Lisa Gawlas – Divine Celestial Counterparts And Asexual Energies…The Vast DNA Matrix! – 8 October 2012

I should have known by the flavor of yesterdays sharing it was setting me up for a wild wild day into new unexplored territory for my consciousness, and those on my calendar served it up in living color.

Before I got into that sharing, I just want to remind us all of this very important fact upon this ever-expanding journey.  There is no absolute truth on this path.  No matter what is revealed to you, there is always more to it and sometimes even changes what you thought you know.  Always being open to added and even changing details is the best gift you can ever bestow upon yourSelf!!

My first lady showed up in such an amazing breath of color!!  Until this morning, I don’t think I realized the fullness of what the beginning of her reading was really showing her.  We are still seeing the platform of our life held with intense focus from the 29th of September thru October 12th.  I know we all want to know about our future, but man the excitement and story is really happening right now!!

I could see her at the top of her acceleration point, the area where to goes from an angle to a top arch to the other side (Oct. 13th) She had one foot (her right foot) on her acceleration point but for the life of me I could not see her left foot.  Then she told me she had broken her left heel (releasing the full past energy) and it was actually in a boot cast.  Obviously her left foot (physical life aspect) is still going thru intense assimilation!!

But that is now what caught my own energy field.  It was two forms of rainbow energy, the first and most intense form was a stream looking very much like the rainbow form we see in the sky, coming from the very top of her acceleration point pouting into the field of her life with intensity.  This was no skinny rainbow at all… it was fat and filled almost the entire platform of her life.  On the other side of the rainbow as it meet her life stage, I could see and feel a very different flow of the energy.  Big puffs of multi-colored energy filled in the space that would have been left.  I realized this was representing her breath.  The energy was flooding into her, she was exhaling the energy out of her thru her breath into her created life.  This is truly your creator energy, that which creates from the very breath you release… of course, with the vibrations of emotion in each breath.

In my view and understanding, her breath of creation helped her to slow down and release the things that no longer served her (the broken heel) so she can fully assimilate for her next, again from my view, extraordinary journey!!

I was able to move her to the edge of her acceleration point and what I watched her do again, too me so by surprise.  Suspended in air on the other side of this point I could see stars hanging down, I recognized them immediately as the 7 Seven Sisters star system.  I watched as she took one finger and started poking one star, then another, coming back to the top one, then poking another.  I knew she was doing something very special with the music of each area we call the Pleiades.  This morning (I am so thankful for mornings) I suddenly get a relationship with the 7 planets in the Pleiadian star system and our planets of our constellation .. like Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter and so on.  Each one of the seven sisters has its own dynamic energy individually as well as a group energy.  This next phase of adventure for her is learning what that means and how to use that wisdom for the greater creation of all.

Ohhh and then the questions.  I started to really realize what I do yesterday in my morning sharing, but man. she put the cherry on top of my cake!!  I have always called myself an energy reader.  I read energy, period.  I mostly started calling myself that due to the fact I didn’t want to put the word psychic on my website (which started out 3 pages big in 2003.)  But with that twist on my words, it really expanded my ability to read all energy as my own energy expanded.  If you have not put any energy into your future, there is nothing for me to see… until you create any sort of thought (with emotion) that starts to vibrate the potential in your field of life.  It doesn’t mean you have to have done anything… just feel desire in your heart.  Obviously a lot of people are really desiring a divine counterpart… and I have been seeing that potential for a year now.  You change your mind (get scared or worried) you change the timeline in which I see things unfolding.

Anyway… back to the story!!  I cannot even remember what she asked about as we were talking about her keyboard called the Pleiades, but suddenly this massive, and that is not an exaggeration… a MASSIVE whale showed up sitting right smack in her field of life from October thru December.  The tail itself was sticking straight up in the air and was housed in the energy I call December.  The big big head was housed in the later weeks of October and the rest of it just stretched out thru the field of time/energy.  To my eyeballs, it was shocking.  First we go from barely seeing anything in these coming months to all of a sudden there is this massive whale sitting in the whole length of time for her!!

My lady got quite excited tho, talking about whales and our DNA and even Sirius energy too!!  I so need a step-ladder because you are (sorta) talking over my head!!  However, I do know that we get our divinity consciousness from the Pleidians as they co-mingled their biology with our a very long time ago.  I have this deep feeling, that the Pleiadians got their divinity consciousness from Sirius an even longer time ago.  I also know that the whales (and dolphins)  house the song of our DNA within their own system.  It is going to be soooo exciting to see what her journey means to all of creation!!

Then she asked about her divine counterpart, with hesitation I might add (smile) because she is married and not really unhappily married either.  There was this tiny looking guy down by the tail of the whale dominating her entire energy field for the rest of this year.  Compared to this whale, he simply looked tiny.  He was also emanating an energy field I am not quite yet familiar with.  I am now realizing that our celestial DNA are lit up and emanating .. changing the entire structure of light that I see as you.  He had this deep red and sorta brown housing to his biology and because the energy of the whale overtook his energy field, I could not discern what his field meant.  I think also, I have not uncovered that knowing inside of me yet either.  But no doubt and thank god… YOU will school me along the way!!

Anyway, he was standing there waving to her like crazy… like he knows… the one thing I was sure of, this was not her husband at all.

