Visionkeeper – Trees – 6 October 2012


Pack up a picnic lunch and head out into nature for the afternoon. Find a large tree and sit down beneath it, lean your back squarely against its trunk and then close your eyes and wait. Talk to the tree and see if it will answer back. Do not look for words rather feel for its energy.

It is so time for us to return to our connections with all the living creatures. We seem to place all of our attentions and desires on material things which offer us nothing in return except for some momentary pleasure that quickly wanes. We are quickly losing the wild things in life and they are what ground us to the earth and to ourselves. We need them for guidance and the serenity they provide. For so long we have been led to believe that things like trees are objects, nothing more. Viewing nature with this mindset has disconnected us and allowed us to turn our backs while we destroy her. We treat nature as if it has no value other than just being there for us to look at. Such reckless insanity!

As we begin to develop our understanding of the connection between all beings we begin to see we cannot be without nature. If nature is destroyed there will be a great imbalance in the world and survival will be impossible. The trees create oxygen for us to breathe, they create shade and hold back soil on hillsides preventing erosion and flooding, they house the wildlife as well as ourselves, they bring us heat in the winter. It is the same way for all of Gods creatures and the environment. We all need  each other to aid in the flow of life and keep it moving smoothly along. To destroy it is to destroy ourselves!

We are now entering the last stage of our shifting process as we draw ever closer to Dec. 2012. We are running out of time to get our lives in order, awaken and prepare for the next stage of our beingness. Who really knows for certain what 4D holds in store for all of us. I am certain we will see telepathy in this new phase. We are now already finding our abilities with words failing. Conversations are common now where we forget words and struggle to bring them forth into our memories, yet we find we can still get our point across without that word. Words will, in time, no longer be needed as we communicate mind to mind. How freeing that will be for us all.

Once we gain our freedom at long last and can blossom out into the whole beings we long to be, life will become a brand new way of being. Imagine awakening every morning and being able to choose what you wish to do for that day, imagine a world where free energy runs everything and oil products no longer pollute our air and water, engines will run silently quieting the world in a clean and refreshing hush, we will be healing ourselves finally and there will no longer be a need for toxic medicines and doctors that just want to temporarily fix you so you will have to return again. There are a million things that will change on every level of our lives and a time of harmony approaches.

It is time to step out of our fake materialistic worlds and re-enter the living world of reality. We have gotten lost in ‘things’ and forgotten about what truly matters in our lives. It is not about how much money we made, what kind of car we drive, where our homes are located, how we dress, where we vacation, what schools our kids go to, what degrees we graduated with. So many unnecessary diversions we were blindly led into and fell hook line and sinker for. These things hold no real meaning in the real world just in the made up world of the dark ones. What truly matters is how well we love, who we love, how we love, where we love and what we can offer the world to help it become a better place.

Frequent trips into nature will help us realize where we need to be in our lives to be authentic and pure. Nature is authentic and pure, what you see is what you get, truth and honesty. In a world run by lies and functioning on lies we need to find that one place where we can go to be alone in peace and reconnect with what is true and real. Nature offers us reality in its simplest and most primal form, it is balanced and works on every level. It shows us that living in a world that works is possible, it does exist. Take time to go out and become one with what is real and begin to awaken and see the world of lies you have been existing in and I say existing because this way of living is not really living! Living a life of freedom to be and do what is important to us is living a real life, not living by rules put forth by the dark ones to suppress you and make you conform to their way of life! Break free and rejoin the world and open your hearts to love and soar free to the new world.

Blessings to you all,

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