Sophia Love – Introducing Dreamhopper – 12 October 2012

I’ve kept my online life separate from my family at their request.  While honoring that, I’ve decided to share a few things now. The time is right; we are all hungry for information.  “DreamHopper”, or DH as I’ll call him here, has been my partner for twenty years.  He is a deep trance channel.  He “Dream Hops”, which means he has vivid dreams and memories of vastly different worlds and beings. He channels a group of souls who agreed to help us wake up; including his and my greater self, and the “higher self” of anyone else who may be present.  We’ve been called the same name – “Ananada”.  When I asked why, I was told that we are one, that we are twins.
 This story took place about 1963.  DH was about 14, wearing his favorite shirt – black sleeves, black back, white front and collar with black buttons – very fifties.  77Sunset Strip was his favorite show, and “Kookie” his favorite character. I suspect his hairstyle was similar as well!
 It was a beautiful summer afternoon, complete with blue skies and a light breeze, blowing in a few scattered clouds.  He lived in a farming community; there were only a few houses.  His neighbors were out of town and that took away 4/5 of the neighborhood.  He was alone, leaning against his dad’s 1954 blue Kaiser.  His dad loved Kaisers and owned three, the one he was leaning on, an orange one and another blue one for spare parts.  At age 14, DH was all about car lust.
 Tires moving on gravel told him a car had pulled up in the driveway.  He turned around and came face to face with a 1952 pink Cadillac, with smaller fins and a white top.  He thought “Man, that car is quiet.”

