Sophia Love – Elections In Wonderland – 6 October 2012

PictureIt’s tempting to make light of the U.S. Presidential election.  Either because in the next dimension it won’t matter who holds office, (it’ll all be love and light), or because there will be no political agenda where we are headed or because it doesn’t really matter who holds the office, all are equally corrupt and capable.

This election matters if only because it is the first one held with so many of us awake.  Being awake doesn’t mean you ignore things that don’t resonate.  There is a potential now for you to see clearly.  It all counts.  Our world is being re-created now and now and now and now and NOW.  You never intended to doze through 2012 and then wake up, ready to engage, on the morning after December 21st.  You showed up to participate.  You are one of the producers of the show.

What kind of election are you going to hold?  Once it’s over, what kind of President will hold that office?  A reader shared with me this poem, which was dreamed into reality the night of the first presidential debate:

Our Manifesto

We love You.
We call upon All leaders everywhere in every position and capacity:
We love You.
Either lead and serve Us, the people, the 100%
Equally, benevolently and lovingly
Or step down.
We love You.
Please pass this on
We love You

This is beautiful.  As a producer, this is the sentiment I’d like to bring to the set.  When producing anything, you first need to be aware of the end result.  What would you like to create?  It is tempting for us to attach a whole set of personality to the results.  Personality is temporary.  It is a platform on which we play.  Personality enables us to see who we are, reflected back through each other.

I didn’t see the debate.  Instead I was blissfully engaged in a theatrical performance of “Alice in Wonderland”.  My son has a lead role.  One of the scenes from the play sort of jumped out at me:

Alice is confused and the animals are speaking nonsense.  She asks question after question.  “Who am I?” “How do I get there?” “What do you mean?” “Where do I start?”

At one point the White Rabbit answers: “That all depends on what’s in here” (pointing straight at Alice).

It always depends on us.  Regardless of who plays the role of U.S. President, we can intend for that man to operate from his deepest truth, empowered and sovereign.  We can encase both men in love and support, seeing the outcome that supports the country in the best way possible for every citizen.  We can do that in every case, for each country and election. Leadership happens with our consent, one way or the other.  We are participating with our action or inaction, with our words and our efforts.  We are One.

It is not true that there are winners and losers.  Victories and losses are temporary.  Ultimately, we all end up as One.  It is the place we began, the place we actually are, and the place we are headed.

We are in this together and responding with love works every time.  This is what we do best, and what we came here now to do.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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    good blog man. I never vote. I tell them because I’m exercising my rights. nobody gets unfortunately