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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Play in the Garden of Love – 15 October, 2012

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Dear friends and beloveds, we come before you today to share some secrets of life. They are not truly secrets if you look at them as the truths you have been holding on to since the beginning of duality, when you embarked on your quest for knowledge, independent of the knowledge and truth of your Divinity and Wholeness.

You always carried a thread of this true knowledge of your Divinity and Wholeness and that is the secret you are allowing to come into your consciousness as we speak. Continue reading


Bill Ballard – A Little About Heart Chakra Activation – MerKaBa Creation – 15 October 2012

Uploaded  on 15 October 2012 door   For you Ali! As always people ask about how to activate their heart chakra and the process of accomplishing that. This process of “How To” will be different an unique with each one of us. What actually happens in the process will be similar if not the same with each. In order to activate our heart chakra, we must release a good part of our karma, negativity, attachments, perceptions and lower vibrations we have held throughout many lifetimes, to align with something brand new. Doing this is a test of one’s spiritual metal and resolve. I highly encourage it as this is how we shall shift our planet into the next higher dimension. LOVE!

Der Spiegel – Ralf Neukirch, Christoph Pauly, Christoph Scheuermann And Christoph Schult – The Next Crisis – Britain Losing Allegiance To The EU – 15 October 2012


Europe won the Nobel Peace Prize last week, but it comes at a time when the threat of the European Union splitting is considerable. Great Britain is turning away from the EU and the German government is allowing it to do so. In the future, Chancellor Merkel wants to forge ahead with projects London opposes. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Push Me Pull You – 15 October 2012

Fear vs. love.  What does that even mean?  I’m reminded of the “Push Me Pull You” of Dr. Doolittle.  Internally I am stretched and yanked from one extreme to the other.  Neither direction is permanent; the tussle is continuous.  A sign from someplace else would be nice.
Do you feel that way?  Looking up to the heavens this morning, I whisper “A little help?”  The overwhelming conditions of my 3D life are screaming, daring me to love in spite of them.  How will I respond?  I don’t need a calendar or anyone else to tell me we’ve arrived at a choice moment.  With every cell of my body; I know. Continue reading

OpEdNews – Richard (RJ) Eskow – Diamond Jamie : Latest News On The JP Morgan Chase Crime Watch – 15 October 2012

History will judge our willingness to defend moral principles against the corrupting influence of the Wall Street capos. So far, their campaign cash and lucrative revolving-door jobs have kept them above the law, while their PR firms and personal salesmanship have largely exempted them from moral judgement in the inner corridors of wealth and power. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – We Are Now In An Accelerated Green House Of Growth : What Does Your Seeds Of Creation Resonate With?? – 15 October 2012

It is interesting to watch the field shift and change so rapidly now.  it is almost a feeling of… ok, you got this, now to the next thing…. sometimes, before a full day is even done!!  What I am hearing, it does not null and void what has been seen, we are now keeping up with the rapidly changing/enhancing landscape of our lives.  (Ya know, I don’t know that I feel like I am keeping up all that well!!!) Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – The Full Update – The Oligarchs Of The West Keep Churning Their Wheels But Only Manage To Get Deeper Into The Mud – 15 October 2012

Last week 20,000 bureaucrats, journalists and government officials descended on Tokyo for a WB (World Bankrupt) and IMF (International Masturbation Fund) meeting and accomplished exactly nothing.

The meeting was a total waste of time because neither of these two Western controlled institutions are willing to hand over control to the people and countries of the world. As a result, the 180 or so countries that are kept out of the control room naturally refused to hand over any more money to these defunct, unlicensed institutions. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – What Lies Ahead For Us? – 15 October 2012

(picture http://www.favim.com)

I guess the true answer to the question what lies ahead for us is, whatever we desire to manifest! And boy, manifesting is coming ever so quickly now! It is so crucial for us all to be very careful about what we wish for, think before we speak. Continue reading

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Communication With A Cloud Ship – 15 October 2012

Free Rendering of the Dolphin Cloud Ship, Oct 15, 2012

Dear friends!

When I left for a walk in the today warmer spring air, (we had the coldest October in Australia since 40 years!) I felt moved to look at the sky above the little hill top where I live, a  few meters away from the beach. We had mostly a grey sky today  with many diverse looking cloud formations. The sky is visible from here far to the horizon, where the other side of the huge bay is. Continue reading

John Ward – Newscorp Special: Murdoch Hires His Own Inhouse Drug Trafficker. … And Then Runs This Headline : Time To End The War On Drug-Taking Say Experts – 15 October 2012

I’d be willing to be that not many people noticed the latest addition to the Newscorp board of directors: Alvaro Uribe, the former President of Colombia. Continue reading