Lisa Gawlas – The Akashic Records, Shambhala, The Rainbow Tribe And You/Us!! – 16 October 2012

These last two days have been really, interesting, to say the least, in my world.  It started 2 days ago when I found my own sharings from 2001.  That same day I had 4 readings on my calendar, I was able to do three of them effortlessly, then something happened in the 15 minute span from hanging up with my third reading and calling my 4th.  The universe pulled the shades down on my ability to see the field and read from it.  This shade carried over into yesterday as well.  Either days, I was not in the void, I was not tired, there was nothing flowing in me that felt… off.  But indeed, my vision to take in outside information, locked down.  I tried to understand the why… maybe the new moon energy?

However, a beautiful, interactive soul left a comment on this blog yesterday that really started to pick up some winds of understanding within me… and this morning, I do think I understand what is happening.  Again, if it is happening to me, it is equally happening to you!!

This lovely soul mentioned about the Mercury retrograde cycle due to start on the day of our elections here in the USA.  I felt the response flow thru me as I typed back to her.  This morning, I have awakened with a larger clarity and understanding of where we are at…. Now.

What I have never realized with the readings we do together, simply due to my choice of words… is there is a constant pattern set before us every time we connect.  I have been calling these patterns, themes.  Once we understand a particular pattern being presented, the perfect people align on the field to show the next important aspect of the ongoing pattern.

When we are in these huge shifts of patterns, I am taken off-line… very much like a computer so that I can put all the bits and pieces of data into understanding and open up to the next series.

For many months now, thru the field, we have been shown over and over again that we are no longer aligned with time as we know it.  All the time lines are in a heap in the center of our field.  Our own orientation with days and dates becoming more and more difficult to maintain a connection to.  We truly are completely out of sync with time as we know it, and as disorienting as this is, this is truly perfect and shows the depth of our own evolution to zero time.

As my friend talked about the mercury retrograde coming up, I fully realized that you and I, we are already in the Mercury retrograde phase.  A time to really reflect on how far you have come, what you achieved in getting to here and preparing for our next great adventure.

Something started to unlock in my own understandings of how I got to here, and that so often asked question “how are you able to do what you do.”   Other than attributing it all to meditation, my response has always been… I don’t know.  Well, now I do… to a degree, all a catalyzed by revisiting a forum I have not been to in a decade prit near.  I read only three posts I had done in 2001, all about the same time period (over about a month) and I suddenly and so clearly understood what really happened back then and how it is I can do what I do now.

But, before I share the how… the why is really important too.  Probably the most important for all of us to be really clear on… especially in and on this new earth, this new field of Living.

I know I have said this so many times over the years, but I never realized how important what I felt was in gaining the ability to do what I do now.  And trust me, what I/we can do is not even the tiniest fraction of the tip of the iceberg.

When I started to feel the love, the genuineness of feelings in meditation, the visuals, the understandings that come thru meditation, I could not imagine a world where so few people knew of this powerful, life enhancing place.  I would beg my (then) spiritual team to find a way to get me to knock on doors and let people know about this place within us.  My desire never was for financial gain… money wasn’t even a thought in my desire.  I knew hell, I knew the depth of darkness the mind can go to… but I was also discovering a heaven that really does exist and heals, and cleanses and uplifts every aspect of your life.  All I would ever get in return for my pleadings was a smile and the words “healer, heal thyself.”

This morning, as I am seeing all of this come together, I hear this phrase repeated over and over again: “It is for those with a Pure Heart, All will be given.”

Before I get too far along here, I also understand why this preview is so important, and the understanding of the fullness of what has gotten me, (since mine is the only story I know from beginning to now) is crucial for all of us to understand.  We had to get here as am individual collective, scattered thru space and time, various points upon the globe and planets.  I know my true heart desire now, for this next book of earth.  Community.  Living, breathing, loving together in the pure energy of Shambhala.  Heaven on earth.

In my pure desire to help humanity in any way I can… to know… to know like was beginning to know there is more.  There is Love and it is inside, not outside.  My team started to prepare me, altho there was absolutely no conceivable way of know what each meditation was really doing.  Not then.  Shit I was truly, 6 months old.  A baby who just discovered how to crawl around!!

On May 9th, 2001 I wrote started the writings/sharing about Dream Weaver, multidimensionality and funny enough, the emotionless Zeta’s (AKA the Grays) and my (then) relationship to them.  It is truly amazing how much we forget along the way.  I could tell by the tears streaming down my face, something bigger was being revealed to me.

