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Christina Fisher – Our Role : To Assist With The Planetary Retrofitting of Gaia – Sovereign Souls And The Rule Of Love (A Message From Gaia) – 6 October 2012

(picture by Josephine Wall Presence of Gaia-UK copyright)

What is the retrofitting of Gaia? I opened a clear space for invocation and contact with my Cosmic Soul in direct connection to The Living Light. This is the transmission I received. It is appropriate to what is occurring today and more are awakened to receive such a communication. I am re-posting this discourse for our current timeline event. Each in our own way, contribute to the ascension of our planet and all inhabitants of planet earth. I am sharing a transmission that I received during one of my weekly live transmissions. I first received the message during the London Olympics. It applies in regard to our current transition, as it does appear there is a transformative event to occur within our immediate reality. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – The Hybrids : Human – Celestial DNA Is Undergoing Quantum Magnetic Activation’s!! – 6 October 2012

I think I have come to a huge realization this morning as I put all three pieces of yesterdays puzzle (readings) together.  This acceleration point that I have been seeing consistently in all readings since September 29th is charging up our new magnetic field of energy and attraction as well as momentum forward/upward.   What we are really witnessing and understanding within ourselves and others, is a massive change out of quantum energy within our biology as well as our individual playing fields we call life. Continue reading

Lucas – Tune In On Love On Your Heart Radio – 6 October 2012

I observe  lots of  words be written with lots of meanings, or hidden emotions of fear, anger, etc.  I see the thoughts broadcasted to you all and  all you do is sending it out again like some transmitters re-sending signals  and amplifying them.

If you see that words of hate, anger, war, are just spread with their negative energies that way than you can stop it. It is alright to address things ones or even feel things ones, but let go of it. The repetition of the negative words and its meanings  are not what we should do. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 6 October 2012

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Suzanne Lie – Trip To The Mothership – Part 7 – Unity/ Collective Consciousness Mothership – 6 October 2012

Fifth Dimensional Unity Consciousness
Individual consciousness is a microcosmic version of reality in which the least evolved humans perceive themselves as a separate, individual physical body. On the other hand, the most evolved human perceives his or her SELF as a member of the entire planet. At the lowest stage of evolution, the human has Individual Consciousness, which gradually encompasses more and more elements of reality until he or she has come into a consciousness of Unity with ALL plant life. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Trees – 6 October 2012

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Pack up a picnic lunch and head out into nature for the afternoon. Find a large tree and sit down beneath it, lean your back squarely against its trunk and then close your eyes and wait. Talk to the tree and see if it will answer back. Do not look for words rather feel for its energy. Continue reading

Leonard Susskind – The World As Hologram – 6 October 2012

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Lee Harris – October Energy Forecast – New Strength Born Of Vulnerability – 6 October 2012

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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 6 October 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We are so excited for you! The energies coming into your planet are catalytic, motivating and inspiring movement in every way within every human heart. For those of you who have been willing to look within and acknowledge what you find inside of yourselves, this can be fantastic. You suddenly realize you want to travel, and so you say, “Dear God, I love you and I want to see your glory here upon the earth. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Elections In Wonderland – 6 October 2012

PictureIt’s tempting to make light of the U.S. Presidential election.  Either because in the next dimension it won’t matter who holds office, (it’ll all be love and light), or because there will be no political agenda where we are headed or because it doesn’t really matter who holds the office, all are equally corrupt and capable. Continue reading