My next reading, geeeezzzzzze louise!!

I had already known something was going to be stretched within me as we had our session together because he had called me the week prior to set up the sessions.  His voice, holy sugar nuts… the very first time I heard his voiced on the phone I could see and feel the energy streaming out of his mouth.  Powerful would be an understatement.

His opening in the reading really took me by surprise (I am surprised a lot these days lol!!)  For him I had seen the entire landscape of the deep inner circle as it met with created life that is now set up in this area of the 29th thru the 12th.  What I really feel today was that we were shown him waking up from deep inside of himself.  He was so close to my back door (deep inner area of Self) and each step, each breath he took his biology seemed to take form and get bigger and bigger… what was interesting was he was in complete grayscale and all I could remember was the movie Ghost (again) where Mr. Swayze put his arm thru the door for the first time and we watched as his molecular structure changed… and while it was changing it was gray.  So not only is this man changing in this moment, he is becoming larger than life (think Sasquatch large.)  And then I noticed two other areas… he was in all these areas at the same time… talk about multi-dimensional and locational at the same time!!

He was on the area I call the 29th (the start of this massive change we are going thru) looking like a spec of sand… yet I could see and feel him there.  He was also on the top of the acceleration point not even close to the size I had seen him up close as.  As I struggled to understand what the hell we are seeing… I was instantly reminded of the three energies becoming one… Sirian, Pleiadian and Human.  Now I am in a mind boggle because until him… I had thought we had a blend of two DNA sets.  Well, as we are all about to find out… we all have our unique cakes baking with such a vast and beautiful degree of ingredients   He himself is a blend of the three DNA sets in his body.  What I had seen in front of me is representing the human taking new form as these other codes blend and enhance his change.  From what I understand today (and trust me, this is barely) each aspect is still in the midst of blending within the full on energy.  We can just say the ingredients are still mixing.

I then was able to take him to what I call the edge of this acceleration point and looking over the rest of this year for him… holy ba-jesus batman!!  I am thinking some of you (if not all) should come with a warning:  Intense energy acceleration ahead…. cuz I feel it!!  I am literally standing in the midst of your wind, no doubt my hair blowing straight back and my face would look a little something like this:

No, that is NOT an exaggeration at all!!  You are so freakin intense… the energy that you are becoming and in fact already are as I peer into the rest of this year!!  (smile)  Good thing I LOVE a wild ride and I LOVE YOU!!  What an adventure!!!!!

So back to my triangulated energy man!!  I watched something amazing happen to him.  As he was standing on the edge of the acceleration point area he changed from a biological looking man into a triangular shape of energy.  I just talked about this energy shape yesterday, three sides flowing into each other with Sirian, Pliadian and human speed.  Today I will call it speed.  Then as he is now this intense triangle he went from a vertical view to a horizontal view and like the energy of a boomerang spinning wildly to its destination… so did he.  As he speed thru the rest of this year, the energy of his triangle because more and more intense, wider, faster to the point I couldn’t bear to watch it any further (think image above… no lie!!)

Now where his whole reading tripped me up, I had thought everyone who I am just gonna call a hybrid had only two sets of DNA.  Some (obviously) have much more than that!!  But for a reason…  and I pray I share this clearly.

His vital role is a planetary healer… because of his vastness, he needed to be programmed from the start with all three of these DNA codes inside of him.  Meaning, his journey requires no one else to do what he came here to do.

I, on the other hand, came here to explore the grid-work of sexual energy (grin) and therefore, must have an exterior component (divine counterpart) to do what ever the hell it is I am going to do (I really have no clue… but it is getting exciting none the less.)

Now to make this exciting understanding more complex (to me) I know I am human and pleiadian, so my counterpart must be human and sirian for us to form a triangle of energy together.  I also understand too that my divine counterpart is very much housed in my soul energy… so we are the same soul vibration/consciousness sharing.  His biology took on the fullness of human/sirian complex, mind the human-pleiadian complex to for the adventure at hand.

My man from yesterday we can look at his energy field as asexual.  Please don’t think that one is better than the other… like choosing coffee over tea, they are just different and each and all are needed for the very particular work we are about to do!!

Now here is something to ponder… for me to be able to fully do my work, he must first do him.  Kind of like he activates (in whatever he is going to be doing) the field of worm holes, portals, vortexes to vibrate at the rate of speed needed for those who will be embarking on Holy Sex (smile.)  Ohhh and the story gets more and more interesting every morning!!

Please don’t take any of this to mean that asexual frequencies will travel alone thru the rest of this story… not even close.  But they are keeping my nosy vision out of the field of potential when the triangular bodies come together in sexual frequencies.

Phew baby!!

Trust me, i am still processing in the deep within from just yesterday and in a little moment, will add more processing no doubt to my day.  All of this information is taking me deeper than I have ever swam before… and when I go there, I tune out the rest of the world to a degree.  I do not reply to emails, or reply to comments… that is not to say I don’t read them, each and every one.  I do.  It is just I have no capacity for output as I quiver and shake thru my own consciousness expansion.

May you all feel the wind of change emitting from you and thru you and the pure upliftment of what that means to all of creation!!  I am so grateful to stand in your wind and breathe, thank you so much for filling me with wonder, excitement and the rest of the story!!


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