Valerie Donner – Saint Germain – 4 October 2012

Greetings I am Saint Germain,

Don’t let the donkeys get you down, mmmmm…or the elephants.

I do have to ride a herd on some of those beings in the White House don’t I?

I need to round them up and put them in front of the populous and ask them a few questions.

They are important ones like when can we get down to the root of the evil, down to the truth?

We can put it all together so we can see what it is so that it can be revealed to everyone.

I would like to send quite a few of them packing,

I feel like rolling up the carpet and getting the place clean

By actually relocating them, replacing them,

With the star beings who have come to make things right.

They don’t care about tips or bribes,

They just care about the American tribes—everyone.

They are like all of you who love human beings  . . .

Nice people you can have a cup of coffee with,

Strike up a relationship with…

Good old fashioned people with a strong constitution

Connected to the Light not to an institution.

As consciousness awakens

It’s going to end up leveling the playing field,

For what does it matter if only a minority of people fare well

If most of the people are treated like HE__ __?

That’s how it’s been for years and years and years.

Tow the mark and let them say the rest.

Exploitations and reasons,

Damage to the soul beyond belief;

It’s not the way it was meant to be.

This is the United States;

It stands for liberty.

So where does that take you?

What does it mean?

It means we are redefining you,

That we’re raising the bar on all of your systems.

We’re creating a new design.

Your politicians have been political with all too much negativity.

It’s overwhelming.

The separation and promises unfulfilled,

The human heart has practically been killed.

The destruction, sadness, the tragic losses with families, jobs, skills, what people earn.

I’m going to use my anguish…Let the Violet Flame burn.

We worship all over the sad remorse.

We have a heart and are beings that have a much friendlier reign for things.

We know you do too!

You’re part of it, the creation of you.

So what are we all to look at

As things fall apart?

We’ll take the good away from the bad,

We’ll replace things with happiness instead of sad.

Instead of just a pittance here and there

There will be abundance with plenty to spare.

Those who have been greedy and unjust,

Will have to live in front of the populous and explain everything they’ve done, how they’ve breached the trust.

For some of those who kept up their grievous ways of being

And their service to me thinking

Will find that humans –the populous at large,

Will have the gumption to make the change, to take charge.

And when the truth is known–

That sort of truth will run straight through.

There will be no questions asked.

You will know what to do.

Because you’re replacing the pieces you no longer need.

You have a statement; everyone does.

You have your part, so here it goes.

You have a faster way of change, a route that easily shows.

You need some embellished leadership with no more yeses or tries.

You need commitments from people who won’t tell lies.

This is a time of your golden era,

Let’s work together to make it all better. link to original article

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