NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Exclusive New Organic Spies Video Released : Is Whole Foods Systematically Training Employees To Lie About GMO? – 13 October 2012

(NaturalNews) A new video has surfaced from the Organic Spies group, and that video is being released exclusively on the Natural News video site The hidden camera video shows a multitude of Whole Foods employees repeating misinformation to customers who ask whether the store sells GMOs. They appear to have rehearsed these false answers through some sort of company training.This new video (see link below) is the second hidden camera video from Organic Spies, an anonymous group of “real food revolutionaries” who appear to be solidly organized, with spies apparently placed in cities across the country. They have successfully infiltrated multiple Whole Foods stores with covert cameras, posing as customers asking common questions about GMOs.

This new video, filmed after the video Organic Spies video was released, shows yet more Whole Foods employees repeating lies and disinformation to Whole Foods customers about GMO.

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Each of the following statements made by Whole Foods GMOs (and captured on hidden camera) is blatantly false:

• “Pretty much everything is non-GMO.”

• “GMOs? There are a few items that do have them, but they’ve been removed.”

• “I know Whole Foods is trying to sponsor a law that’s make sure everything is labeled properly… We’re backing a law with other people…” (Huh? Whole Foods has so far REFUSED to donate money to Proposition 37 in California. Where is this guy getting his story?)

• “We don’t sell anything with GMOs in it… we have very strict rules about certain things, we don’t sell things that we know have GMOs.”

• “No we don’t do that. If there’s… anything that has GMOs in it, we don’t have them.”

• “No, absolutely not. Because the bottom line for all Whole Foods is no preservatives, no additives, no added growth hormones, no GMOs. Absolutely, that’s for everything.”

• “No nothing we sell has GMOs in it. We don’t buy any products…”

• “If it doesn’t have alfalfa there’ll be no GMOs in it, that’s generally our policy. [Narrator asks “Whose policy?] The store. The company.” [“Whole Foods?”] Yeah.”

• “Whole Foods doesn’t have any of the GMO products… This is our standards, yeah. Whole Foods standards. Whole Foods doesn’t have any parabens, no GMOs. No GMO product and… no preservatives.”

• “I don’t think we’re allowed to carry anything with GMOs.”

• “We don’t carry any GMO.”

• “Uh no, that’s policy we do not sell anything like that.”

• “We don’t sell anything with GMO.”

• “Soy normally doesn’t have GMO.”

• “No we’re not allowed to carry any GMO items. Pretty much every item we carry, they have to go through a little process.”

• “We don’t carry, we don’t contain GMOs. Anything in here. We can’t carry, that’s part of our thing.”

• “It’s against our policy to carry anything that’s grown with GMOs in it.”

• “Everything in the store is [non-GMO].”

• “We have a strict guideline that we don’t [carry GMO].”

• “We do carry some, but… it’s extremely rare. And if we do it’s because it’s a different kind of GMO.”

Repeated patterns of disinfo point to likelihood of deliberate training

One of the words you hear repeated in these answers is “policy.” It’s Whole Foods “policy” not to carry GMOs, we’re told by these grossly misinformed employees.

Each of these employees seems convinced that what they are saying is true. They appear to have been informed and assured that Whole Foods sells no GMO. The most likely source of this information would obviously training materials distributed to the employees by Whole Foods Market, Inc.

This isn’t just Whole Foods employees who are ignorant of GMO. They don’t tend to say, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.” They insist, with certainty, that it is a Whole Foods policy to sell no GMOs whatsoever!

If Whole Foods has been training its employees with deliberate disinformation about GMOs, it would be the greatest scandal in the history of natural foods retailing.

Background on Organic Spies and the hidden camera Whole Foods videos

When the original Organic Spies video was launched on YouTube October 1st, YouTube quickly pulled the video just as it achieved 110,000 views and was on track to go super-viral. It is now clear that YouTube censored this video for political reasons as a way to suppress investigative journalism that exposed what has now become a massive Whole Foods scandal.

After being censored, that video was quickly re-posted on the Natural News video network, which has increasingly become the last refuge for free speech in a world controlled by globalist corporations that routinely conspire to censor free speech and hide dishonest business practices from their own customers. Click here to see the original Organic Spies video on, where it has already racked up another 70,000 views (and growing).

Fact: Whole Foods sells masses of GMOs, including Monsanto’s GM corn

A few days after all this took place, the InfoWars team of Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton visited Whole Foods Market headquarters in Austin Texas, where they filmed an interview with a Whole Foods executive Libba Letton. Click here to watch that video now.

In that interview, the Whole Foods executive openly admitted that Whole Foods sells GMOs just like every other grocery store in America. She characterized GMOs as “pervasive” and expressed regret that consumers didn’t know more about GMOs.

She then went on to state, “I don’t think that Whole Foods does anything to try and make people think that we don’t have food with GMOs in them.” This claim, however, was contradicted almost immediately by video footage of a large marketing sign attached to the side of an Austin, Texas Whole Foods store which reads, “NOTHING ARTIFICIAL, EVER.”

That sign is clearly visible in this photo from the Aaron Dykes InfoWars video:

I wrote extensively about this contradiction in an article released on October 8, 2012, entitled Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising – here’s the proof.

Are you a Whole Foods employee? Were you trained to lie to customers about GMO?

Natural News has set up a special email address where whistleblowers can contact us if they wish to reveal details about this matter.

Were you or are you a Whole Foods employee? Were you trained to tell customers that Whole Foods sells no GMO? We want Whole Foods to tell the truth! So please email us at

We strongly protect the privacy of our news sources, and we offer anonymity to any whistleblowers who wish to speak out in the public interest. However, for your own protection, do not email us from an email account that can be easily traced to you. (Protect your own privacy, in other words, if you wish to be a source for a future story about Whole Foods.)

Along with organizations like the Organic Consumers Association (, Natural News is leading the whistleblowing effort against Whole Foods on the issue of GMO, doing what the mainstream media refuses to do — engage in actual investigative journalism.

Our goal? To convince Whole Foods to clean up their act and either label GMOs sold in their stores or stop selling them altogether. We also believe that Whole Foods should lend strong financial support to Proposition 37 in California, the GMO labeling ballot measure.

Watch the new Organic Spies video here

Click here to see the video now on

Visit the Organic Spies Facebook page at: link to original article


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