Visionkeeper – What Lies Ahead For Us? – 15 October 2012


I guess the true answer to the question what lies ahead for us is, whatever we desire to manifest! And boy, manifesting is coming ever so quickly now! It is so crucial for us all to be very careful about what we wish for, think before we speak.

I believe the times we are headed into will become magical in so many ways. I think the one thing I dream for most aside from Peace is free energy because it will change the entire world in so many ways, cascading down into just about every aspect of our day-to-day living. I like dreaming about this particular thing because it does affect so many facets of our lives. Free energy will, in the end, bring about peace as we all shift into a new way of thinking and being. Seems like with free energy you get your most bang for the buck so to speak. It is a glorious topic to dream about and brings much joy within. What are you dreaming for? We should all be putting it out to the universe.

I wanted to share with you some things I took away from an episode of Healing With The Masters I was listening to today. It was very profound on so many levels. I hope I can give it justice in my recapturing of it. It was a discussion with the actress Dee Wallace and all she has learned from her guides over the years. She was discussing her latest revelation from her guides about the greatest lie we have ever been led to believe. My goodness, there have been so many we have lived by it is hard to have to add yet another one, but here it is: ‘using our energy to make ourselves happy is NOT a selfish act.’ Her guides dropped a bombshell in her lap. ‘ We are being the best of service to mankind and the oneness of all by being of service to our self and making our self happy.’  Why? Because being all one, when we bring joy to our lives and are in harmony with it, we are bringing joy and harmony to the energy of one and making it stronger!

This really is huge to think about on so many levels. How many of us have been limping along in our lives not truly happy and in harmony with what we are doing? And we wonder why the world is so out of whack! We are not serving the oneness if we are not happy ourselves and we are holding the oneness back by forgetting to service ourselves and bring ourselves joy. Why are so many people not happy in the work they are doing? Because it not serving themselves, what they desire within. If we do not enjoy what we are doing, it takes the joy out of the service therefore it cannot serve the energy of one, therefore it is not in joy and harmony.

Everything is about joy in where we are headed. Take creativity for example. You can’t create something you don’t feel joy and harmony for. As she explained it, everything is light before it becomes something else. Everything we are is a result of the direction we have chosen for our light to go in. We direct our light with our thoughts. This really is the same as the saying our thoughts create our reality, but how her guides put it simplified it into language most reflective of where we are today on this journey. We must be aware at all times of directing our light towards what we want, what will make us happy and directing our light to create it! If we catch ourselves being caught up in the negative insanity going on, stop and redirect your light towards what makes you happy instead. It is all about each of us being happy, not what we have been led to believe is selfishness.

This lie we learned since birth, that making ourselves happy is a selfish sin, has been what has been undermining us all along! It has kept the energy of one from being joyous and the world has suffered because of this lie. So rethink how you are living your lives. Are you happy? Are you in harmony with what is around you? In order to create what you want you must believe it in your heart. If you can’t do this, then redirect your light to have you believe it and commit to it. If you commit to it, nothing else can enter in and redirect your light. Serving in divine love to yourself is serving the ‘one’ and serving through divine love is serving through joy. If you are happy the energy of one is happy.

This changes the game I believe. This is the missing piece we have been looking for, the key to unlock the final door. It is all about joy for ourselves bringing joy to the energy of one. It will take some determination for us to get beyond the lie we have so deeply ingrained within us and begin to serve ourselves by bringing ourselves joy. We must be in control of our thoughts and in essence in control of our light. We are able to direct our light wherever we chose to put it so let us put our light not on the fear being pumped out by the dark ones, but rather on what we desire: World Peace, love, an honest government, compassionate people, free energy, freedom and whatever else you so desire. This is where we must direct our light and refuse to fall into the pit of fear that will keep us locked into the world we so desperately want out of. We can do this! Start right now. My thanks to Dee Wallace for her insights she shared from her guides.

Blessings to us all,

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