Suzanne Lie – Respons To Super-subconscious – 10 October 2012


I awoke this morning with a deep sense of calm and integration with all life. I wish I could say that I always feel like this, but that is not the case. The energy field coming towards us this month feels like a Cosmic Tsunami. I can see it in my Third Eye and feel it in my Solar Plexus. Until now, my Heart and High Heart have not been engaged enough for me feel the peace that I feel after writing about “Being my Animal.”
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I had to sleep on the concept of tapping into my Super-subconscious and Being my animal. When I was “in my animal,” I did not need to understand because I could accept. I did not accept it because I knew it. I accepted it because it WAS. To be able to accept because it IS!  That is a concept that is flowing through my body and seeping into my Heart. I have no words for this feeling, except for CALM.
Calm, a unique word to my vocabulary lately, as the Cosmic Tsunami—as well as my human ego—have kept me in-and-out of an emotional and mental flurry. I feel that there are so many changes, but I cannot see them, hear them, touch them, or even really experience them in my daily life. Hence, I ACT in order to MAKE it, whatever it is, happen.
Now, as my animal self, I can patiently wait!  Patiently, I can’t remember I embraced that concept. I have been operating on urgently, hurriedly and at the edge of desperately. Now, after sleeping on the concept of “being my animal,” I can add the new concept of calmly. This calmness is an experience of mental relaxation.
I don’t think I realized until now, just how much I have been thinking every second of my waking life. In the flurry to hurry up and ascend, I seemed to have forgotten my most primitive, as well as most helpful, ability to just BE. BE a dog looking out the window, BE a cat lying on the computer and BE the human animal that I, my SELF, am currently inhabiting.
I have spent so very much of my rather long life disliking my body. When I was a child, my body kept me from being in Faerie. When I was a teen, it did not look good enough. When I was an adult, it got too tired and could never keep up with my mind. Always, I judged the very form that allowed me to participate in this great moment of Planetary Ascension.
Now, while I am in my animal rather than in my mind, I can perceive the oncoming energies as something that IS. Just as animals will BE wet from the pounding rain, making no effort to “run for cover,” I can be absorbed in the Ascension Energy without having to DO anything.
I feel a part of me chafing at the bit, ready to run off into some important thing that must be done right now. On the other hand, I accept that whatever I DO is unimportant compared to who I AM. It is time for me to accept ALL of me. This ME encompasses the mental flurry, the wounded ego, the yearning heart and the animal ME that contains all this information in a calm and centered manner.
While I am Being my animal, I can better experience Being the planet. My hearing is more acute and my vision is less necessary because I can FEEL my environment. I can feel my body without analysis or alteration. My body, my animal, just IS. I just AM. This concept empties my mind and opens my heart.
When I open my heart, I remember to breathe. Yes, to actually take a deep breath of life and allow it to absorb into my form. My animal self has told me how to manage the Cosmic Tsunami. I am to absorb it, bit-by-bit, with my every breath. When I get stuck in my mind, which happens too often, I engage my 3D program of struggle, struggle, do, do.
On the other hand, while I am being my animal, I can just be still and allow the higher frequencies to fall upon my form and seep into my skin. I do not need to use these energies, because they will use me. These high frequency energies are not for me to control. These energies are here to silently guide my calm, centered mind and my opened heart Home.
Therefore, I wait! Waiting is not something I have been very good at. Patience has not been one of my virtues. However, my animal self simply accepts. Thus, waiting and patience are not even a concept. When I am living in the NOW, as I am in this moment, I AM accepting.
I am beginning to realize how very attached I still am to my 3D concept of reality. I am surprised to discover how the greatest transition of all my incarnations begins by being the simplicity of my animal. My animal self is not doing, not waiting, not learning and not trying. My animal self IS.
I wish to also share the first email that I opened today. He is saying what I just said, but in a different way.
Hi Sue
In dreamtime last night I found myself cooped up in a tiny cramped spacecraft rocketing out into deepest darkest space. I had travelled so far that I had lost all communication with the Mothership.
Imagine the panic and anxiety this could generate. Imagine the thought of drifting off into deepest darkest space all alone.
This is the task we agreed to and this is the illusion that is presently coming to an end for many. We are pioneers exploring the furthest point in this evolutionary frontier.
It is time to remember our laser instinct, which is our inner knowing, so that we can focus on our pre-destined direction.
Our first ever journey in 3d was as sperms. Our instinct and knowing was so strong that it has brought us to this point.
We fertilized the egg. We are all winners. We have broken all odds just to be here reading this. Take time to celebrate this achievement.
And then focus on the job in hand and tune into your inner laser guidance system. Trust in it 100%
We are close . . . but this next stage of the journey will need every ounce of our perceptive awareness. Tune in. Meditate. Learn to listen and act on our instinct.
We need to trust in our inner guidance systems. Be aware when we are distracted by the demands of the ego. Learn to live as a multi dimensional being.
Now is the time to sit or lie quietly and be the bridge that connects the thinking mind and the feeling heart.
Tune into your multi dimensional self and prepare to welcome 5d energies to this 3d reality. You are the bridge to heaven on earth.
The time has come . . . the time is now. Stay centered in love and guided by light my friends.
When we feel challenged it is our response ability to fully experience everything that is happening in our life. This is healing.
As Mumford and Sons say ‘in this twilight hour our choices seal our fate’
Peace and love,

Scott link to original article

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