Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 6 October 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We are so excited for you! The energies coming into your planet are catalytic, motivating and inspiring movement in every way within every human heart. For those of you who have been willing to look within and acknowledge what you find inside of yourselves, this can be fantastic. You suddenly realize you want to travel, and so you say, “Dear God, I love you and I want to see your glory here upon the earth.

Please assist me in finding a way to travel.” Suddenly you begin to see advertisements that validate your desire. Suddenly you are motivated to set aside a little money here and there. Perhaps someone gives you a ticket or invites you on a trip. In this instance, you have simply acknowledged the truth within you, and like a child anticipating his or her presents during the holidays you have allowed yourself the joy of truth! God Loves you! God wants to assist you! God created the stars in the heavens and wants you to enjoy the desires planted within your own hearts.

However, suppose you find this desire within you and say, “My goodness, I want to travel so badly. However, I don’t know how. I have no money. I guess I’ll never get to go.” Well dear ones in that case, you are snuffing out the flames that God has lit within your own heart. You are assuming that because you don’t have the answers neither does God. You are telling the universe, “I cannot have my dream,” and by its very design it must echo this back to you, “Ok, as you say, you cannot have your dream.”

So as the energies intensify, ask yourself, am I willing to risk admitting to myself what it is I wish to create? Am I willing to say, “YES” to the dreams God has planted within me. Am I willing to let go of control, to trust in God’s love and God’s timing, and to simply anticipate all the magic that can transpire when you are willing to receive God’s love in your life? If so dear ones, get ready, for you are open to receive the same guidance and magic that steers the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and entices the flowers to blossom in the springtime. All of nature acknowledges the inspirations within. The rose says, “I want to bloom!” The acorn wishes to grow into an oak. The squirrels are motivated to seek and store their wares for the winter. All of the natural universe says, “YES, YES, YES!” to God’s grand design and the inspirations within. You can too. You can say, “YES!” to what you find within your hearts.

And then dear ones, like a child anticipating the holidays – a child who has no sense of days or months, but simply knows that good is coming – wait for the guidance, anticipate the good, and allow your very creator to help you fulfill the dreams of your soul.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
–– The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi All!

I love the angels message today because I have seen God work miracles in so many lives when people were willing to admit their dreams and stop freaking out because they didn’t know how or when to make them come about. For example years ago a woman I know was gifted with her dream trip to an ancient land to do ecumenical work… for free. Recently another friend of mine who has known she is going to another ancient land for some time, but had no clue how, was gifted with a large sum of money from a near stranger that she had helped and is now going on her trip. Truly with God all things are possible.

However, so many people are unwilling to even let themselves dream because they learned growing up that if they didn’t know how to make something happen they had to “get their head out of the clouds.” Personally I LIKE my head in the clouds!! Metaphorically it is where the angels sing! Seriously, I will never forget one woman who was failing to get one job after the next. The angels gently told her that what they saw in her heart was that she wanted to be a massage therapist. “Well yes,” she admitted, “but I want to teach my kids that you have to be responsible.” The voices of her upbringing had her in an emotional choke hold and thus ensued a conversation with the angels about the real nature of responsibility – namely responding to one’s heart. She heard, switched careers and loves her life.

So many times I have denied my own heart only to feel like I was swimming upstream in a current that would drown me. Just this week, I tried to channel the newsletter on Monday. No go. I tried Tuesday. Nothing. I tried Wednesday morning. Still nothing. “Hey God, I WANT to share your love and wisdom,” I prayed Wednesday afternoon, “Any chance you all could drop the newsletter in on me soon?” I really didn’t want to be up late after clients on Thursday or Friday doing it. As I prayed I realized I had an insane desire for Starbucks so I got in the car and without thought got my Cafe Mocha. While sipping it in a relaxed state, the angels started giving me the newsletter! Clearly, trying too hard to control anything is highly overrated! The universe wanted me to have a delightful experience and I was trying to make it too “serious!”

Likewise, much more important to me, my mother was in the hospital this week with her second hip replacement surgery in Virginia. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be of assistance, so I prayed and asked God what my role was to be. My dad and brother are out there and I got the guidance to stay here and do what I am good at – working with her in spirit. The surgery went well but she had some nasty after effects due to pain meds and wasn’t in a good space for the several days following the surgery. I couldn’t get details from anyone and of course she wasn’t in shape to communicate till today. I didn’t bother worrying. Instead I asked my facebook friends to pray, pictured her well, sent energy, and trusted. There was nothing else I could do and I certainly didn’t want to send any negativity her way with useless worry on my part. Sure enough the prayers and energy are creating miracles. I talked to her today and she is feisty as ever and recuperating, even arguing with the care facility staff who can’t seem to remember to give her her own medication on a regular basis. “You want me to say something,” I asked her, fully prepared to have a chat with management about the benefits of giving their patients pain medication on schedule. “No, I have a big mouth! I’ll handle it,” she replied! I let go of control again. She will handle it. And I’ll keep picturing her feisty and hiking with me in the future, contributing to the positive vision she is creating for her life.

Saying yes to what is in your heart, following your guidance, and then letting go of control when you do not know what to do next, is really a great way to live. It helps you live in a flow of grace, rather than struggle and effort. I work a lot, and I work many hours with intense dedication and focus, but somehow it is gracefully orchestrated when I listen to my own heart. I also create time for balance, relaxation, and play. I have finally allowed God to orchestrate a life where I can practice what I preach and it feels amazing!

So this week, when something arises within you say, “YES God, and guide me please. Make your guidance so obvious I can’t miss it.” And then when you get guided act, but until you do, surrender control and trust, trust, trust with all your heart that you are SO loved and so cared for and that God really will coordinate your dreams with the entire universe. I wish you all could see yourselves the way I am privileged to see people in readings… so beautiful, so amazing, so cherished beyond words. If ever you feel unloved, sit quietly and ask to feel God’s love. Don’t try to feel it, allow for it. It will blow you away!

Have a blissful week,
Love you all!
Ann link to original article


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