Wes Annac – SanJAsKa – Your Physical Realities Reflect Your Inner-Feelings (Part 1/2) – 8 October 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: I will have to post this message in two parts because it is very long; even longer than usual! Part two will be given on Wednesday.

I am a Representative of our High Council and our Council of Nine, and I am coming to you with the melded-together energies of all within these councils and within our General Council as well. The ‘hierarchies’ of the Galactic Federation are based upon the soul growth of each collective and race who form the various hierarchies and are not based upon a judgment or worth. We all exist quite harmoniously together and the harmony that we share between us despite our perceived outer differences is what we wish to share with you dear souls.

You are going to find and realize in the time ahead how so very distorted many of your prevalent mindsets have been as a planet, as you have split and divided yourselves into different countries, different religious beliefs and different ways of Living, being and perceiving your outer world. Doing so has Created mass rifts within your planetary collective consciousness, as by nature you are all united and there is nothing in the higher dimensions that can keep you dear souls from realizing your inherent unity and Oneness as a collective.

However, in the lower realms and especially on your world, separation and divisiveness have held you dear souls back from realizing this Oneness. You are all One entity of supreme, Lighted consciousness and while you have taken temporary and dense human forms, you are to realize that you are pure energy by nature.

Energy is what runs and forms your Lives. You have all gotten yourselves used to physicality and what it offers for some time but you are beginning to transcend the mindsets that have quite literally trapped you within physicality as you find the higher realms ever-increasingly.

The separation that is fed by humanity on a mass scale will have to end if you dear souls wish to find the united collective consciousness that you truly do have the ability to find, if only the separation can come to such a clear and just end. You dear souls are to realize that you are all One unique and infinite consciousness and that you are all energy as well and upon this realization coming to the fore of your memory and perception, you are to find a harmonious unity with every single person around you.

Hates, fears and general prejudices have been fed on your world between different classes, races and genders of souls and you are to find the separation that holds you back at present, simply melding away. Our presence upon your world is to be a significant happening in your history and is in fact to be quite revolutionary for your world as you will perceive yourselves as having made First Contact, but it will of course be explained that we have made routine contacts with your world for quite a long amount of your time.

The Galactic Federation has been in existence for longer than Gaia’s planetary structure in the current form She is existing within, and we have been monitoring your world and helping you all to ascend within every time period throughout your history. At times we were more direct with our interactions and at times we simply let you play-out your experiences as needed, as you dear souls must be allowed to see-out your experiences if you wish to attain a proper evolution.

We ask you dear souls to expose to yourselves and meld away, the fears and separation-based attitudes within yourselves that many of you may not realize are still lurking below the surface, as you are being given events in your Lives that are serving to [help] expose this fear to you as you transmute that which has been holding you back exponentially.

Some of you are still holding latent fears within that we do not exist, that we are not upon your world to assist in your evolution and we ask you to understand that the truth you are finding and recognizing within yourselves has been suppressed for much of you recent history and the preferred and established mindsets about us have been purposely indoctrinated into your culture so that you would all be held back in the avenue of being able to believe in a genuine contact with us.

The dark souls on your world have woven quite a tangled web and have layered their propaganda on quite thick to the point of our existence being a subject of ridicule or for many, fear; as many fear our presence on your world because they fear a perceived invasion [from lower forces] that is not to be allowed to happen.

We have no ill intents toward you or your world and upon the delivering of disclosure, you will find this truth as all that we have done for you will be explained. It will be explained how we have thwarted your dark’s attempts to weaponize space, as there have been many [attempts].

It will be explained that we have stopped other races with ill intentions from ‘taking over’ your world and it will be explained that all that has been bred out of darkness on your world has been answered by our presence and by the presence of the Light. We are here for you dear souls and as so very many of you are beginning to awaken yourselves to our presence and our wish to assist you in your personal and collective ascension, we are finding an easier line of connection to you.

It is and has been so very wonderful for us to perceive of you becoming open to us, as we have long been waiting to reconnect specifically with you dear souls who have indeed connected with us before but who have simply forgotten such an experience as your instated veils of forgetfulness have led you to.

The veils in which you are operating under currently are necessary for your perception of the lower dimensions without becoming exposed to the higher realms until performing the proper Life path work, and are not in fact the work of any entities with dark or ill intent. There will be many disclosures to be had for you dear souls in the time ahead and one big misconception that we will have to clear up will be that of just how much power the lower forces have had on your world.

As the dark souls on your world and the lower astral beings who employ them have gotten many dear unknowing souls to feed them through predetermined mindsets that the dark have gotten many on your world to believe, a facet of the propaganda that they give out is attributing [nearly] anything to be the invention of the dark.

The fact that you are operating under a veil of forgetfulness is certainly not an attempt from a lower entity to hold you dear souls back and rather, the veils you are operating under are necessary so that you can realize the illusory and closed-off nature of such veils as you work to surpass them within yourselves.

The dark souls are truly only given as much power as you dear souls attribute to them and if you attribute too much power and intent to them, then you will only feed them and their actions and this is why they have taken any avenue that they can funnel their disinformation through to attempt to convince you dear souls that they are in control and that the souls who employ them are in control.

