, the intent to start a big war for the dark ones via Syria/Iran or Israel in using incidents, hidden or black operations/ false flag attacks are  for sure all written over it.)

Hague…small bald idiot

In their rush to judgement on this issue, the Allies have failed to find a plausible motive. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Aegean Bonanza : New Study Confirms Potential Greek Wealth – 4 October 2012

A new study commissioned by Antonis Samaras vindicates The Slog’s engineering sources, who have long said that Greece’s undersea wealth was being deliberately understated

I was told categorically during 201o that American engineers working for previous Greek governments had deliberately understated the energy and rare earths potential beneath Greece’s territorial waters. An entirely different but equally qualified source told me the following year that the EU was fully aware of the ploy. Ever since then, The Slog has consistently maintained that, behind the demands of the Troika, a tussle was going on between the US and the EU as to who could benefit most from the country’s mineral and energy potential. Now a new study strongly supports that view. Continue reading

Emmanuel Dagher – Monthly Energy Forecast – “It’s Like Giving Birth” – 4 October 2012

Blessings my friend,

What a roller coaster ride the energies have taken us on this past September! For some, the energies were so intense that saying it was like holding on for dear life is an understatement. A great deal of this intensity came as a direct result of the second of seven Uranus/Pluto squares that occurred on September 19th. Continue reading

The Art Of Giving – 4 October 2012

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