Sophia Love – The Artist – 10 October 2012


The choice has been made.  There is no longer a wondering.  I know.  Things like “Why?” and “How?” just aren’t there.  Doubt is gone.  I am here.  I am.  There’s no question of success or judgment.

I woke up today, as I do most every day lately, not feeling slept out.  The hours asleep seem to have no effect on the outcome; they could be 4 or 10.  There is this feeling of “being pulled through a knot hole” that I wake up with each morning.

Yet it’s okay today.  Not a problem.  I know it’ll be all right.  Abundance, health and success are assured.  I have no doubts.

In 3D terms, what’s right before my eyes is not pretty.  Yet my focus is not there.  It’s not that it doesn’t matter; it’s that it’s not real.  The difference is subtle.

“Back in the day” my financial, physical and emotional state was how I defined my life.  If things were good on those fronts, then I was too.

Today those parts of my life are hanging by a thread – yet I’m okay.  They are not who I am.  I know that now.

I have always known this intellectually, and even felt it at times.  This morning I am aware on a visceral level of my truth.  We are not our circumstances.  We are source material, walking around in human suits.  You are not defined by your life.  Your life is an expression of what you’ve chosen to experience.  You are free to choose fear, illness, poverty, joy, vitality or abundance.  As soon as you release one you can check out another.  All are potential expressions of the One.

You are an expression of the One, holding every potential.  It’s all here for you.  The colors you are seeing right now are just your current favorites.  Your palette has every shade.  They can be mixed more than 7 billion ways.

We are here to paint a world as she embodies new form.  How she looks depends on her perspective and our belief.  Believe in her beauty and as you walk on her today your reflection will embody that truth.

It comes every moment to our perception.  We are holding the brushes in hand, artists in the midst of creation.  This is our masterpiece.

Take your brush and apply love liberally.  Every facet of this piece is waiting for your touch.  You know exactly what is needed and are focused right now on the part most in need of your expert hand.  It is love – your unique brand of divinity – that will complete this work.  May as well begin today!

You are the One we’ve been waiting for. link to original article

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