VIsionkeeper – The Biggest Lie Of All – 12 October 2012


I find it so disturbing to think for eons of time people have been subjected to the biggest lies through their religions. To be told first of all that Creator would judge us all and be the great decider of out fate when we die is beyond preposterous, it is a sin. There is no way Creator could be angry with us, disapprove of our behavior, that he stands in judgment of us all and we better be good! There is no heaven or hell we ‘go to’ when we pass on.

Heaven and hell are a metaphor for the life we live while we are on earth. The choice is always ours, and if we choose to stay in our hearts and be love, life if like heaven. If on the other hand we choose to be pure evil our life here on earth will be one of hell. It is truly sad to think religion has been the weapon of choice for the dark ones to use against us to keep us in line. We were taught to fear Creator or else. Creator loves us all, has no judgments of us, and embodies love and has compassion for all of the people. Creator should never be feared! Creator is love!

I realize this is a tricky subject, wide open to creating arguments and creating divide amongst the people. Perhaps that is why I was directed to write this post, to help people be able to break free of the lie regardless of how painful it may be. Creator is real, his trust and love for us will always be something we can hold on to, but the lies the church has bestowed upon us are shameful at the very least. Religion much like race has been forced into our lives as a means of separating the people, for should we all come together as one people they could no longer have control over us. So, pit they people against one another any way they can and what you end up with are millions of people all belonging to their own little groups and willing to fight each other to preserve them. It’s called separation!

We are NOT separate! We are all one people regardless of what we look like or what faith we believe in. There really is only one creator for the world, he loves us all no matter who we are or where we live or what religion we practice, despite what the dark ones have tried to instill in us. It is all one in the same. We are spiritual beings having a human experience while on earth. This is the true purpose of why we are here, to learn the art of loving one another, to eliminate hate, judgment and ego and all of the less desirous traits we have managed to pick up along the way. These traits are not who we truly are within. We are loving and kind and generous and compassionate beings.

We have been forced to believe over and over again that war is necessary, that killing people is acceptable as a part of war, collateral damage! We have been forced over time to believe if we don’t support war we are not patriotic and should be shunned by all others. The dark ones created the wars to benefit from, why should we support them? After a while when we all began to turn against war and its devastating destruction, then they took over the television and began flooding the airwaves with movies of killing and death, and hate for one another until finally America’s morals began to disintegrate and people began to believe there was nothing wrong with killing one another. Look at what has become of society today. Our children believe it is okay to kill a classmate for a pair of tennis shoes! They are dividing us up and it must stop!

This is not entirely the fault of the dark ones! It is just as much our fault for allowing ourselves to be forced into believing such garbage because we stopped using our minds to think for ourselves. If we had remained thinking we would have seen the insanity of what we were being told to believe in. But we stopped thinking for ourselves and the rest is history as they say, but we can still save ourselves before it is too late. We have to begin to think again! Question EVERYTHING! Do not believe blindly in what you are being told. The wars our children are dying in were created on lies! If you take the time to read alternative news on the internet and turn off your TV sets, you will see for yourself the lies you are being fed everyday, but nobody questions them!

My point here is to look back over our lives to date and see how most of us lived our lives because of lies we were believing and being influenced by. We have not been allowed to live our lives as we truly should be living them. It is just a matter of waking up and researching for ourselves and to stop believing all that we are being programmed to believe! The truth is there to be found if one just makes the effort to look. If you can see the lie of heaven and hell and the corruption of religion, hopefully you will be able to understand the rest of the illusion and you will begin to see for yourselves what is going on. Once you see it, you see it! It is like the chemtrail lines in the sky, once you see them for yourselves you begin to see them everywhere you go and the denial ends. The same is true for the lies choking the life out of us, once you see them there is no turning back and you will see them everywhere as well and ask yourself, how could I have not seen this? Open your eyes and have courage!

Blessings to you all,

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