Visionkeeper – Reclaiming Our Lives! – 9 October 2012

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If nature can reclaim her spot no matter what is in her way, we too can reclaim our spot, for we are all one, all the same. It is time now to stand up and be counted. It is time for us to reclaim our lives and our rights that allow us to be who we choose to be. No longer will we be herded like sheep into lives the dark ones have chosen for us, lives of tyranny and oppression. If we choose to sprout up in the middle of something such as the pine trees through the roof then so be it, we will! We will because we will be able to if we so desire. It is up to us to make the choice to end the insanity playing out today by the dark ones sociopathic minds. We have awakened now, we know better, we are aware of what has been kept from us for so long now. We know there is far more to life and to who we are and if we intend to partake fully in life now, it is time to consciously take back what is rightfully ours! The nightmare is ending.

The message has been coming through for quite sometime now that we are nearing the end. The jig is up as the saying goes. The desire for man to be free and live his life as he wants is so strong it could not be kept buried beneath lies forever. Bits and pieces of who we truly are have been seeping out through the corners for all to see. Startling and almost unbelievable at first, little by little we have begun adjusting to the idea of freedom, that life has been rigged all of this time, that we were slaves when in fact we should have been flying free and loving life. We know now and it is time to end the charade.

Here we have been fighting wars and massacring innocent people for eons now and it goes against everything that we really are. Loving and compassionate beings who care deeply about all others. We have been pushed into working slave hours not only to line the pockets of the wealthy with our hard-earned money, but also to distract us from the truth. The truth that how we were living is not who we really are! For many, my self included, I now understand clearly why I felt like I never fit in, I always felt there was more to life than just slaving away from 9-5. Life held more meaning and I was always going in search of what that was. The thought of finally being allowed to live the way I want to, I find intoxicating and exciting and it is what urges me onward in this journey of reclaiming our lives.

The immediate times ahead will not be easy. We are on the edge of financial ruin and there will be much panic and upheaval, but there need not be. I have said before we must clear away the rubble of what does not work any longer and make room to build a strong foundation for our new way of living. With any change comes the discomfort of the unknown and a loss of what it familiar, but we must remember amidst it all that we are making room for a life far greater than any of us can even imagine. We must be strong and ride out the discomfort for what follows will be glorious. Keep the faith and stay centered.

This change so many seem to fear is actually amazing to behold! It is what makes being alive at this time so exciting. We are so blessed to be a part of what is taking place, to actually be a witness to humanity shifting its consciousness and all the amazing things that will go along with that. It is a once in a life time experience. Don’t waste it living in fear of what ifs or believing in the fear mongering going on designed to keep you asleep, afraid and unchanging. You are changing, we are all changing and it cannot be denied. It is we who are ushering in this change and we should feel honored to have been chosen for this task.

If you awaken and begin to learn the truth there is no going back to the old ways and the dark ones know this. Do not be swayed. Allow the excitement of freedom fill your hearts and the determination to reclaim our lives rush through your blood. This is our journey, this is what is rightfully ours, this is why there is so much more to life than what you are being told! When the truth begins to tumble out we will all be stunned I am sure, it will be hard for some to accept their whole life has been a lie, but do not get hung up there. Look ahead to the bigger picture at what lies in wait for us. Let the disappointments roll off your backs, pick yourselves up and embrace life at long last for what it really is. Magical!!!

Blessings to you all,

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