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Ann Albers – Messages From The Angels – Turn The Other Cheek – 15 October 2012

We know you are loving beings. We know that, given an ideal world you would treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect. We know that this kind of treatment is what you desire from others as well. At this time on your earth while there is beautiful energy streaming in and fantastic opportunity for those willing to clear their minds and hearts and focus on creating, there is also incredible chaos for those unwilling to take charge of their minds and hearts in this fashion. Whatever is unhealed is being revealed, and thus you are seeing not only great wonder and beauty in the hearts of humanity, but also an acting out of the wounded child within many others. Continue reading


NaturalNews – Mike Adams – How ‘Scientific Poisoners’ Threaten The Future Of Life On Planet Earth – 15 October 2012

chemical(NaturalNews) There is a battle being waged for your mind. To the victor comes influence over your beliefs, you purchase decisions, and even your values. On one side of the battlefield are the so-called ‘scientific’ poisoners, who are really just proxy scientists and propagandists promoting corporate interests. These ‘scientists’ want to convince you that there’s no such thing as a dangerous pesticide. That GMOs are harmless, in fact healthful. That autism isn’t caused by any possibly related to chemical exposure, and that vaccines are a scientific gift to humanity, without which we would have all died from infectious disease. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 15 October 2012

There is no rest for the weary on Planet Earth as progressive codes of purple-magenta fire open your “inner space”. . For if you remember, last week I forewarned about the high-minded, experimental, intuitive and universally-aware Divine energy headed our way, and peaking, during mid-October. The energy will be amplifying our spiritual qualities of creatorship and power.  Take this week to consciously let go and embrace the unknown, deeper perceptions that Light can create through a devoted human. Continue reading

Infinite Water – Listen To Your Heart – It’ll Never Let You Down…Never! – 15 October 2012

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Attention Matrix Users – Shift Happening – 15 October 2012

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3 Minutes News – 15 October 2012

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John Ward – Exclusive : Desperate RBS Lobbying For Tougher Repossesion Laws – 15 October 2012

Taxpayer-owned bank in dire straits as Santander deal collapses; more customers reveal fraud evidence.

Bank contractor sources revealed over last weekend that Royal Bank of Scotland lobbyists are hammering hard on the Coalition’s door with a view to getting draconian repossession laws passed. With fraud suits and gagging orders flying in every direction, Stephen Hester uttered the euphemism of the year by telling the media that the failure of the Santander retail purchases deal to complete was ‘disappointing’. Yesterday, financial opinion leaders were aghast at the thought of RBS effectively having its systemic gangsterism legalised. Continue reading

Koch Industries, Other CEO’s Warn Employees Of Layoffs If Obama Is Reelected – 15 October 2012

(Lucas : The Koch’s get going again with fear mongering and threats  having it their way. Is this the message to voters:  Vote for Romney or you will lose your job. This seems to me an offence that should be prosecuted. Freedom of voting is not being coerced by anyone or bought to vote in a way and certainly free voting is  not being threatened to vote for a certain person or have consequences to your vote like layoffs.) Continue reading

Marijuana Replaces Ritalin In Treatment For ADD/ADHD – 15 October 2012

ImageSo it would appear the die is cast and that cannabis is set to be reclassified to a class B drug, bringing with it more arrests, more prison sentences, and more expense.

In the meantime, Dutch Police in Amsterdam are complaining about their rights to use cannabis when off-duty and as if that wasn’t enough to prove the futility of trying to outlaw a substance which is a long way safer than either alcohol or tobacco, we now have a consultant pediatrician from the US, claiming marijuana (or cannabis) can be used ON CHILDREN, in the treatment of ADD or ADHD? So who’s telling us lies? Continue reading

Andrea – Listen To Your Heart – 15 October 2012

Listen to your heart.
If I had a dime for every time I heard the above quote, I would be a rich man by now. Not that I care about monetary possessions, however the reason I bring this up, it is because I didn’t know what that phrase really meant, so I went on my way through life, ignorant of its meaning.  It was not until late last year that I began experiencing “the call of the heart”.  Continue reading