Our scribe has noticed that many dear souls on your world are still experiencing chemtrails and pollution manifested in your skies.

We say that we are working with the collective Light manifested in any given area to help nullify these chemtrails continually and there are different ‘stages’ we can take to utilizing the collective Light to dissolve pollution manifested in any given area.

Every area on your world is experiencing a cleansing of chemtrails to one degree or another, but the potency of the Lighted work we are able to perform in relation to cleansing chemtrails and much of the pollution in your skies in general is again, [determined by] how much and how pure the Light we are receiving from you dear souls is.

Attributing power to the dark that they do not have will only aide in their dark endeavors, which is why we ask you dear souls to see that even the areas of your world being sprayed with chemtrails are still experiencing a cleansing of those trails, but if the collective Lighted energy is still dim [in any given area] we can only perform so much work.

There are certain areas of your world that we are able to perform this cleansing in but we must still let it seem as if the trails are there [because of collective belief that they cannot be neutralized], and to do this we simply allow them to be seen while cleansing the worst of the effects that they could have upon you dear souls.

Many of you are still seeing and noticing them and even that which you are seeing has been severely reduced in the negative effects that they would have upon you, based on the Light that is given in your area. You dearest souls can completely stop the successful spraying of chemtrails and can stop the effects that they are having upon you if your simply aim your collective or even individual Light toward your skies, toward the trails themselves and toward the souls who are involved in their spraying.

To give much broader of an outlook, you dear souls can aide in the mass transmutation of all of the dark energies in every form that they have taken, by aiming your collective and individual Love toward the cabals and toward every soul who is employed by the cabals as well.

Aim your Love toward the people of the planet who are spraying the pollution given in your skies and aim your Love toward the skies and trails themselves, and we will take such energy aboard our ships and funnel it through our technologies which will then send such energy out to nullify the trails and all other pollution in your skies and on your ground. Truly find it in yourselves to perform these Lighted actions and you will find the change that you wish for!

You dear souls are undergoing a temporary, finite Earth experience and while on your world you have been taught that you are only finite beings, because a finite nature is what your surroundings have echoed and Created for you as you believed in them.

You were meant at first to have a hologram of illusion and of your own making to run and play around in and to slowly Create within based on your thoughts about the reality around you, and the dark souls have wished to be cunning in getting you to feed predetermined realities of their Creation. You reality is actually a Creation of your own, but they have simply gotten you dear souls to feed false realities and to believe that the false realities you have fed are the only realities, when they are in fact not.

A key aspect of getting you dear souls to continually feed a lower dimensional reality has been to continually to get you to feed fear, and an aspect of feeding fear is feeding the actions of the cabals by attributing many things to them or their [lower] astral employers that are simply not their doing.

The dark souls wish you to think and feel that they are in control and they know that the awakening of many souls includes awakening to the actions that the dark have done and this is where they wish to manipulate the thoughts of you dear souls into thinking that, because of what they have done on your world and because of what they have gotten you to feed, they are in full ‘control’ of your world and this is simply not so.

You are to find expanded perceptions in the time ahead as disclosure and the truths given from disclosure show you that the dark have not been in as much control as you think, as the Light forces are on your world at this time and are seeing the influence of the dark souls diminished significantly as more and more of you begin to feel the natural energies of the Light that you had only temporarily lost your connection to.

Even the [inner-held] Light of the dark souls on your world is not completely put-out but is simply dimmed and temporarily taken-over by dark and dense energies that have quite literally run the Lives and action of the dark souls.

Quite an integration period has been occurring for you dear awakening souls at this time and you are now beginning to peak your heads out of the long, dark and dense tunnel that has kept you trapped and confined within your realities, with your feeding of all that diverted you away from the clear path out of such a tunnel.

Now that you are finding the expanded mind and heart sets that are seeing you able now to find your way out of these tunnels and embrace the wondrous sunshine-laced ascended valleys that you will find upon your exit, you are finding as well that every part of yourselves who has not yet been integrated and transmuted to act in accordance with your unfolding higher dimensional self is now surfacing for just that transmutation.

The former parts of yourselves are ready to be integrated and transmuted and this process entails becoming exposed to exactly what has fed the lower aspects of such parts of yourselves so that you can face such things head-on and find yourselves transmuting that which has kept you in preconditioned and limited states for so long.

You dearest souls are making incredible strides now and you are reaching the final points that you have needed to reach to see you integrating the vestiges of the lower dimensional experience that you had branded previously as too hard for yourselves to surface.

You have all diverted away from your intended paths many times throughout a plethora of Lives and we say that no matter the extent you take yourself off of your path, you have always been and still are on a path to full consciousness; it is simply that you are making the decisions that lead you to different intersections along this path.

You choose different styles of Living and being and you try on different ideologies and mind sets throughout a plethora of Lives to see which resonate with you the most before you set yourselves on the path to transmuting all that has held you back [from the higher dimensions].

You have been meant to enjoy your lower dimensional experience and to find the beauty within every Life of every time period, as even the darkest of time periods on your world have been some of the most beautiful in terms of the higher dimensional energies that could be felt and accessed, but that simply were not in such times.

Part two will be given on Wednesday.

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