Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Blogtalkradioshow – 13 October 2012

(Lucas : The show is posted today as  Geoffrey had vacation and I did not know he would do a show the 12th. Discern yourselves in getting whatever info! )

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Cosmic Vision News – October 12, 2012

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1.   Lakota Nation Sovereignty/Grand River Mohawks/Kevin Annett

2.   Financial News

i)     Youths crash banking awards in London

ii)    Fulford Info from weekly messageiii)   Nidle Info (galactic perspective) from weekly message3.  Peace Awarded and commentary4   Upcoming events with Inelia Benz
5.   Near-death Experiences – Neurosurgeon Has NDE.

6.   Science:  Extended Theory of Relativity Discovered to support Warp Travel

7.   Science:  Gaia’s ‘Song’ Recorded From Radio Waves Captured By Probes

8.  2012 Scenario Conference UpdateDonations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated!

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