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Linda Robinson – The Golden Hathors – The Enduring Power Of Love – 12 October 2012

Greetings Beloved Ones,

We are the Hathors, and we come to you in love. This is a time of preparation of Self for the final upcoming events of 2012 and the heralding of 2013. Alignment of purpose with a heart-centered focus will help you gain the greatest advances for Self and for those around you during this important time.

Each thought and each action need to be infused with the power of love for the greatest benefit. Each time you focus on your heart center and the love within, you infuse your entire Being with love. This love permeates every part of your Being, and its power and radiance will grow with your continued focus and attention. With your continued focus on love, your vibration will increase to a higher level, for love carries the highest vibration. It can override all other vibrations when it is held with focused intent.

As your radiance of love grows stronger, it spreads to all around you. Indeed, it spreads beyond the scope of your immediate surroundings to the planet, the Universe and beyond. Beloveds, you are very powerful, and the power of your love that you send is a gift to all.

Spending dedicated time on this focus can help you advance on your heart-centered path. Gathering in groups to meditate and do heart-centered activities adds extra energy, for the combined total of energy is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Each person brings unique characteristics to the group, and the blend of these characteristics forms a total energy of love that is very powerful. The power of one is multiplied exponentially when it is combined with that of others. This energy is magnified when a group comes together in a power spot on your Earth, for the energies of the geological characteristics amplify what you are sending forth.

Gathering in a group in a power spot benefits all who are present as well as those who are in this and other dimensions. Your planet Earth also receives much benefit from your loving energy. This loving energy also radiates out to your universe and other galaxies beyond. All forms of energy, whether it is human, plant, mineral, animal, or other form, will receive your love when it is sent for the highest good. When you remain focused on love with the intent for highest good, this is one of the greatest gifts you can offer.

Beloveds, we encourage you to heed the call to action to focus on love in these
coming times.

Know that you are greatly loved.

We are the Hathors,

…and we surround you with love.

from the tyberonn newsletter a channeling from October 2012 by Linda Robinson from the Golden Hathors / tyberonn@hotmail.com Linda Robinson : http://www.personalpathwaysoflight.com


Sandra Walter – The Significance And Effects Of The 10-10-12 Portal – 12 October 2012

Saturnian Energetics, Photonic rumbles and October tumbles

Welcome to the 10-10 portal, another leap up the invisible ascension staircase. Those of you who are sensitive and/or empathic can sense the rapid jumps in frequency now – and it feels different than even a month ago. Shaky and personal, deep self-examination, global anxiety on the rise, heart centers bursting with light intelligence, and a rollercoaster for the body vehicle. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Trying To Describe The LIGHT And The High Energies To Those Just Waking – 12 October 2012

Uploaded on 12 October 2012 by This is a subject I could use a bit of help on from all who watch this video. How would you desribe the sensations of the Light you hold and these high octane energies flooding through Earth and Humanity now? There are newbies that cannot seem to feel what we are describing. I know they are not souless, but simply have not yet experienced that Light within themselves. Help me to put that to words please! LOVE!

108Morris108 – Benjamin Fulford – Economic Sharia Law & A Ron Paul Win? – 12 October 2012

Published on 11 October 2012 by  Israel could surrender its sovereignty and become part of another Middle East Empire. The Rothschild plan of elevating themselves to a royal dynasty has failed. If Ron Paul could keep the US military busy without fighting he could still get in. And everyone has to get off their couches and do something

Cobra – Day Of Decision 21 October 2012 – 12 October 2012

Uploaded o9n 9 October 2012 by

John Ward – Lagarde List: Justice Closes In On Evangelos Venizelos – 12 October 2012

Special prosecutors say USB-stick Venizelos gave them ‘incomplete and probably tampered with’

Pasok leader faces Parliamentary enquiry

Tubbinas Lardolopous Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – We Are Now Undergoing The Biological – Celestial Galactic Alignment Within!! – 12 October 2012

I have got to be careful what I promise!  I woke up this morning at 2 am wide awake.  Granted I know I have a lot to share and put together for today’s blog, but I also need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thru my day too.  I tossed and turned until I finally fell back to sleep, only to wake up at 3:33 am.  I cannot even ignore that number, so up I got!! Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Master Jesus And Mary Magdalene – Accept Your Free Will – 12 October 12

With love, greetings and blessings we come forward to you with an immensely important message that we wish to enlighten your mind with in order for you to continue to follow your spiritual path of growth on the Earth with greater courage, confidence and support from the Creator. We, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene, come forward as a united consciousness representing the immense unity that exists between the male and female energies of the Earth and the Creator, as well as the unity, brotherhood and sisterhood that exists between us all, meaning that we are all interconnected as one. It is our connection together as divine beings of light and our pathway of integration which is of most relevance in the Earth’s ascension at this time. So many changes are occurring within your being, on the Earth and within the spiritual expansion of all, it is appropriate for us to make you aware of these changes so that you acknowledge and integrate them into your understanding, releasing old energy patterns. Many things are occurring upon the Earth which are being born from old energy patterns, now is the time to re-pattern energy for a new age of awareness. Continue reading

VIsionkeeper – The Biggest Lie Of All – 12 October 2012

(picture ww.favim.com)

I find it so disturbing to think for eons of time people have been subjected to the biggest lies through their religions. To be told first of all that Creator would judge us all and be the great decider of out fate when we die is beyond preposterous, it is a sin. There is no way Creator could be angry with us, disapprove of our behavior, that he stands in judgment of us all and we better be good! There is no heaven or hell we ‘go to’ when we pass on. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Greece Still The Word; Time Is Still Money; Battle Of Bailouts; Coca Cola, Greece’s Biggest Company, Leaves – 12 October 2012

Germany and the IMF, which in recent past seemed ambivalent at best to keeping Greece in the eurozone, are suddenly acting as if Greece is a life-or-death matter.

First Merkel flew to Greece pledging solidarity, now the IMF chief Christine Lagarde seeks Two More Years For Greece. Continue reading