I now so realize that for Dream Weaver (which is really the full on masculine creator energy within me) to start to merge, I had to heal and dissolve the connection I had long held within me from the Zeta aspect.

A little over a month later, on June 14th, I wrote another sharing that has actually stayed as a snippet of remembering to this day.  It was the day I was taken thru the dimensions to a place called the Akashic records.  It not so much the Akashic records that has stayed with me, but who opened me up to it.  The one and only time he ever presented himself in a meditation is what I had documented here, it was St. Francis of Assisi.   I didn’t know anything about him prior to that meditation, so I did what I do when someone new shows up… I googled him.  The bird man of Assisi, that’s about all that stayed with me.  Of course, I have become the bird woman of Jemez, so I have thought about him, and his loving bird friends a lot since living here.  Just as a fond kind of thing.

The one thing I have come to know, and so do my own very best to reflect, they are not looking for notoriety in their connection with you.  They are simply an energetic link upon your chain of life.  I had always wondered why he ever only showed himself to me that day, in that connection to the Akash.  Every ounce of me today, feels like it was just to show the full circle and ever present connection of traveling together.

The next sharing I read from June 2001 was about breathing in the rainbow of light.  All of a sudden, it was like a huge light-bulb went on inside of me.  Each and everyone of these experiences were absolutely connected with each other and what and how I do what I do today.  Instead of just sharing the link, I am going to share the entire thing I wrote here… it is important to all of us.

Something happened in meditation today that I feel I must share with you. The event taught me so much.. about a question I had inside…

I always start my meditations the same way… breath.. clear mind… take in light…

Today, the take in light changed for me in the most brilliant of ways…

As I take in light, it is always from the sky…actually the night sky (something I never realized until now.. go figure)… the light comes down thru my crown chakra (almost feels like an IV, ya know.. the hemp lock that is always there for the IV to be put into) and flows from the top of my head to my feet… 

As I watched the light today… it changed from the bright white.. into the most spectacular rainbow colors I have ever seen. Even as this “new” light came into me, the way it touched the cells of my body was so different… beautiful, wonderful.. but different. 

So what did I do?? I stopped it… I was afraid I broke something somewhere (in the light change)… my first reaction was to come here and ask if anyone else had this happen… then I thought… how silly… I have some wonderful spirits in the midst I will ask one of them… and Jill, my teacher guide came to my rescue (after I continued with the filling of this new and wonderful light). I wish I could show you a picture of it.. my “light” always comes in a tunnel or tube form… this white light today was still there.. with brliiant streaks of the colors of the rainbows streaming down with it…

This is my understanding (now) of what “Unity” is… 

When I take in the “light” I take in the love of God and allow it to fill me and lead me… 

We are all of the love of God… filling each other.. leading and following equally thru the love of God… God IS the rainbow that is us… and we ARE the white light that is Him… together we gather in the collective and share in each other… we think each others thoughts.. we share each others feelings… we breath in moment by moment the love of God and each other (since there really is no difference). 

WE ARE ALL ONE HEARTBEAT… pulsating together!

I didn’t just go to the Akashic records, I started to breath it all in.  Assimilating into my consciousness, my life and (eventual) work… all that we have done before and will do now.  It is no wonder we feel so familiar to each other, like family… because we Are.

And even now I remember the strange and so out of the blue (at least to me) meditation I had in 2004.  I used to ask “god” to show me how creation started.  Back then, I was only thinking of our earth and our universe.  God sure can take us literally.  I asked many times over the years… and one day, like I said, out of the clear blue sky… I was shown.  I was floating in an abyss of black space.  Not a star in the sky, and yet… a feeling.  A consciousness aware of itself… loving.  And then something like an explosion and individuation colors started to stream out one by one… each color a very particular feeling.  Love, hope, magic, reverence .. you name, I was watching it come alive in living color (no pun intended.)  That black sky was now a living dance of the most vibrant colors my heart had ever witnessed…. and the feelings…. the pure feelings of it all.

For soooo long I have always heard the term, both inside and outside… “The Rainbow Tribe is Returning.”  Pure energy.  Pure Love.  Pure Magic.  Not as an individual, but as a whole.

