Spirit Science – Water – 14 October 2012

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Water. What is it? We all interact with water, we’re all made of water, and yet in science today we don’t even really understand what it is. There are many unanswered questions about water and what it is that we really don’t have conclusive answers too. This is actually a wonderful thing, because admitting we know nothing about something gives us an opportunity to find something out.

In lesson 1, we talked about Emoto’s research into what Water is, and many skeptics cried out that there were triple blind studies done with the same experiment, and it yielded results that didn’t quite add up to Emoto’s work. In my research and understanding, I believe it was because the Triple Blind Studies were not genuine. The intent of the experiment came from a skeptical place, and so that is exactly the results we saw.

When we REALLY look at water (As we do in this video), we can see there is SO much more to Water than meets the eye, and the understanding of what it is can open up to something far grander than what we originally perceived it to be. Water is Life, and it is You.


Video clips from HOME + Water: The Great Mystery

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