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K.D. Lang – “Hallelujah” – 9 October 2012

Uploaded by on 10 January 2009 kd lang’s performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame induction of Leonard Cohen in 2006. Be sure to watch the entire performance. Leonard is in the audience.(Thanks Gillian)

3 Minutes News – 9 October 2012

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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Just Label It – New GMO Labeling Music Video Released By The Health Ranger – 9 October 2012

(NaturalNews) In a radical departure from previous music videos, I’ve just released a new song and music video called “Just Label It.” Click here for the song page where you can download the MP3 file, watch the video and read the lyrics.

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Ron Van Dyke – The Separation Experiment Is A Huge Success – 9 October 2012

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Lucas – On The Brink Of Manifesting The New – 9 October 2012

It is the month of a whirlwind of changes as I have been talking about it in my article with that name.  We sweep clean that what needs to be in our personal lives as well as between groups, nations, etc. The stands are made and the points taken and some arguments and skirmish will take place, but there will be no major war anymore. We will also see the new paradigm coming in. The Awareness of not doing things anymore from solely ego, or do things with hidden agendas, do things from materialistic thoughts or have greed and power hunger as basis, it is what will bring us in that what the new paradigm represents : unity, sharing and unconditional love.

We will see that we can build a world in which there is only that done what is for the better of us all and our earth. We see this will also bring us abundance, peace and a new future in freedom and the people will embrace it. Things are coming fast now. Be prepared for news that will spin your heads around in unbelieve as things will be exposed and the last bit of negativity is swept into the dustbin. We will see also the new develop in this month of change. We see more and more people grouping up or wanting and feeling the need to address the things that are wrong and  also doing things in a positive new way. We will see new co-creation and co-operation as expression of the unity the new energies and shifts are bringing.  The new will not be realised full but the first outlines of the blueprint are becoming clear and we will manifest it on 12.12.12.  It will be that what will grow and we will work on building till the end of the cycle. The last period is between 12.12.12 and 21.12.12. These are the 9 days of completion and manifesting and the choice to be part of it all or not.

Remember you have to find the key in being heart centered, with an open and activated heart. You will be seeing, thinking and living from and through the heart and will create all from it. Your heart is your connection to the source and Gaia, which all are pure love. The best I can say is get up and go make a difference within and  see it will not only be your that changes but it reflects on all that is around you. Be the change and see the change. Be you as the always intended  light being. Be that unconditional love. You can start today and there is help and guidance always.  Know love sees love and attracts and finds love.  As the last bits of our journey are now starting, we all are getting through the last stages of the energies coming in to help us develop. Be aware of the effects.

Also know your responsible for your own life and what you create. So stop being victim, being disease, etc. It is that what you have incorporated or have been creating and that makes you that what you think: sick, lonely, sad.  You could have been joy, love, happy and full of energy. Focus on that and stop becoming that what you do not want to be. Stop manifesting the negative thoughts and or have thoughts that should reduce or counterattack things you do not want. You need to see the positive variants of all as that is only what is in the new paradigm. Therefore , say not I am (not) sick, but I am just temporary having a cleaning of my body and energy system as I focus on health. I do not focus on wanting to stop war but on  manifesting and seeing a peaceful world in all its majesty. I do not say what the hell….  but say what the heaven ….has happened.

Think words and thoughts are energies and not without meaning. Your intent, the meaning of words and thoughts relaying emotions are strong energies.  So use them for the good of all.  You will remember. Remember you are whatever you do, you are your own truth, you are your own creation and you have the power to change it. Remember nothing is wrong or right merely an expression of being through you. See it as all is and is now.   I have expressed a  lot with the best intentions but I hope still you will find all your ways as you yourselves all are beautiful beings of love.  You just have to remember it being so.  It is up to you what you do with your new identity and have the free will to choose. So choose wisely and be that what you wanna be. But choose to be part of unity and embrace all and include all. Do not fall for the traps of  separation, division and polarity again as we end the last bit of or lessons in this duality cycle.

Love and Light,


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Cobra – Portal 2012 – Day Of Decision 21 October 2012 – 9 October 2012



It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on the Day of Decision at the beginning of the second Window of Opportunity: Continue reading

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – The Grand Opening Into The Light! – 9 October 2012

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Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My dear friends,

while seeing and experiencing the opening, the message started to unfold …. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Netherlands House Price Crash Underway; Will France Follow? – 9 October 2012

(Lucas: The drop in house prices is ongoing for several reasons after the housingbubble exploded ; 1-part is a demographic issue as the baby boomer generation is getting old and wants to sell, 2-the impossibility of the housing market that has built too much for the wrong people at the wrong prices, 3-the inability for people and starters on the market getting a descend mortgage for a home, 4-the over stretched rental market that is foremost public and insane regulations that made it even unattractive to leave your rental home for a bought house or even move to a new rental home or place, 5-the austerity measures and financial situation  makes people have no money at all to have mortgage or even have their mortgage paid for their home and banks now pressuring with paying back more or have their houses foreclosed. 6-The market makes selling homes for people in need for cash and for older people who have been thinking their home was their pension  left stuck with a home and no cash. The cash is needed for the elderly and caring home bills and the continuous growing paid health care not being present in the health care insurance package we have to have in The Netherlands.  The prices I have already been telling are going down till the end of this year for certain at least 25%. ) Continue reading

Irish Examiner – Ann Cahill – IMF: We Got The Effect Of Austerity Wrong – 9 October 2012

IMF: We got effect of austerity wrong

The IMF has admitted it completely underestimated the effects of austerity on the Irish economy and believed the tax increases and spending cuts would not have cost so many jobs.

The revelation comes in three pages of academic analysis tucked away in the body’s annual report being released in Tokyo today where the IMF and the World Bank are holding their annual congress. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Corruption : Second Suicide As SDOE Pores Over Lagerde’s List – 9 October 2012

But Merkel’s security arrangements overshadow everything as she prepares to visit Athens

Long-suspected of having massively enriched himself at the Greek Ministry of Defence, Vlassis Kambouroglou has found dead in hotel room in Jakarta. Local medical authorities suggest that Kambouroglou committed suicide. Continue reading