Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From Where Does Annoyance Grow? – 5 October 2012

God said:

When you feel annoyed with someone, no matter how rightfully, no matter how much he or she may be in your face, breathe. Take a moment to reconcile yourself with the recollection that within the annoyance within yourself and within the annoyance from an another, I AM. Within you who may be hotly annoyed, I AM. Within the person who is so easily annoying you, I AM. I may be covered up. I may be discarded for the moment, yet I am not absent. There is no one on this Earth who is not Myself. I AM you. Perhaps annoyance raises its head so that you may remember Me.

You may have buried Me. The other person may have buried Me. Neither of you may think of My existence. Assuredly, you are not when annoyance and irritation take over. You are responsible for forgetting. You are responsible for being blind. For a moment you are derailed by a detail of life. For a moment you chose to be irritated rather than to love. Human beings tend to confine themselves to a place of annoyance and waste too much time and space when they have the whole world to choose from.

I will tell you again and again that when you feel annoyed, when you feel so annoyed that you would burst from your skin, when you feel so annoyed you can hardly stand it, it is you yourself who chose this annoyance. You were ready for it. You may have been looking for it. I will go so far as to say that you wanted it. You abetted the annoyer. Certainly, you will agree that you cannot be annoyed without your consent. You are party to it. No one other than yourself makes you get annoyed, hot under the collar, fit to be tied.

Human beings are sometimes vehicles for annoyance. Something is not right in the world. You are feeling out of sorts, and someone else comes forward to justify your feeling out of sorts. And you latch onto them.

True, someone is not being considerate of you. They are being considerate of themselves. And, so are you also being inconsiderate of yourself and the seeming other as well or you would not react so.

How can there be peace in the world when you get upset over trifles? Do you know what you get upset over? Why, it’s your battered ego you get upset over. Ego got tripped up and is jumping up and down on your heart. Ego gets you all in a snit over what someone else says or does. What else could it be, beloveds? The seeming cause is not the cause, no matter how much it may seem so.

How much would the person who bothers you now inestimably bother if you had won the 50 million dollar lottery today? Your attention would be on something else instead of annoyance. Elated, you wouldn’t even see what drives you up the wall now. Confess the truth of this. You are your own patsy.

You can dispense with annoyance. Be happy, and you will dispense with annoyance, and, then, because you come from a different place, the person who is annoying you will no longer feel the need to annoy you. Happiness is contagious. Annoyance is too.

Be a good sport now and let go of all that keeps you back from joy. Let annoyance go. Unless you really love its company, let it go. Be bright-eyed and smiling. Smiling beats a wrinkled forehead any day. What is all the fuss about anyway? link to original article


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