Sheldan Nidle – A Sirian Prayer – 12 October 2012

Today I’m feeling goood! Most often I do not remember my dreams. This week, however, for three nights in a row I not only remembered my dreams, I was conscious that I was an observer of my dreams.

The first two dreams were clearing dreams….dealing with personal conflict with two individuals in my life. After the dream, I felt a burden lifted from my soul. Forgiveness had been achieved. Afterall, we are all doing the best we can in every given moment.

Now the third dream was FUN! Sheldan and I were in our kitchen chatting when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and when I opened it, I saw a man standing there. He was casually dressed in bluejeans and a blue plaid open shirt over a navy blue t-shirt. In his hand, he held a clip board with several manilla envelopes. There was something very familiar about this man and yet…..I couldn’t place his face with a name.

Yes, may I help you? I asked. He didn’t answer me, he just stood there looking at me with his twinkling blue eyes and his ever-so-slight smile. I waited for him to speak when Sheldan came up behind me. Who is it? he asked. I don’t know yet.

Then Sheldan got very excited and and began to ramble on…It’s it! It’s time! It’s It’s It’s!!!!!!

I looked at Sheldan then back to the man standing quietly in our doorway. OH MY! OH MY! YES! OK! I WILL LEAVE YOU TO IT! I ran into the kitchen feeling my heart racing and my stomach in knots. Please let it be the prosperity package. And yes, we received our prosperity package with instructions on how to proceed to a specified bank.

When Sheldan returned to the kitchen with package in hand and the biggest smile you can ever imagine, he nodded his head. We jumped up and down, up and down hugging each other and laughing! Next step~~Announcements of new governments! YIPEE!

That was the end of the dream. I don’t like to share my dreams in this fashion but it felt so real, I thought it would be helpful to share it. Starseeds and Lightworkers, Our time has come.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world and that is the idea whose time has come. Voltaire

Selamat Ja!


A Sirian Prayer

through Sheldan Nidle

Today I came across a Sirian Prayer that was given to Sheldan many years ago. When saying it in Sirian, use a singing chant style. It is perfect to share with you today. Enjoy!

Drosh Da Shamak Karek Kha Sho,
Bang Ma Gasha Sho Bek,
MaTa Gash Do Ma Bho,
Da Sho.

Unto Heaven, let us command our intentions.
Go with your Heart filled with Heaven’s glory.
May the Angels then take you and help you fulfill your soul’s destiny.
So be it.

via  newsletter 11 October 2012

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