Ya know, I say/type things that I feel so deeply, so truth-filled-ly, but I don’t always understand the depth of what I feel.  I have got to bring back my little (which is actually so much bigger than I even realized) “without you, there is no me.”  This is not from a human aspect… but from creations aspect.  One tiny piece missing, then creation is not whole.  WE, together, are the whole of creation.  All of creation has changed because we changed into Wholeness!

Even as I understand all that, and I do, so much more than I can put into words right now… There had been something I have been feeling almost since the first day I moved into this place in Jemez.  The back yard is special.

I have been doing readings for well over 10 years in one way or another… always, when I have read in the past (before moving here) your energy would unfold in a line right before me… like across my floor.  It was from that energy line the visuals and understandings would come into play.  The very first time I did a reading here, everything shifted to the back yard.  I was now literally looking thru my back door to the backyard and that is where, even today, it all unfolds.  However, when I need to look at your personal biology… you unfold on the floor in front of me. Man oh man, never could I have seen, forget understand, the important difference in both views.

Please bear with me as I am processing to Kingdom come here and trying to breathe thru the process and understand the profoundness of what I am understanding!!  I am backing wayyyy up here.

Last year when I was doing readings from my “in-between” space (a hotel room located on Virginia Beach) thru various readings I kept seeing the most amazing energy coming up from the ground… I swear it looked like a full blaze sunrise, only coming out of the earth instead of the sky.  I started to understand that this image that was being revealed thru those I was reading for, was in connection with Shambhala.  I knew it had to be a place on earth or why would the sun appear to come out of the earth.  I just had no clue where.

During a meditation while I was still in Virginia last year, deciding where my life really should be… An entity I had never seen before came out of my shower head and placed himself in front of my face and he said just a few words to me “You are one of the keepers of Shambhala.”  I did what I do so often when something overwhelms me… I kicked him out of my bath meditation.  I didn’t ask questions… I think really, I wasn’t ready to hear my responsibility in what that meant.

His face was not human at all… humanoid yes, human… not even.  Beyond his overwhelming words, I think it was the breath he released to me in that moment that brought me back to New Mexico.

I so often think back to the day, the week leading up to the day of meeting my (now) landlady and this place I call Heaven on earth.  What does it really take for someone, looking to rent a house, asking for first and last ($1370.00) to give the keys to someone who she had just met that writes a check for $200 (which at the time of writing it, I didn’t even have.) and trusts that I will get back on my feet and not only be able to pay what I owe, but maintain my monthly due.  And does it all with such an open heart and even, in that same moment, calls the internet company and puts in a service ticket to get my internet hooked up and trusts I will be able to pay the fee’s of that when it comes in.  I didn’t even have that much trust in me!!

I moved in here January 6th, three days after getting the keys to Heaven.  On January 7th, my very first morning here… I went outside, marveling in the fact I now live here.  This is home.  That massive Mesa in my backyard seemed to be flashing a welcome sign.  I took a picture:

I about fell to my knees when I seen the picture my camera had taken.  My eyes sure didn’t see the glow that my camera did.. but it didn’t matter.  That was the same exact glow and image and layout to the T in the readings I had had while in Virginia!!

I spent the next several days sitting here and there outside… I didn’t care that it was cold as hell, and then I felt them.  The Beings at the top of that glowing Mesa.  So many Beings of Light… when I asked who they were they replied “the keepers of Shambhala.”  Instantly I remembered that energy pouring out of my shower head in Virginia… and cried.  I Am Home!!

Thru our daily exchanges I told these amazing Beings of Light that I personally don’t like the phrase “keepers of shambhala” it felt too possessive for me.  We changed their title to The Guardians… that was much more user friendly to me!

They started to share their story, threaded within so many of my previous blogs here… and that they all had humans on earth that needed to link up with them.  We even did three hypnosis events to catalyze the (re)union!!  Let me tell you… they now live within you!!

Instead of a concentration of energy located at the Mesa top, it is fully distributed on the ground every single time I read for you.  But there is something even more to all of this… more than I could have ever dreamed.

With the word and vague understand that we have of the Akashic Records… there is so much more to that energy field that, surely I/we could have ever known.  We think of it as a library… and we tend to humanize every single thing we start to understand (myself included here.)  So when we think of a library… we think of a building.  We think of books and stories and the lot.  Its none of that and all of that.

The Akashic Records is the place of origin for the Holographic Universe(s).  It is the collective of all collectives, where the energy of our story starts, plays out and (to our human perception) ends in every conceivable reality and potential.  This is a never ending and never the same energy source.  I am not sure I can put into words what I am seeing and understanding right now.

