Visionkeeper – Calling All Warriors – 13 October 2012


Hippie blood still pulses through my veins regardless of my age. We came close back in the sixties to changing the world but it just wasn’t time. Well, now IS the time, time to finish what we began 50 years ago! It is time to activate. I’m not sure how, but somehow we must get off our aging duffs and put an end to the insanity spiraling out of control around the world. It saddens me to my core to watch America burn to the ground while her people are deep in a pharmaceutical coma.

Mind control is running rampant, television propaganda is at its worst, fluoride in the water has deadened people’s minds and one has to wonder when the 100th monkey will come dancing in to break the spell of the zombies. The hippies had it right way back when and they are still awake and aware now, their minds opened wide by drugs made illegal to stem the flow of people from waking up. We old lion warriors must come forth again and put an end to the insanity. I think our need to wake others up and turn the tide was just our comfy excuse not to take action. We cannot wait any longer for the brain-dead to wake up, they are being silenced by whatever the dark ones have in their evil bag of tricks to keep them dumbed down. The warrior call must go out now to all those awake and aware and we must join our energies in action!

We are dancing on the edge of destruction and we must realize this! Every single day Washington is passing insane laws making it almost illegal to breathe the fouled air above us. People being thrown in jail for selling raw milk, growing gardens on their front lawns, being arrested for trespassing on their OWN property trying to save it from destruction. It is too much to take in anymore. I for one can no longer watch, read or listen to the insanity of what is going down. It becomes an overload and I choose to save my energy for positive thinking and making the world a better place. Enough I say, come forth and rise up!

There is no need for violence, that is not what we are all about! It just takes EVERYBODY stopping their participation in this illusion of life we find ourselves mired in. Do NOT buy their poisoned foods, do NOT subject your children to mind controlled schools, turn off the lies blaring forth from TV sets all around the world, refuse to be forced into life altering vaccinations, stop taking the poisonous drugs the FDA promotes as wondrous cures, they are killing you. Wake Up !!! Yank yourselves out of denial and find the courage to stand up for what is right. Time has run out now, December is almost upon us. Come forth I say and rise up!

STOP PARTICIPATING IN YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION! No need to write a longer post today. This message is short and brutal. Take action now or look back in years to come at what happened to the world because we did little to fight for change. I love you all, this is why I am kicking everyone in the butt. We did it in the 60′s we can do it again. JUST DO IT!

Here is an example of the insanity going on:

Blessings to you all,

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