Lucas – Tune In On Love On Your Heart Radio – 6 October 2012

I observe  lots of  words be written with lots of meanings, or hidden emotions of fear, anger, etc.  I see the thoughts broadcasted to you all and  all you do is sending it out again like some transmitters re-sending signals  and amplifying them.

If you see that words of hate, anger, war, are just spread with their negative energies that way than you can stop it. It is alright to address things ones or even feel things ones, but let go of it. The repetition of the negative words and its meanings  are not what we should do.

I observe thoughts being picked up and translated by those not in their hearts in being angry themselves, in feeling ashamed, in feeling hurt or feeling overwhelmed. It is those not being grounded to mother earth that will be easier feeling the signals coming in from all the negative.

I observe a lot of you being not thinking from the heart and transmitting not love but the negative signals coming in or translated from your own experience by the mind. It will only enable you to manifest again the thoughts you fear quicker and not those you love to see.

If you learn to think from your heart all will be translated and sent by the heart in  love, abundance and unity. Let your heart by the transmitter of the signals and or translate signals of negative into being non responsive to them, and the negative not having the emotional impact on you or even fear having you not experiencing it.

Know the right words, signals and thoughts come from the heart that lives in the unity field as being its transponder to bear the signal throughout your being and far beyond. It is love that brings all to move in higher vibrations and having a new reality.

So tune your station to your heart radio and  let your words be spoken from the heart. What else can there be.  Only love.

Love and Light,


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