European Union Getting The Nobel Peace Price – Nigel Farage And My Comment – 13 October 2012

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(Lucas: Nigel Farage puts it right here, as I do not agree with all Nigel has to say but on the EU he is often spot on. There is for certain still not known a lot by non-Europeans from overseas. The New World Order (NWO) propagators did misuse the project that gave a free trade zone to Europe. They deliberate built further on their ideas of creating a super state firmly under control of a few. They already succeeded to instate a supranational organisation that is having the right to give us laws and regulations and policies to implement and we can not refuse. This  supra national organisation is standing above the sovereignty of the member states. This means it is über sovereign to those who democratic chose their representatives and had a say on who is to govern them. We did not vote for a EU or its predecessors. That is what is forgotten. We got it by pushing treaties forward and even when people said no, as the we the Dutch did, we got via a new treaty the whole thing again pushed down our throats.  The european parliament is nothing more than a mockery. If you wanna have a real democratic state than you should first build one with consent of the people as Farage above also states. In stating a parliament only to give it a bit of rights is not building a democratic state.  What people also not see and know is the building of this super state needed also an army and a court and those got instated as well.  The WEU – The Western European Union  was created and is now partially working as an incubator for the building of a EU military force. The EU force is in some way already under (bi-lateral) agreements working as such in peacekeeping.  See also the coordination of foreign policies that is tried out. Also see all those EU- ambassadors representing who?  The court is existing and functioning a the European Union Court of Justice.  The court oversees the treaties and rules and regulations that are dumped over us. 75% of our laws and regulations, and to implement policies are from the EU. We are thus already ruled by an organisation not a state. The newly created EU should have a money system and Central Bank and thus the fairy gave the control NWO freaks what they wanted. It became the Euro and Euro zone and its ECB- European Central Bank. Now the system needs more control over the money and it is a legitimate rip off from the people and thus the ESM was born. If you have read all of the ESM text,  as I have, you would know this is a fascistic controlling of states and its people for debt collecting. Also now they are going along with a banking union and one regulator for the 6000 banks and are going to instate soon upon us a fiscal union. That means the EU can tax us for whatever they want, still in theory. The NWO fairy has through the own opposition of countries and the effects this had on its member states people lost its ultimate power. The time to stop the taking of human and unalienable rights away from people, starving and depriving people over the EU needs to end. Violence and uproar is what happens. The austerity measures over money that is in fact NON-value backed fiat currency fractional banking money, and loans, and bailouts that are made with that are null and void. We need to see we can not pay for ever with things that are not really existing. That is why they push for digitalizing everything, etc. The money is noting more than a I owe you note. We need to get back to basics. What do the people have to say about it and do they want. People need to govern themselves not being governed and lead astray for the NWO dreams of a few that want to control all. The real intentions from those NWO sinister people who have names like Van Rompuy , that is the un-official non-elected by the people president of the EU, Barosso, Merkel, etc,  is shown all over. The numerous undemocratic ways they are pushing for integration and for getting people, without even to  have a say on anything and being bullied around by the EU, is to be abolished.  The own treaties and agreements are trotten by those people who have signed them. The EU treaty is several times the last months been ignored. The Euro zone and its treaty should be saved whatever it costs.  This will end. The system is crashing and the people are getting awake that enough of this is enough. Foremost People and then the  nations should claim their sovereignty back. The time has come to say no to ESM/EU/EURO and Eurozone. The new has to be build on a fair just and democratic way.  This means also a new financial system. No more debts and interest ever.  We need to built on sharing and co-creating a new world of freedom for all, abundance for all, that with respect for all and everything upon that what is our home Earth.)

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