A shortish, young guy got out.  He was trim with a nice build and black hair.  He wore a perfectly pressed white button down shirt, black pants and black shoes.
(The rest of this story will be told in first person, by DH.)
He walks towards me at a good clip.  I think “Uh oh, a Jehovah’s Witness.  No-one dresses like that around here.  What am I going to do?  They never know when to leave.” He moves around in front of me and asks, “Do you know where Green Street is?”
I answered “Yeah, your standing on it.”
My dad’s driveway was a gravel road, Green Street.  We were the only house in town with that address.  I ask him “Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?”
He says he has no idea what that is.  I tell him it’s a religious group.  I said “We don’t get many visitors, where are you headed?”  He answered “I’m here.”  He never asked for directions.
Somehow we got to talking about my belief systems; I don’t recall exactly what led us there.  I said “I don’t know a lot about religion.”  He looked interested, “Why not?”
I told him how once I walked into town for a week or so, taking myself to catechism class.  It was a really long walk and I got sore feet.  Then I lost interest because they really didn’t get it.
“What do you believe?” he wondered.  “I believe there’s a maker of all things.  God is inside of everything and if you look close enough you see the light of God in everything – the woods, the creek…” “How’d you learn this?” he interrupted with a surprised look on his face.
“I spend lots of time in the woods around here.  I love it.  I’m there a lot.”
He continues looking at me, and asks “Do you ever see lights flying around?”
In those days, you didn’t talk much about that.  Now I’m thinking maybe he is another UFO enthusiast.  “Yeah” I replied.
“Where?” he asked me.
“My dad and I come out here at night.  Right over there – the big woods.”  I look more closely at him.  There’s a slight breeze and I try to see if his hair moves with it.  It does.  “Where are you from?” I ask him.
“Pretty far away” is his reply.  “How far away?  Like the next neighborhood?” I ask.
He says “No.  Really, really far.  Farther than you could imagine.”  I am now really suspicious, “I can imagine pretty far.  Why don’t you try me?”
He waved me off, “It’s not important.”
I looked back at his car, “That’s a nice car.”  It looked perfect.
“Thanks, I like it a lot.  It’s my favorite one.” he smiles.  “You’ve got more than one?”  My dad had six.  “Oh, no” he answers.
“Well, where’d you get it?” I asked him.  I was fascinated now.
“We have a warehouse filled with cars.  I just go and sign it out.  I always get this one because I like it so much.”
This was fascinating, “So you get this one anytime you want?” I asked.  “As long as no one else has signed it out” he answered.
“That’s kinda cool” I said.  “Yeah, it really is.  All of our stuff is like that.”
“So you don’t have to buy it?” I was shocked.  He chuckled, “No, we don’t have to buy it.”  Then he changed the subject.  He wanted to know more about my belief systems.  It was a really nice day and there was nothing else going on, so I continued.  “We are all little bits of the creator.  We are all here to be something, to learn the lessons that we’re given.”  We were still standing pretty far apart, “Surely you must know that.”
He looked right at me then “Yeah, but I didn’t know you did!”  That’s when I noticed his eyes.  There were deep lavender and the pupils were like a diamond shape in the center; not round like ours.  He could tell I noticed; he turned away real fast.  He said he had to go.
I asked “Can I look at the engine?”  “I can’t show you the engine” he replied.  “Pop the hood!” I insisted.  “There’s nothing under the hood” he said.
I continued “I didn’t hear you drive up.  I’d like to see the engine.”  “It’s not anyplace I can show you” was his answer.  “Where is it?” I asked him.
“It’s underneath the car, by the back seat.  There’s no way for me to show it to you or else I would.”  He got in, started it, and left.  It was so quiet.  It was one of the strangest things I’d ever seen.
Two days later I’m out by the Kaiser again, trying to make it go.  I mentioned my dad had six cars; I didn’t say how many of them actually ran.  I’m wearing jeans and a shirt.  The pink Cadillac shows up and this time two guys get out.  I’m annoyed, thinking “What do these guys want?”
There is a blonde guy, he looks right at me and then looks quickly back at the black haired guy, saying under his breath “You know you’re not supposed to do this!”  The first guy responds “Just listen.”
The blonde guy was also wearing a perfectly pressed white button down shirt, with tan pants and a belt.  His arms were crossed in front of his chest.  He looked to be about the same age, early twenties.
The first guy looks at me and very politely says “I want you to tell me again how you feel about God.”  I answer a little less politely, “I told you all of that last time!”  He answers “I know, but now I want my friend to hear this.”
So I do.  Now the blonde guy says “Where’d you learn this?”  I answer him, “By the creek.”
He drops his arms.  “So you learned all this is the woods?”
“Yeah” I answer him.  “If you’d just listen to everything, you’d know it too.” “Where are you from?” I continued “Are you those lights in the sky?”
“No, that’s not us” he answers.  I was getting tired of this.  “I don’t feel like I want to cooperate with you anymore.  You aren’t answering anything.”
The first guy answered “Okay, we aren’t trying to make you mad.  We’re just trying to learn some things.”  I answered “Certainly you must know all this.” and went to whack him congenially on the arm.  He jumped out of reach.  He didn’t want me to touch him.
Now I knew something was definitely up.  I looked at the blonde guy and said “I’m sorry; I didn’t get your name.  I’m DH.”  I stuck my hand out.  He backed up fast.  I turned to the first guy and said “I never got your name either, won’t you shake my hand?”  He said “We don’t do that.”
I got the feeling I was carrying a bug and they didn’t want to get infected.  I confronted them again about the lights and they said, “We can’t talk about them.  I think we’d better go.”
I agreed, “Yes.”
They both got in and backed down the gravel drive.  I watched the car go to the end of the street.  I couldn’t quite see the end because Red’s gas station was in the way, but I had a clear view both to the right and left. I didn’t see them turn either direction.  I even ran up to check and they were gone.  The Pink Cadillac had just sort of vanished.
They never returned.  DH never forgot them.  We’ve talked once in awhile about where they were from.  They were obviously looking for his house, and him.  They never asked for anyone else and no other house had that street address.  Their eyes were different than ours.  They didn’t want to be touched.  And what about that car?
Fast forward to January 2009.  I (Sophia now) am sitting in a Borders book store, researching and purchasing for the upcoming semester.  I home school our children.  I’m in an easy chair.  There are book shelves in front of me and behind me.  I am deeply involved in a stack of books I’ve selected, and I feel someone.  I look up.  Just in front of me, looking right at me and not at any books or shelves, is a man who looks to be about twenty something.  Yet he is dressed oddly, not the typical twenty something dress, very formal.  He is wearing the dress coat of a much older man.
Our eyes meet for a moment and he starts, looking alarmed.  He quickly walks around behind me on my right, circling and coming up on my left.  As he does he sort of crashes into a young, dark haired guy wearing a similar outdated coat.  He says something I don’t hear and the dark haired guy looks at me.  He is wearing huge glasses.  They both quickly turn and hurry away.  They are not carrying any books.  I wait a moment and when they don’t return I get up to see where they are.  It is a small store and they are nowhere to be found.
The thing was, I felt that they were there looking for me.  After hearing DH’s description of them so many times, I recognized them.  I wasn’t’ close enough to see the color of his eyes, yet their behavior was just so odd.  They certainly weren’t book shopping.
We aren’t sure what any of this means.  Are they from another dimension or the future or another time line?  We’ve had confirmation via the group DH channels that it was the same two men both times, almost 50 years apart.
We remain hopeful that we’ll meet them again soon!  This tells us that the stories of alternative, clean energy, commerce without money, and no aging are very much real.  DH often remarks on how comfortable he felt with them – like family.
Our story seems to validate everything we are hearing about what awaits us when we are re-united with our star families!  We wanted to share.
Much love everyone,

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