Sophia Love – Push Me Pull You – 15 October 2012

Fear vs. love.  What does that even mean?  I’m reminded of the “Push Me Pull You” of Dr. Doolittle.  Internally I am stretched and yanked from one extreme to the other.  Neither direction is permanent; the tussle is continuous.  A sign from someplace else would be nice.
Do you feel that way?  Looking up to the heavens this morning, I whisper “A little help?”  The overwhelming conditions of my 3D life are screaming, daring me to love in spite of them.  How will I respond?  I don’t need a calendar or anyone else to tell me we’ve arrived at a choice moment.  With every cell of my body; I know.
The quiet love song I carry is struggling to out-shout the drama.  There are moments when I don’t hear the melody at all.  That is when I see the fear.  The choice becomes clear.  Is this all there is to life?
The video below seems perfect for this moment.  It was just sent to me.  Maybe this is the “little help” I asked for.
The thing is, holding this knowing is what it’ll take.  It is no longer a question of knowledge; it is a question of belief.  Do you believe you are love?  Do you know with every morsel of your being that you are pure divine consciousness?  Can you feel that truth?
Access that part of you as often as possible.  Forgive yourself.  You have come with the intention to love.  The one you are here to adore is reading these words.  She looked at you in the mirror this morning.  He brushed your teeth.  There is no need to look further.
This is our moment.  We came now for the opportunity of a lifetime.  We know the plan.  Quiet introspection and meditation will give us access to it.  Trust yourself.  Know that whatever you are seeing on the surface is temporary.  It is a reflection; a reaction to past beliefs and conditions.  All of this is malleable.  It is up to you.
What will you choose?  In the face of every fearful image there is only one truth; “This is not who I am”.
For you are not fear, you are love.  There is no loss or pain or injustice felt in the depths of your soul.  That is where the God spark rests, igniting the force that is you.
For make no mistake – you are a force.  You have come here now to demonstrate truth.
It is the strength of this force that has called up the loudest opposition – daring you to fear.  You will not.  You cannot.  For you are the One we’ve been waiting for.



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