Lucas – I Got A Feeling – 11 October 2012

It  is a great day for me.  I got a feeling. I feel laughing and smiling all day long, just remembering all is Now and is Now changing.  No more waiting.  I see it all going on. Talking with friends over what is going on.  Seeing more and more the things as they are. Even a radio interview scheduled for a second time did not go through without notice, but  I do not care, I am still smiling and seeing all is just like it is and it is fine.

I am feeling pure bliss. I really do not care about the negative things around and surrounding me. I laugh at it as I am just smiling. The feeling is great if so many things fall into place and your energy says enjoy it. I am bliss and grateful.  Yes, I got a feeling things are from now on going to speed up again and bring us change. It is like feeling the vibes that are ready to trigger all around us and those will be the vibes you will experience also.

Do you also have the feeling?  If you see that life is a laugh and just  simply beautiful what  could than be spoiling your day? Nothing!  Where love is radiating  all from you and around you it will transform all negative. All that was blurred vision is becoming clear in the most beautiful colors and light. Yes, I got a feeling. The roof is blown of when you got the feeling of the energy of love that want’s you to throw a party without thinking. I got a feeling the Blackeyed Peas will be there also. What a night.

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