But let me just say, the backyard has become a living portal of the Akash.  Those that align with my sharings are also aligning with what I am going to humbly call the energy of Shambhala.  Each and every time we are in that field together… we have changed it all.  We have changed the energetic vibration of each other, and of the entire field that so connects in the heart of Shambhala.

This may seem like a strange analogy, but it is sort of like being spray painted forward with every connection… with every sharing outwards.  The pure energy of color.  Creation.  Wholeness in Love fulfilling itself thru each of us.

When I take you out of the field and bring you into my house… man oh man… this is just trippy really… I take you out of the field of created akashic potential and back into the created world we exist in… which even that too, is constantly moving.  No wonder there are days I cannot remove a person from the field… OMG!  It is more important that the energy of the connection (the flow from the akash) permeates your whole being than understanding what that even means to the full on biology/DNA field.

Something was stated last year (within my own Self) that until today… I so didn’t really understand.  When I made my transition from Virginia back to New Mexico, I got really really sick for two weeks (a true burning off of everything.)  Because of that, I obviously couldn’t work for close to three weeks, talk about having to reschedule!!!

Even the rescheduling process is vital to what is really happening.  Many times, it shakes off those not quite ready for the vibrational influx that does happen thru the exchanges.  I heard that clearly last December and really didn’t understand it… not like I do today.

Shambhala is an energy.  Pure.  Patient.  Potent.

There are times I cannot do readings because I am changing… there are days you can’t have a reading because you are changing.  We are together we our virbational field is ready and matched for the exchange.  Sometimes, there is a bit more clearing/processing to be done so the pull out is the only thing that can happen.


Even tho I didn’t do any readings yesterday (nor am I doing any today… I am processing way to deep to even speak a word.) something happened yesterday… profound in my hearts view.  A beautiful soul shared something on facebook that started a massive chain reaction inside of me,  even her name: Dawn is so syncronistic with the fullness of where my heart and mind are at now.  She has a link called The Elemental’s are Channeling thru Images when I clicked her link and seen all the cloud formations… I was sooooo taken back to an image I had never shared (I have no clue why when I share so much…. maybe, just waiting for this profound day.)  The image I had taken was when Rick was here and it was the day of the Venus Transit.  He and I went to my second most favorite energy vortex called Negra Canyon in Albuquerque’s Pitroglyph National Park.  (It used to be my favorite, until I moved Here.)  We climbed to the top to witness the transit… we stayed there for hours and couldn’t see the transit at all.  But we got something even more amazing….  Archangel Michael directly above us in the sky.

About 30 minutes after posting it and so many people seeing it (when we look at something with love, it brings the presence of that which we look at closer) suddenly one of the Scrub Jays knocked a birder feeder off the window.  I got up to refill and rehang it… when i walked out my back door, the Mesa caught my heart like never before.  For the first time… EVER I seen the glow (thank you scrub jay!)!!  I grabbed my camera and took this picture:

Someone, so in tune with what was really happening… reminded me of a picture I shared back from the Solar Eclipse of an angel surrounding the sun… the sun glowing out of her heart chakra:

And then someone even rattle my poor processing cage even more when she mentioned that the Mesa looked like a cave all lit up.  All I can hear, over and over again was the Cave of Creation!!  When I first moved here, I was shown a golden doorway into the Mesa, or maybe better stated now… releasing the energy of the Mesa out to us!!

When Debbie showed me the picture from the Solar Eclipse… holy sugar nuts… I realized what we were really seeing was Divine Counterparts made manifest!!

We have a tendency to humanize even our beloved angels… they are group energies, not human, not singular… a living body of light.  We name them and create them singularly to fit our own images of ourselves.

I google Michaels divine counterpart and found a sight that just sung… it said Gabriel (I have no connection to Gabriel at all… or any humanly defined angels except Michael) what struck me as his divine counterpart was the definition of Gabriel… the strength of god.  Every warrior of light needs strength… a perfect fit in my book!!

What I do know today… we are now connecting thru the full living energy of Shambhala.  The keepers of all the Light… the Rainbow (tribe) of Light are now Ready.

Without you, there is no me.  “It is for those with a Pure Heart, All will be given.”

Together, we are the Living Rainbow!!  Together, we Are Heaven on earth!!

I need a bath!

(((((HUGZ))))) of god and goddess Alive in Creation… Alive in YOU!!

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