OpEdNews – Stephen Lendman – Expect Bolivarian Victory in Venezuela – 7 October 2012

Expect Bolivarian Victory in VenezuelaVenezuelans want populism, not neoliberal exploitation.

by Stephen Lendman

October 7 is the moment of truth. Venezuelans get to choose between populism and neoliberal harshness. 

They’re not stupid. They won’t tolerate reinventing the bad old days. Expect Bolivarianism to triumph. Too bad it can’t everywhere when it’s most needed.

James Petras is a longtime distinguished Latin American expert. His article titled “Venezuelan Elections: a Choice and Not an Echo” expertly explains what’s at stake.

Hugo Chavez and corporatist Henrique Capriles Radonski are mirror opposites. At issue is social democracy v. the worst of exploitive capitalism.

Chavez wants greater “public ownership of the means of production and consumption”.”He’s for increased social spending, “greater popular participation in local decision-making, an independent foreign policy based on greater Latin American integration, increases in progressive taxation, the defense of free public health and educational programs and the defense of public ownership of oil production.”

Capriles urges privatize, privatize, privatize. Transform social Venezuela into a “free market” paradise. Abolish free education, healthcare, subsidized food and housing, as well as other basic rights and services mattering most.

Open Venezuela’s economy to plunder. Give domestic and foreign corporations free access. Cut taxes for business and super-rich elites already with too much. Institutionalize corruption, rigged elections, and police state harshness for nonbelievers.

Let popular needs go begging. Shift wealth entirely to Venezuela’s 1%. To hell with those most in need. Tolerate no resistance. Shut down independent media so no public information tells them how bad things are and what’s planned.

Support American imperialism. Perhaps give Washington basing rights. Back the worst of Israeli crimes. Turn social Venezuela into dystopian hell.

Guess what Venezuelans prefer. Guess how they’ll vote on Sunday. On October 5, over three million flooded Caracas streets. They came to support Chavez. He urged them to come, saying:

“On Thursday, everybody should be in Caracas so the city overflows with the Bolivarian avalanche.” Despite heavy rain they came.

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