Christina Fisher – Our Role : To Assist With The Planetary Retrofitting of Gaia – Sovereign Souls And The Rule Of Love (A Message From Gaia) – 6 October 2012

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What is the retrofitting of Gaia? I opened a clear space for invocation and contact with my Cosmic Soul in direct connection to The Living Light. This is the transmission I received. It is appropriate to what is occurring today and more are awakened to receive such a communication. I am re-posting this discourse for our current timeline event. Each in our own way, contribute to the ascension of our planet and all inhabitants of planet earth. I am sharing a transmission that I received during one of my weekly live transmissions. I first received the message during the London Olympics. It applies in regard to our current transition, as it does appear there is a transformative event to occur within our immediate reality.


“Retrofit: The replacing of, or modification of; in this case the existing powerful influences to improve the energy efficiency, increase the output and extend the lifespan of Gaia and her inhabitants, while decreasing the probability of harm.”


I choose the highest option for humanity. I demand the retrofitting of planet earth to the highest octave of love and light, not to the demise of Gaia, but as to her safe travels, so she may manifest her perfect trajectory in alignment with her destiny. I know that she will remain on her due course safely.

As a Claimant and Asker, I wholeheartedly claim my sovereignty and I claim my participation in the retrofitting of our planet Gaia. With her safe passage Gaia, humanity, and I are one, and we are in this together. We are here to transmit only love and light and to reject any projection brought through any frequency interference by a lower density force.

I do not lend my consciousness to this force.

I am here holding the balance, holding the polarity, as we are moving into non-polarity without the elements of opposition control, domination, competition, or other dark expressions of opposition. My role is to hold the intent and frequency of love. As a female, I represent the upper most echelon of the feminine as the highest representation of love. I apply the most positive attributes of the feminine aspect known as the Light Warrior-ess. I hold a frequency of intent that is in direct positioning and neutralizing, to the lower density force.

As Gaia is hurling herself through space, there is an opposition to her safe passage. I align to Gaia’s safe passage and with those who are here to assure her safe passage. I am one with All That Is. For eons, those not in alignment with the truth have dominated humanity and Gaia. With the suffering of the planet and demise of many of her inhabitants, the necessity of retrofitting the planet is pertinent to assure the safe passage across the Galactic Plane. There is an absolute assurance for humanity to reconnect to their wholeness, truth, and to their longevity.

All that is promised and destined for earth at this time I claim as a Planetary Light Warrior-ess. I claim this now as a positive influence of love and light. In accordance with the Golden Heart Alignment and in direct support of Gaia’s royal retrofit we neutralize the domination of the lower density force.

I am protected in the Christed Light, and I live and thrive in the Christed Light.

My Petition to Gaia

Dear Gaia, I am here to support your retrofitting, which is indeed very essential. Thank you for your response to this Claimant and all those who now support your retrofit and safe passage. I can feel the frequency in my hearing as you are surely communicating through your heart to all who are currently aware of the current influx of energy in Gaia’s retrofitting. I am here as a Planetary Warrior-ess, my weapon is love.

Gaia’s Response

It is only love and can only be love. Yes, the weapon is love and can only be love. It is a weapon that can overcome anything as it cuts through the most dense and most dark. This is all about love and overtaking the dark with regard to truth rather than deception. The dark lies have been the norm since the primordial existence of humanity, which was to be kept unaware and in the dark. This current moment has everything to do with disclosure of the truth bestowed upon this planet. With the bestowing of truth upon this planet, there is a great celebration that it is all prevailing and encompassing. There is a divine protection and in the aftermath of any shenanigans played out by the lower density force at this time, the opposite is what is truly at hand. There is the Heart of the Cosmos at play here. There is of course the rule of law in regard to natural and cosmological law. It is through the intent to live within natural law as the prevailing accepted rule.

This planet has always been gifted the destiny to rise with Gaia, to rise above into natural law. The governing of natural law is important and essential for humanity to be aware of and governed by. Where truth reigns, where love reigns, where all factions are united as one canopy, one umbrella of truth. This unification can only be conveyed through the heart as the greater understanding that the intent of the survival of Gaia is predicated upon truth and natural law. It is natural law that supersedes all other laws, rather than the norms of manmade laws. Natural law is in fact the overarching force that permeates and prevails. The truth of humanity’s shared destiny as sovereign souls is clearly without malice, and without harmful provocations. For within a sovereign unit and sovereign principalship, there can only be the rule of love. Within this established new hierarchy there is a vertical configuration rather than horizontal hierarchal layout that supersedes all other hierarchies, including the spiritual hierarchies that have been in place for eons and eons. The rule of love is truth, as love becomes the new governance. The rule of law is love and within this context humanity may live and thrive indefinitely.
With gratitude, perfect intent, I seal this transmission with light and love.

Amma Aya, Amma Aya, Amma Aya, I Am Love

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, Becoming a Divine Human
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