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Sophia Love – Battle For Bread – 9 October 2012

Fully engaged in breakfast, the gaggle barely moves with my arrival.  The lake is quiet, all are intent on eating.  One lone long neck stands above the rest, ever vigilant; when this head bends down for some food, another pops up to take its place.  Order and cooperation rule on the lake shore this morning. Continue reading


How To Raise Your Frequency (Ask Teal Episode On Increasing Your Vibration) – 9 October 2012

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Gold In The Sun – 9 October 2012

Uploaded on 9 October 2012 by There is Gold in our Population 1 Star, Sol, the Sun. (Gold Atoms)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallicity (Thanks MFG)

Bill Ballard – Seeing What All Is Going On From The Various Dimensional Levels – 9 October 2012

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Jon Rappoport – The Vaccine Empire Collapsed – 9 October 2012

You may not have heard the explosion, but it happened.

A review from The Cochrane Collaboration, a widely respected research-analysis team, went over all the evidence, and entered its conclusion:

In healthy adults, no flu vaccine delivers protection from the flu. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Hostile Reception For Merkel In Greece; Anti-Fascist Protesters Claim ‘Tortured By Police’ Following Golden Dawn Clash; Radicalism Takes Hold – 9 October 2012

I am not sure what German Chancellor Angela Merkel expected to accomplish in Greece, but whatever it was, it does not seem to have worked.

The Financial Times reports on the Hostile reception for Merkel in Athens

Angela Merkel flew in to a hostile reception from angry Greeks on Tuesday as security forces took tough measures to restrict or eliminate protests in central Athens, firing tear gas at demonstrators who tried to break through a police barrier. Continue reading

Activist Post – Lisa Garber – 13.000 People Exposed To Big Pharma Shots Contaminated With Rare Fungal Meningitis – 9 October 2012

As of Monday, contaminated steroids have sickened 105 people with a noncontagious but deadly form of fungal meningitis, while 13,000 people may have been exposed to the contamination. Eight have died. Health officials attribute the outbreak to spinal steroid injections for back pain. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Reclaiming Our Lives! – 9 October 2012

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If nature can reclaim her spot no matter what is in her way, we too can reclaim our spot, for we are all one, all the same. It is time now to stand up and be counted. It is time for us to reclaim our lives and our rights that allow us to be who we choose to be. No longer will we be herded like sheep into lives the dark ones have chosen for us, lives of tyranny and oppression. If we choose to sprout up in the middle of something such as the pine trees through the roof then so be it, we will! We will because we will be able to if we so desire. It is up to us to make the choice to end the insanity playing out today by the dark ones sociopathic minds. We have awakened now, we know better, we are aware of what has been kept from us for so long now. We know there is far more to life and to who we are and if we intend to partake fully in life now, it is time to consciously take back what is rightfully ours! The nightmare is ending. Continue reading

OpEdNews – Carter Slams U.S. Supreme Court For Its Endorsement Of Corruption – 9 October 2012

I have often said and written that in some important respects America is the least democratic country in the world because what passes for democracy there is for sale to the highest bidders (the Zionist lobby being one of them). It’s now apparent that former President Jimmy Carter agrees.
In his latest Conversation at the Carter Center, he said:
“You know how much I raised to run against Gerald Ford? Zero. You know how much I raised to run against Ronald Reagan? Zero. You know how much will be raised this year by all presidential, Senate and House campaigns? $6 billion. That’s 6,000 millions.” (It was “zero” from private donors, corporates and individuals, because Carter accepted public funding). Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Like A Kid In A Candy Store…. – 9 October 2012

Sometimes, ok, quite often (smile) I feel like a little girl in the greatest candy store on earth.  Like a child who just doesn’t have the built-in restraint not to sample every single thing in the store (of course, the store clerk said she could) I run around sampling as much as I can until I develop a belly ache and somewhere a mother must be near and takes me out of the candy store for a moment.  I do believe I woke up with that proverbial belly ache yesterday.  Of course, YOU are my candy pieces  and oh my god are you yummy to taste!! Continue reading