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BBC News – Nigeria Oils Spills: Dutch Case Against Shell Begins – 11 October 2012

Nigerian farmers and their legal team at the law courts in The Hague. 11 Oct 2012 (Picture : The Nigerian farmers and their legal team argue that Shell could have prevented the spills)
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Nigeria’s Deadly Delta

Representatives of Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell are appearing in a Dutch civil court to face accusations of polluting Nigerian villages.

The case is being brought by four Nigerian farmers and the Dutch branch of campaigners Friends of the Earth. Continue reading


The Raw Story – David Edwards – Court Declares 92 Occupy Chicago Arrests Unconstitutional – 11 October 2012

Two New York City police officers arrest a man during the "Occupy Wall Street" protests. Photo: Flickr user anjanjanj.

A judge in Cook County, Illinois on Thursday dismissed over 90 cases against Occupy Chicago activists on the grounds that they violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Direction – There Are Many Possible Paths – 11 October 2012


There Are Many Possible Paths

There are many choices for you to make as you prepare to move ahead in a big way. The best path is the one that feeds your mind, your heart and your soul. It is so important for you to find your balance in this world so you can move on to the next stage unencumbered by the past. If you have been working on your relationship with your higher self, guides and angels, you will know the best path for you to take. If you are just learning to trust your inner guidance, this is a wonderful opportunity to bloom and grow. Take the time to tune in and listen and then notice the signs, as there are many from which to choose. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – (A Message Without Title Given By Lisa) – 11 October 2012

I sure hope everyone brought not only their dancing shoes, but also their gym shoes… we are going to be working out this amazing field of interactive life energy thru the rest of this year.  Building it, strengthening it, and understanding how to use it proficiently.  The main equipment is our emotional field of resonance.  Everything else is an addition or subtraction of the desired outcome. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Everything Is Rigged – Health, Politics, Finance And More – But Here’s How To Beat The System – 11 October 2012

(NaturalNews) I’ve been pondering this topic for weeks, trying to find the words to communicate the full impact of this realization to which we are all increasingly awakening. Everything is rigged… the stock market, the news, the food, your taxes, public schools, the health care system, and on and on. Even Lance Armstrong’s cycling victories were all apparently rigged (with doping), we’re now finding out.

But what do I mean by “rigged” specifically? All these systems and industries are rigged to cheat you, to suppress you, and ultimately to suppress your human potential. Continue reading

David Kravets – Supreme Court Terminates Warrantless Electronic Spying Case – 11 October 2012

Behind this door at an AT&T San Francisco office is a switching room where the NSA allegedly siphoned Americans’ communications. Photo: Mark Klein

The Supreme Court closed a 6-year-old chapter Tuesday in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s bid to hold the nation’s telecoms liable for allegedly providing the National Security Agency with backdoors to eavesdrop, without warrants, on Americans’ electronic communications in violation of federal law. Continue reading

3 Minutes News -11 October 2012

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